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  1. Mr squizzer

    Aim assist

    To the person who shot at me at Krasnostav last night not using aim assist. Ha you missed .
  2. Mr squizzer

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    Thankfully school starts soon so are cars will be safe then between 9 and 3.15 then.
  3. Mr squizzer

    Early game advice

    Lol and I lost my SG5 so only had 4 other guns to keep me safe.
  4. Mr squizzer

    Early game advice

    Looted buildings are part of the game just like it would be in the real world.Its quite interesting to have to start worrying about water and food when you aren’t finding any.As for guns well you don’t really need them you just need the trusty knuckle dusters unless your looking for a fight
  5. Mr squizzer

    Chest and Barrels

    Yeah tents seem to be the same had my AK stuck in the tent inventory and even logging out and back in wouldn’t work which it did with my barrel btw. Didnt have a problem later probably after a sever reset.
  6. Mr squizzer

    Here’s how to do the new duping glitch!

    All duper’s should be rounded up and shot at dawn that’s if you can find a gun to do it.
  7. Mr squizzer


    Ok bye then
  8. Mr squizzer

    My 1.04 Experience

    I agree it’s definitely moving in the right direction I quite enjoyed playing again.
  9. Mr squizzer

    Duping still exists.

    That’s worse than depressing what’s wrong with the idiots.
  10. Mr squizzer


    I’m a bit disappointed this hasn’t dropped yet as I’ve been on holiday and before I left I dropped all gear to some dude I met thinking it would be wiped by time I got home. Still I’m hopeful it’s going to be worth the wait especially if it sorts out the Duping problem
  11. Mr squizzer

    White-listing private servers

    I may get a server and let you all come a worship me. Im not expecting a great rush if I’m honest unless my mum plays which I don’t think she does but still I’ll give it a go.
  12. Mr squizzer


    Fuck me I got a warning for posting it three times seems impulz don’t have sense of humour.Honestly you couldn’t make this shit up.
  13. Mr squizzer


    Thats been the lay of the lands in here for a looong time, some people seem to get a kick out of all the complaining and thinks that they are the crusaders making the game better by doing it. 😉
  14. Mr squizzer


    What’s Duping again.
  15. Mr squizzer

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    They did but I think it’s gone that far now they won’t have a choice unless they just ignore the problems.