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  1. MarczXD320

    Xbox Update 1.02

    So.... is anyone here having a audio issue where the background/ambient noise just stops playing ? I don't remember if this is intentional or not.
  2. MarczXD320

    Xbox Update 1.02

    ''Increased water, energy and healthy penalty by approximately 1/2 when heat comfort is low/high'' Good to see hypothermia/hyperthermia back, probably what i liked the most on the update
  3. https://mixer.com/DayZ?vod=98056701
  4. Ok, so today we had a exclusive Xbox One stream on mixer and we got some responses to the most asked questions, in the case they aswered two particular ones: When is the next update coming up - The next update in in the final preparations before being send to certification and they said we can expect by the end of the month, so yeah, the next update is coming in the end of the month, no specific date though. Lack of M4s and AKs on military bases. - Confirmed by the devs to be related to the duplication exploit/glitch in the game right now and a hotfix will be provided in the next update, so we can expect to see then spawning at a normal rate again by 1.02. Hope this aswer some questions, remember, this was from the dev stream on mixer of today, you can rewatch since it has been recorded.
  5. MarczXD320

    Why does the character roll back 30 minutes?

    There's a flaw in this system though, because my character died, be by a zombie, player, etc, but if you just leave the server and enter again, there is a possibility that your dead character might be back alive, becuase the game might not register your death.
  6. MarczXD320

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Luckly the 1.02 update will bring some further performance fixes on the game. Big cities are better FPS wise (compared to pre-101) but the sound desynchronization (sorry for the bad english) and the occasional lag and freezing is still abundant.
  7. MarczXD320

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Looking foward for further optimizations and perfornance fixes on the 1.02. Game is runninng great overall but on big cities there are still some bad dips.
  8. MarczXD320

    Stable Update 1.02

    Hope it doesn't take long to reach Xbox, good job.
  9. MarczXD320

    Experimental Update 1.02.151010

    The 1.02 update is going to bring back hypothermia into the game ?
  10. MarczXD320

    Back from the dead?!

    Happened to me twice, didn't had the same luck in the third time though.
  11. MarczXD320

    OG Xbox performance

    Love how when a zombie hit you if you are on a big city the game completely freezes for 10-20 seconds and only come back again after you are already unconscious and on the brink of death (actually you die anyway, they keep hitting you even after you pass out)
  12. MarczXD320

    Things I'd like to see added/changed/removed.....

    - Personal survival log - numbers of players/infected killed, deaths, current character live time. I believe this is currently a feature on PC, i might be wrong. - Locked Servers to prevent the ridiculous amount of Server ghosting. I am in favor of this - Fishing (sad to some but it's actually a good food source). They are developing it, it wil be something for a future update - Party/in-game chat switching - sometimes it prevents interacting with other players resulting in more KoS than I would like (when not all of a group have radios so we switch to party). They said this isn't possible because of how the party system works - reintroduction of hot button for quick select items. I am in favor of this - Helis (Maybe basic hummingbird style) - a lot to ask this one I know. Helicopters are being developed along airplanes, a feature for a future update - Broken legs (Despite spending more time than I would like crawling around looking for Morphine.....) The body system is being reowrked, 100% sure this will be a re-implemented feature for a future update - Bicycles (but rare so players can't just shoot back to their bodies in minutes of being killed). They want to, but they will have to work on the pshysics/handling (there's a very recent response on twitter about this) - Drop the AP mines and introduce tripwire explosive. Nice one - Throwing items - then introduce grenades..... :-))))) a problem for bases though so unless stronger bases coming in then a no-no..... Grenades and other throwable weapons will be a feature for the future, there's even some articles on the dayz gamepedia about this. - NVG's - we have the Night scope so maybe it's time for some NVGs. Future update - Only being able to eat cooked meat - too easy to kill and just eat raw. I don't have a opinion on this one lol - In game map (Better than current) - I don't personally need one but would be very handy for those that do..... You can find maps in the game, tourist maps for example.
  13. MarczXD320

    SG5-Ks and FX45s (+ their magazines)

    There is something very wrong with the loot in the military bases. Because they are literally overflowing with SG5-K submachine-guns, FX45 pistol and their magazines lol. For real, there are times where i found 4 pistols just lying on the ground, every table or bed has a SG5-K SMG on top of it. There's definitely something wrong with the loot in those places.
  14. MarczXD320

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Btw, are you guys aware that weapon flashlights have been added in the game ? Heads up that you need a railed handguard. I wonder what other itens and features they added but didn't bothered to mention.
  15. MarczXD320

    Infected in this update are DANGEROUS.

    Alright, infecteds before the update were already quite dangerous before the update because they could bleed you but i wasn't expecting that: - They do more damage - They receive more damage - They are more numerous (this one in particular is a big change, now there's a LOT of infected in towns and cities, no more walking on empty streets) - Their AI was improved (they have a better tracking ability, if you go on a buldling with 2 doors and one is open the infected will go through that door and enter the bulding) - They don't clip in doors anymore (now they actually enter inside buldings to go after you, and that's dangerous because they are not glitched, inside buldings if a lot of zombies get in you are DEAD, no joke) - Hordes now are more numerous (this happened before the update but they are more proeminent after, really, i shoot a mag of SG5-K in a guy and there were around 12 infected running in my direction, and i was in a city, not on military base) No joke, i'm actually afraid to go and fight against then.