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  1. MarczXD320

    Any changes with lean in 1.04?

    Though this was issue with my controller, glad to see it's a issue in-game
  2. MarczXD320

    Status Report - July 2019

    It's quite the contrary actually - Elder Scrolls V skyrim - Fallout 4 - Surviving Mars - Cities Skyline Those a few games that i know on Xbox One where mod support is fully supported, specially the first two mentioned, where the mod support is the best. This is not the case with Sony, they do indeed are very restricted, you can see on Skyrim and Fallout 4, where the mod support on PS4 is extremely lackluster and it's a shadow of the Xbox version.
  3. MarczXD320

    Status Report - July 2019

    I believe the change in engines might be to accomodate consoles ? I might be wrong but it might be a reason between many.
  4. MarczXD320

    Latest Status Report, exploit fixes & future DLC

    Looking forward to the new fixes, i still don't know how private servers are going to be but if you can customize it (number of zombie and loot spawns, regulation of thirsty and hunger, etc) i might rent one so i can make the game a little more realistic/survival oriented.
  5. MarczXD320

    Private servers & character /server wipe

    How do private server work ? You be only able to enter when the owner provides a password or everyone can enter but the owner can configue the number of itens and zombies spawns, etc ?
  6. MarczXD320

    Handheld transceiver

    It works but it's kind of useless unless you are role-playing, you have party chat after all.
  7. MarczXD320

    DayZ Battle Royale (survivor gamez)

    Honestly ? Just another Battle Royale, doesn't seen to add anything new to genre, we are so saturated with BRs that honestly i don't even care about it.
  8. Posted by DayZ on Twitter: ''We will send both the PS4 and Xbox versions of the upcoming 1.04(+1.03) update into submission next week, then it all depends on the results of the review process. So far, everything looks like we will be able to release the update by the end of July'' Hopefully everything goes well.
  9. MarczXD320

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    I hope they wipe the servers and also brings the much needed fixes that the game needs. Next month is the one year anniversary of the Xbox One version by the way.
  10. MarczXD320

    Rendering in citys and freezing original xbox one help?

    Don't worry, this is a game issue, the FPS and rendering is f#cked since a good while, this is a issue on every Xbox model, be the original or the X. Those recent test servers are actually testing this, hardware performance and such, let's just hope this upcoming update (1.03/1.04 together) bring some critical improvements on performance, this game really needs it.
  11. MarczXD320

    Xbox Hotfix 1.02

    They gonna merge 1.03 and 1.04 into a single update. I can't wait to see the patch notes, gonna take a while to read everything, it's probably gonna to be massive lol.
  12. MarczXD320

    Selected Servers going Offline on July 15th!

    They did some test servers on Xbox with up to 150 though lol (or it was less ? At least i remember a test server with 75 players)
  13. MarczXD320

    Selected Servers going Offline on July 15th!

    Isn't a full wipe of all servers possible ? That would stabilize again the loot economy isn't ? And since we basically only a few weeks from the update, we could play normally again until the update arrives.
  14. MarczXD320

    Fingers crossed.

    Update is coming this month so we can expect it between 4 weeks from now. Hopefully won't take long.
  15. MarczXD320

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    This actually makes me happy because if it turns out to be so good on Xbox One has it is on PC, i might be hyped to play the game again.