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  1. chili1496

    Looking for a Private Server

    middle aged gamers
  2. chili1496

    gun wall display

    Looking for info on how the hell i make this in game item someone told me 10planks and 5 sheet metal which i have but the recipe does not appear 😞
  3. can anyone tell me how to make the gun wall display unit? thanks
  4. just love it when people cannot be arsed to reply, then they wonder why their server only has 3 players on it
  5. you need to look at your trader prices for a pve server to have the trader buy pelts and steaks for 1 rouble is just stupid, steaks on other servers buy for 150 pelts 1200
  6. chili1496

    The 3 types I've met in Dayz

    i would say i am a cautious type 3 player
  7. How do i connect to your server i cannot see it in dzsa launcher? Never mind i found it now, but unable to connect as i was rejected for bad version error, ok thats solved i joined next i would suggest get rid of that fkin info box in the top corner and replace with server info panel mod
  8. chili1496

    Buried stash

    Yeah i agree about chopping the tree down is too noisy and it also means always making sure you have a bloody hatchet on you aswell, i quite like moss and fern as that seems to be a natural camo'ish feature to hide the mound of dirt. Can you bury a stash in a stream i wonder?
  9. chili1496

    Buried stash

    Is there a specific way to bury a stash under a tree? if i get close to a tree and drop my stash to bury it more often than enough the stash ends up in the bloody tree
  10. chili1496

    What server region should i use?

    just get the best ping in my opinion
  11. chili1496

    How can I find a daytime server?

    use battlemetrics for server real time
  12. chili1496

    Need help with a gate

    So i decided to reinforce a barn from the inside (modded server) got to the gate section easily enough created the gate pressed open and it swung outward, not what i wanted i needed it to swing inwards, so like a fool i took the wire off and now i am left with a fence panel sticking out like a bloody sore thumb. If i wanted to have the gate swing/open inwards i guess i should of made it from the other side, is that correct anyone? cheers
  13. chili1496

    Underground Bunker

    I think been able to build an underground hideout/bunker/base would be a brilliant addition to the game. your thoughts?
  14. chili1496

    which sniper rifle and why

    Not on my list, not even a sniper rifle
  15. chili1496

    which sniper rifle and why

    Playing on a modded server with loads of sniper rifles to choose from, cheytac is bugged as is the hk-psg1 so other than these 2 what is your go to sniper rifle? choice i have is scout vsd vsd 1963 (accepts silencer) vss m70 tundra remington 700 m14 ebr barrett m82 m98b kivaari .388 cr 527 mcmillan cs5 awm m24 m110 m1a socom vssk