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  1. TahoeBeast

    XBOX or XBOX1X for better performance DAYZ.

    Xbox1X does have faster load times and the picture is better other then that I dont know of any other advantages. My buddy has the X I have the Xbox1S. My game crashes a lot more then his. If he crashes hes back in the game in like a minute, if I crash it takes like 3 mins or more to load.
  2. TahoeBeast

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    You wont die if it jumps and rolls around on xbox. Happens to me every day and it just has its hisssy fits and then settles down. It's only doing it on your side. My buddie in the front seat sits there asking me why I stopped... so I tell him... "The Geo Tracker" is having another hissy fit again..." everything is normal on his screen. The one time I did get out when that happened I died...
  3. TahoeBeast

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    Weapon reload is the Y button... if you hit Y and it switches what you have in your hand then you dont have enough space in your inventory for the mag in your gun to go into so you can reload. If you have room in your bag it's still not going to reload if you dont have enough space in the piece of clothing you have your mags in. So if you have your M4 mags in let's say your vest which has 35 space, and it's full so 35/35. When you go to reload your M4 it will switch out and put what ever you have next on the quick wheel in your hands. Now if you took one mag out of your vest so your vest space is 32/35 it will reload your M4 and not switch what's in your hands. Another thing if you put your main weapon at 12 O'clock on your quick wheel and press Y when you have nothing in your hands it will pull out your main weapon first every time. Also when you hold right on the D-Pad your cursor will always go to the same spot on the wheel. This is also a "hot key" or faster way to pull something out. Now this will change when you have more or less quick slots so when ever you get more or less you have to reset that. I like to keep my SMG if I have one on that spot so when I have to pull it out fast I just hold right D-Pad and press A and it's out in less then a second. If I only have a pistol I'll put that there instead.
  4. TahoeBeast

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    The mic button stays on right now... just double tap the down button on the D-Pad
  5. TahoeBeast

    Full release March 27th

    I hope so. They also said they have a "fix" for duping so let's hope it works. With a wipe across the board I hope the ARs start spawning in military bases again...
  6. TahoeBeast

    Full release March 27th

    To this day I find it pointless to build a base when people just ghost their way into your base. You dont even have to break into it...
  7. TahoeBeast

    Full release March 27th

    I bet it's easy to keep going with out looting when you dupe. Not saying you do but that's the way you made it sound. Oh wait I am saying you dupe MMwahahahahahaha!
  8. TahoeBeast

    Weapon spawns?

    Every time I give up looking for something I tend to find it. Had a UMP mag and was looking for one. Later down the road I had to decide what I wanted to keep because I found a tent I wanted. So I dropped the UMP mag. 10 mins later I found an UMP... I was on my way back to get the mag I dropped and when I got there it was gone...
  9. TahoeBeast

    Weapon spawns?

    Yeah I have done the same. That is what I'm talking about. Only one server outta 35 servers I went to I only found one server with 7 AKs in one damn base. Ever sense that I have not found an AR anywhere... and it's been over a month now. The only reason I have an M4 currently is because I had to kill someone to get it. Oh and this dude had 3 M4s on him... I only shoot at people that shoot at me first but I saw the M4 and was sick of looking for one so I shot first... Glad I did too because he was a duper for sure... 3 M4s a vest full of M4 mags and a coat full of 9mm mags with his pants full of canned bacon... the vest had 32 putts 35 space filled so he could reload...
  10. TahoeBeast

    Weapon spawns?

    When it comes to finding weapons I would say it's harder atm to find a damn AK/M4. It never used to be this hard to find them. When ever I went to fifty I would find one of the 2 at least 6 outta 10 times.
  11. TahoeBeast

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    Dont know what got looking at but every US server is either full or medium with maybe a handful of low servers. Peak hours it gets fricking crazy. Way more then 1k players. If anything I have seen a huge increase of people playing. When i got the game almost every server was low with about 1 or 2 full at all times.
  12. TahoeBeast

    How active?

    Extremely active. Good game. Has its issues but I still love it
  13. TahoeBeast

    Base builders off limits Truce

    Ever sense they gave you food and drink with a stone knife and decreased the water food burn off its extremely easy to survive. Drinking the pop alone will give you 2 hours to find more food before you even start seeing red on the indicator.
  14. TahoeBeast

    Weapon spawns?

    It seems like ever sense the last update the AR's have not been around. If I were to go into 7 out of 10 bases I could find a M4 or AK. Now you can go into 30 military bases and not find a single one.. oh and when I finally found an AK I found over 7 in one base... havnt seen an AK or M4 in over a month unless I kill someone that has one.
  15. TahoeBeast

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    I know not everyone has the elite controller but if you have the money and can buy one it is GAME CHANGING for this game. Being able to remap EVERY button is a HUGE advantage! Just a thought for people who don't have one and are able to buy one. 😁