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  1. I hope so even though I’m quite well kitted I think it’s needed.
  2. Mr squizzer


    So my pal kills a guy that he found dupping in server 4062 ,three us sitting in a garage going through his gear when he rocks back up with his pals demanding his shit back.Three of us pointing our shotguns at the closed door while he argued about why he should get his gear back. Then my pal gets reported to Microsoft for bad behaviour. Becareful out there there’s some real idiots about.
  3. Mr squizzer


    But what if I can’t read Russian or any other Eastern Europe language.
  4. Mr squizzer

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    You lost me at hello
  5. Mr squizzer

    UK based survivor

    I’m Down for this too although I’m forever lost and fumbling around trying to Remmber how things work.If you don’t mind that then my GT tag is Louis cyper
  6. Mr squizzer

    The one true light

    So I been following this dayz forum for a while now and decided because I’m brilliant and all that that you lot should set up a shrine to me in one of the servers and worship me. what say you ?
  7. Mr squizzer


    So it’s quite difficult then
  8. Mr squizzer

    2nd base raid

    Where abouts where they ?
  9. Mr squizzer

    Xbox Update 18/12/2018

    I’ve not been keeping up so don’t shoot me but when’s the full game supposed to be finished
  10. Ok in that case I’m going fishing for the lock ness monster
  11. Yes but what about Bigfoot ?
  12. Ok any ideas where I can find Bigfoot ?And will I need the SVD to kill it ?