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  1. MarczXD320

    How's the community?

    Basically they treat this game as a battle royale and everyone you find will most likely shoot you on site. Don't even bother to beg for your life or scream you are friendy, tried so many times that i don'1t even care anymore
  2. MarczXD320

    Lack of M4s and AKMs due to bug

    They did a livestream some days ago (especifically for the xbox version) The lack of loot is because of dupping, they confirmed.
  3. MarczXD320

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Heads up, toggle to talk has been removed intentionally because according to the devs it had issues, no ETA on when it will be re-introduced. Today's Xbox stream information.
  4. Well, just poiting out that the devs added in later, i made the post before when this fix wasn't mentioned on the changelog. But no, it's not the end of the thread, like i said, they always add more than what the changelog says, so if i end up finding something new, i will properly add here, same as everyone whos playing, that's the point of thread after all :s
  5. They did ? For me it wasn't mentioned at all, i checked the notes again just to make sure.
  6. No problem, like i said, the developers always fix more than what the patch notes says (sometimes it's a important fix or addition like zombies bleeding you, they never mentioned that), i'ii be on the lookout for other new fixes/tweaks and if i find, i'ii be sure to post here, but i would like other players to also do the same thing.
  7. Well, continuing the trend of fixes and stuff that the devs didn't bothered to mention on the patch notes, i already found one. - Hardcore Servers are fixed. Now you properly spawn in first person. If you have come across any fix they didn't mentioned write below, as always ,i'ii be updating the topic in case i find a new fix. (Devs properly added the hardcore fix in the list, i made the post before this, when it wasn't mentioned)
  8. MarczXD320

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Hardcore servers were fixed, now you spawn in first person.
  9. MarczXD320

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    If the zoom was remapped to LB does that mean that free look is now RB ?
  10. MarczXD320

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Really looking foward to the next update with (hopefully) some of our feedback already implemented, hope that night time in particular will finally be fixed (because 5 minutes is not good lol)
  11. MarczXD320

    Please Bohemia can we get character locked servers?

    Not a single person from the dev team gave a response to this topic ? jezz -_-
  12. Lost my two weeks character because i died by falling of a ladder, the worst part was because of the lack of collision on the platform at the side. So i was climbing a ladder on a industrial chinmey and up there there was a platform at the side, went all the way, when the character finished the climbing animation he put his foot on the platform, the game didn't recognized that and he fell all the way down, my character lost consciousness and a zombie finished it. Is this something the devs are aware and being adressed ? Because i lost my character for a bug. In the words of a user on Steam ''Found a bug where when you climb up the ladders of an industrial chimney it doesn't let you on the platform and instead throws you off''
  13. MarczXD320

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Lore-wise, you are immune to the pathogen, so i don't think they will break the game's lore with that, but i'm 100% on with the hurting stuff though
  14. MarczXD320

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Why hardcore servers are taking so long to be fixed by the way ? The only issue is that you spawn in third person, i believe that a simple hotfix to lock the character in first person when it spawns can be done in the same day.
  15. MarczXD320

    Are handheld tranceivers useless ?

    You can just go straight up to a xbox party and talk. I really feel the walkie talkies are useless, even i who have one for two weeks now keep switching channels trying to find a soul and no one talks back.