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  1. chili1496

    Questions re moving steam and dayz

    cheers for the info all sorted now
  2. Currntly steam and dayz are installed on my secondary mechanical hard drive, windows etc are installed on the primary ssd drive, I've had a spare ssd sitting on my desk for ages and finally today i fitted it and now am thinking dayz and steam would be better on the ssd than the mechanical drive. My question's are if i remove steam and dayz then reinstall them will i loose my current characters/players and have to start a fresh or will my characters be safe? thanks
  3. chili1496

    DayZ Launcher does not start

    why not just reinstall steam?
  4. chili1496

    [Update] Any details available (PC)?

    Yeah the only patch that is coming is a fkin nicorette patch, why when the last patch was released and it was discovered that binoculars and certain scopes were not working did they not rewind back to the last stable version where they were working? why can i find every accessory for a KA but i cannot find a bloody KA to attach them all to?
  5. chili1496

    Pitch black, why?

    Just logged into a usa server where the server time is 19:32 and it is pitch black is there anywhere in the usa that is pitch black at 7:30 in the evening.....................even stars produce some light at night so we can see, in dayz i may aswell shove my own head up my own arse for a few hours till i see the light
  6. chili1496

    Sea chest and barrels

    Sorted, rather disappointed that the barrel in not an item that can be buried, pretty sure i could bury one in my backyard if i really thought about it
  7. chili1496

    why do i get kicked

    cheers will try that
  8. chili1496

    why do i get kicked

    i do have mods installed but surely they will not load on an official server?
  9. chili1496

    why do i get kicked

    from official servers with a reason related o modified plant and tree data?
  10. chili1496

    Caught unaware....

    Was rompin through the countryside today when i heard a noise all of a sudden a wild boar ran past me, i almost shit myself 🙂
  11. chili1496

    Recording gameplay

    Many thanks for the tips and the guides awesome help.
  12. chili1496

    Daytime servers are night when logged in....

    thank you both
  13. As above logging into various servers which are said to be daytime in the launcher and once logged in they are night.......what gives?
  14. chili1496

    Recording gameplay

    Ok something i do not do is record my gameplay, but in this game i would like to try it out, i have shadowplay installed and pc is more than capable of doing everything i want it too. Messing round i am able to record the game but i want to know in shadowplay i have mic always on so it picks up my speech at anytime during play is this correct to have it always on? now what about my buddys who are currently chatting away in game via discord will their banter be captured aswell? unable to test anything at the moment as they are over the pond all tucked up in bed :)
  15. As above, sort of :) if i go on community server 1 trader works fine and i can access buy n sell if i go on community server 2 trader will not open (B key) for me to access anything (i asked another player in the vicinity and he tried the trader and it worked for him) what could the problem be?? thanks