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  1. GolemNo9


    Had him for 3 months at which constantly going between tisy base , top middle base , nwaf and back to the coast to grab friends and re kit them at the bases.
  2. GolemNo9

    Wipe Hype!!

    If I'm not mistaken the hoarded weapons in tents or buried will not long count against the loot economy. Only what's being carried. I cant not say for certain since it's been almost 2 months since I saw that posted.
  3. GolemNo9

    Private server cost

    Me and a few friends are just going to rotate paying for our server
  4. GolemNo9


    He was being sarcastic
  5. GolemNo9

    Died random

    Shot in the head. Which if so you would not have heard anything just red screen
  6. GolemNo9

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    If not mistaken they never said after 1.0 that we wont have wipes just that they would be very far apart and rare unlike when we were in game preview. One reason they may be on the fence about a full wipe is if it's TRUE they have found a way to make that only carried items go agaisnt the loot economy and not the stashes and tents items. I remember reading it a few months ago but not 100 percent certain that was confirmed. I'm all for a full serve and character wipe. Let us start on equal footing especially if several ways of duping will be stopped or even hendered.
  7. GolemNo9

    Land Mine Persistence?

    I've gotten one kill with a land mine. Recorded it as well completely legit. Found one on the barracks on the north side of nwaf. Me and my buddy hear gun shots coming from tent city. So we closed all the doors in the compound. Went to the doubled door wide barracks and set my only mine I'd found in the threshold of the doorway and shut the door again. 45 min later just saying on the hill next the compound watch a guy run up open the door and run through only to be followed by a cloud of white smoke and a whoompf sound. Such a great feeling
  8. GolemNo9

    Selected Servers going Offline on July 15th!

    Wait , they are taking servers away for duping activity? Is it me or does that sound like complete bullshit. So those duppers will just move to another server and join those duppers. Good job makes sense.
  9. GolemNo9

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    Here's to hoping that some issues aren't the same with PC to console but I am looking forward to the update I'm just hoping for a clean sweep with a server wipes. But this recent hotfix seems to have the same issues that PC have with inventory not working correct. Not allowing you to pick up things you see. Again time will tell. I'd really like to know if in the 1.04 will be getting all of the 1.03 content as well ?
  10. GolemNo9

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    Looks like PC players are extremely pissed at 1.04. I've seen maybe 3 good comments out of 3 pages asking wtf! Screens being stuck overplayed on the game screen. Files lost. Apparently the new anti server hoping spawn issue has also of people pissed. Issues issues and more issues and not one admin or dev has made a peep over there. I come over here and what do I see? A admin posted in the wrong console section yet sure as hell cant get any questions answered for 3 days. I'm really hoping we dont have to deal with some of the issues they are on PC
  11. GolemNo9

    PS4 Server Issue and Replacement

    Oh he speaks, just not when being asked questions. Not even maybe a ... I dont know
  12. How does the new spawn once you logout and login work ? Havent seen any info about it yet .
  13. GolemNo9

    1.04 coming to consoles expected in July!

    Have we confirmed that this is going to be 1.03 rolled into 1.04 update or is this just 1.04 alone ? How hard is it to type put how the new spawn is going to work ?
  14. GolemNo9


    1.03 and 1.04 are going to be rolled together . Looking at least another month away
  15. GolemNo9

    DayZ xbox beginners guides

    Most likely beginning of next month at the earliest