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  1. Will the Lada 4X4 be the only vehicle ?

    Hey guys. If i'm not mistaken on the PC version besides the Lada 4X4 there's also a V35 truck. The update on the 22th will bring only the Lada 4X4 or the V35 truck will also be added ?
  2. We are being pimped out.

    BETA has just been released on the PC version finally. Hope it don't take long for us to receive too.
  3. Today was the release of the 0.63 with basebulding and vehicles on the experimental servers and tomorrow it will finally reach stable (according to the developer report) Do you guys think we might see this new content update reaching Xbox One by this month ? it's been a exciting day for PC players, hope it don't take long for us Xbox players to also receive it and enjoy.
  4. Night!! It's so scary

    Haha, he's not wrong, night time is working now, was in a server where was night and raining. There are new sounds too, now you can owls at night and such.
  5. Night!! It's so scary

    Wait... is night time a thing now ?
  6. Stress Test vol.50

    If this test is only one hour i think we should know everything that has been added.
  7. Xbox Update 12/10/2018

    Can somebody explain to me this inventory capacity fix ?
  8. Current items in Version 0.63.00

    Don't be a dick dude, everyone is discussing fine here, don't need for that.
  9. Any update today

    The first week we had without a update. Ironical because in the 25th status report they said they would love to update at least once a week lol, and this status report was last week.
  10. Any update today

    I going to be optimistic and believe that this update will be the biggest one yet, maybe they are fixing a lot of issues and didn't put yet on microsoft certification process, which is why they didn't released on date.
  11. Any update today

    The next update for xbox one must be a big one for then to take so long to release it. Its unusual that we yet didn't had one.
  12. 1 month of DayZ on Xbox One.

    A couple days ago the game marked his first entire month on Xbox One, congratulations for that, we had 5 updates fixing bugs and the game, although it's still the same due to a lack of content update it fixed a lot of the bugs that we had in-launch, making the overall experience a lot better.
  13. Server Reset Timing is Changing

    So, night time is a thing now then ?
  14. Xbox Update 25/09/2018

    Well, i be honest, that was kind of disappointing, but good job anyway.
  15. Server files release update

    Wait, xbox was going to be updated today too ? so the update of today on xbox was bug fixes only but there were actually two planned updates for it ?