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  1. GolemNo9

    What server?

    Dayz.xam.nu for a detailed satellite map. Just remember the map is a little over 80 square miles.
  2. GolemNo9


    Have driven around the e tire map a few times this week. Had one bad lag spike on a curve that killed one car. But it's not to bad most of the time.
  3. GolemNo9

    Hey there!

    Dayz isnt just a log in and play for bit game. I've never once just logged on for a quick game. I definitely recommend getting this game.
  4. GolemNo9

    Server Choices.....

    I play all 3. 3900 was my home server for a bit.
  5. GolemNo9

    Things I'd like to see added/changed/removed.....

  6. GolemNo9

    What's your best kill?

    Actually last night was best kills. First time heading to ship wreck in months to try and kit up a buddy. There are three of us once in the creek bed we have one establish over watch as we move up the back of the hill that over looks the ship. Over watch sees several people fighting. He kills 2 we roll up on two others and swack em. You hear 4 more shots from over watch and 4 more shots from me , security rounds. Over watch takes another player who spawned on the ship. Not a kill but a knock. We look for him and two more players roll up. We killed then as well. We exfil to berinzino. Hear more shots back at the ship. Killed another 2 after they finished fighting. One jumped off the back of the ship and tried to swim. Moved around to the rocks near the shower below the light house and swacked him. I go to put security rounds in and just after I finished I get the dead screen. Then so does our overwatch. 3rd teammate hold off a 4 man team killing 2 of them. I spawn in berinzino and run back towards the ship . I was able to pick up a tire iron along the way and made my way around the back side of the hill that over looks the ship. Our 3rd man goes down and I zero in on the sniper. Killed him and his team mate with the tire iron. Go to check my body to find two more people on it. Kill one and I die again. One of the best fights I've ever been in. That character has been alive since the full release. Team work and movement.
  7. GolemNo9

    Tuna anyone?

    Canned tuna is bugged right now. Seems if you pick some up and are unable to open it that logging out and logging into another server let's you open it
  8. GolemNo9

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    Try not to crouch passed zombies. Instead wall passed them. I more often than not cause less agro by walking slowly compared to crouch walking it's like they have been told to chase anything that is not walking
  9. GolemNo9

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    A message bar stating who just left or entered the server would help deter server hoping . Being able to see who just left and came back in after 60 seconds to 90 seconds . Record the last 3 min of game play. Watch the server message and boom report. Send the video along with what happened and DeVos could ban them. It's not a fix but with proof someone just left and came back all in 3 min time with you dying is pretty damning proof.
  10. GolemNo9

    Night vision scope

    I just came back to dayz after a little waiting since the release of building and vehicles update. Heard about the night vision scope and sure enough found one my first day on. Kinda let down that it's only for the Russian weapons. I was really hoping if they were going to put it in that it would be wittle more versatile. Like for instance why just one scope. Why not two ? Why not less magnified ? Not a fan of the amount of zoom for using even in you're hands for night time. Maybe new version will be put in at a later date and if so I would love to see them for both types of weapons and some without the magnification. I know nvgs will be coming eventually but why not some variety for the night scopes. What are some of youre thoughts guys ?
  11. GolemNo9

    Cant find M4-A1 or the KA-M.

    They are there. I havent been on since 2 updates and I went from ship wreck across the coast to west of side of the map until i reached the farthest base up north. I finally found one up there. But had a good time doing it we set a few goals and found everything we needed. Mind you it took 6 hours before I found a m4 but was still fun. Had a few player interactions and yes let them live. Was definitely refreshing to have 2 different interactions and both left without firing a shot.
  12. GolemNo9

    Server Hopping

    Took 6 hours yesterday but I eventually found a m4. I didnt mind because me and a friend actually went from shipwreck across the entire coast and up the west side of the map until we we hit the top of the northwest map. Was fun took some time. Only had to use 3 servers due to one server shutdown and one server crash. I admit it got frustrating. Had everything I needed for m4 but still we had a mission and got everything he needed since I havent played from 2 updates ago.
  13. GolemNo9

    Purifying water.

    If you are having issues purifying water , they have changed the process. First have an empty container and then combine the chlorine tablets with the empty bottle. Then fill it up. Make sure you are not directly at a water source when doing this or it will just prompt you till fill said container.
  14. GolemNo9

    Backpack resize?

    I personally would rather those large items to be carried by hand for a little added realism anyway. You aren't going to carry a barrier or radiator in the backpack. It will be in your hands. And if you get ambushed you will have to drop it to equip said weapon. No complaining just an observation. Would be nice to have pack size back but make certain items take up more slots. But as always me and the crew can make do beacsue that is what dayz is about. Making do with what you have.
  15. GolemNo9

    Backpack resize?

    Seems counter productive for those who aren't base building. Like to keep a little of everything on me. Never really settle anywhere , but constantly traveling. Just doesn't seem right that civilian pack packs have more room than the military counter parts.