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  1. chili1496

    NL- 3897

    what town were the shots coming from?
  2. chili1496

    1.03 update info - coming soon!

    I think we need raspberry jam aswell oh and some marmalade 🙂
  3. Why is there not a black material version?
  4. chili1496


    it is no longer working
  5. chili1496


    Few questions here maybe someone can help me with regarding water. this is all on official server 1. Is there a barrel that can be used to store water? like a rain collection barrel? 2. can i store water in jerry cans, would the jerry cans need to be cleaned prior to filling with water? 3. i have seen a few ponds that have the drink option, can i drink direct from these or do i need some for of tablet to purify water? thanks
  6. chili1496

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    i can load a single round in it and it will fire just fine, unable to do anything else with it
  7. chili1496

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Remove magazine? As above i have used/fired this weapon in game currently it is in a worn condition, i have not been able to remove the mag, exchange the mag, or load the mag, i have however been able to remove all the bullets 1 by 1 and pulling the trigger each time resulted in just a click. anyone else have this issue, or know what to do to fix it? thanks
  8. chili1496

    9v battery question

    Got a 9v battery currently showing as in pristine condition, if i put this battery into my pso-1 scope the reticle does not light up orange/red it remains black, is this a glitch or is the battery dead, if its dead why is it pristine? does it actually matter if this scope has a battery or not? thanks
  9. chili1496

    Glitched tent

    i have no idea how to even move like that 🙂
  10. chili1496

    Glitched tent

    So i placed a medium tent in a designated area at the bottom of a slope, the tent popped up but was partially embedded in the ground/bank which in turn has covered the pack used to pack the tent away 😞 how the hell do i now dismantle/pack the tent away?
  11. chili1496

    In game sound levels

    Can someone plz share their in game audio levels with me master volume i have at maybe 40% effects volume i have at 95% and voice volume is about 80% i am finding the wind in the game over powers most other sounds especially when your running.........
  12. chili1496

    Losing character when logging out of server

    sure your not killing him by pressing respawn?
  13. chili1496

    Heli sites and the svd

    will take as many as you find 🙂
  14. chili1496

    Heli sites and the svd

    i have an m4 salty and will trade you for the svd
  15. chili1496

    New player

    Personally i would aim for Svet (north east corner of map) there is a bunch of guy's up there that actually help new spawns with gear etc, from there head west you have some milly tents which in my opinion are quite poor for loot then you have Novo and so on, the further west you go the better the loot. Find a water bottle if you want to go it alone pick up fruit and mushrooms. If you see another player just be cautious do not approach them suddenly or you may find yourself dead, make sure your mic is working 🙂 most of all enjoy the game and do not give up if you do get shot, there are some great things to see and do.