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  1. Server files release update

    Wait, xbox was going to be updated today too ? so the update of today on xbox was bug fixes only but there were actually two planned updates for it ?
  2. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    Ok, you guys fixed one thing that wasn't mentioned in the notes: The Heads Up Display (your stamina, dehydration, hunger meter, etc) seens to have beem moved or at least shrinked.
  3. I discovered this by accident, sometimes when i press the D-pad to open the quick equip menu it doesn't open at all, so i keep pressing until it does, that's when i discovered this, there's quite a few youtubers (soyLEGEND and kamz 25) who also discovered this so i wasn't the first xD (by the way their videos are very helpful) The firemode in the xbox one version is broken right now, that's because it hasn't a key to change it, but there's a small flaw that allow it. What you want do do is aim the gun with LT and spam the right D-pad button repeatedly, the firemode will be changed from FullAuto to SemiAuto depending on the gun.
  4. Staying Entertained

    One of the biggest flaws in the game so far is the lack of content. I really hope to see base bulding, vehicles and more features really soon because right now is just go to a city, loot, go to a military base, loot, basically you go to place and place looting until the end, with the occasional player interaction.
  5. I need more!

    By PDW which specific one you mean ? MP7 ? P90 ? I think you mean ''HK416'' and not M416 since that's a made up name. I actually liked this list and agree with everything.
  6. Nah, server issues with connections and hosts are not a issue anymore since around the first week of the game, i have to remove the hat for the devs, servers are overall really smooth to play, but the server resets are another story, you can have the bad luck of entering 2 consecutive servers where they are about to reset in 10 minutes or less, so you can get kicked twice in spam of around 20 minutes, that's enough for you to get locked.
  7. I don't think there's any other way i'm afraid. I know this sistem exist because of server hoppers but it should be able to recognise server hoppers from people who suffer conection issues or are getting kicked from the game due to server resets. There are innocent people who cannot play the game for hours and days because of this system, unfortunately on the xbox version it's a game breaking feature that in my opinion should be removed from the game until a fix can be provided, rather play with hoppers than not be able to play at all.
  8. Which diseases are on the Xbox version ?

    Hey guys, i would like to know which diseases are avaiable on the xbox version. Sor far the only one i found was the brain disease for canibalism, but i want to know the common cold, the influenza, etc are also there. The PC got then on the 0.63 experimental update so i would like to know if i'm not missing anything there.
  9. Animals

    - Sheeps - Chickens - Cows - Wolves - Goats - Boars - Deers (sorry, i forget about then) I believe animal of previous versions like foxes will be added in the future.
  10. Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    I think the servers are good enough now for the restarts to take longer, i would really like to play this game at night.
  11. Can’t load clip into M4 anymore

    You could try loading magazines, since M4A1 uses then instead of clips. Joking aside, this is a issue that the devs are aware, believe me, it's not the only gun-related issue we have right now.
  12. This is the reason for the bacon bug

    I though sickness was only a thing on the PC version with the experimental update of yesterday.
  13. Locked in database for just about two days now.

    This is a game breaking issue that requires a fix a soon as possible. One hour, ok, but staying days or weeks without playing is ridiculous. Sorry for being rough here, i am fustrated, but this is a priority, there are people who cannot play the game for days now.
  14. My character is locked in database for hours now, i been trying to follow some advices like waiting one hour before trying to connect again but it doesn't work anymore. I don't what to do, i just cannot play the game anymore. Please help. I desinstaled the game and even wiped my save, both from the console and cloud (i lost my character by the way) and it didnt worked.
  15. Xbox Update 11/09/2018

    Nice job dev, thank you very much Are diseases and temperature a thing on the xbox version too ? because you guys are bringing both on the 0.63 experimental update of today for PC