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  1. Mr squizzer

    Base full of duped gear

    It’s very difficult to fix a problem like duping when all your time is taken up trying to add new cars and guns.
  2. Let me know your location I don’t have either but I’ll gladly take it from your dead body .
  3. Mr squizzer

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Talking of duper’s bases I normally hang around on the east side of the map and haven’t really found any bases.Should I be looking more west I only ask as I feel like killing some muda fudger duper
  4. Mr squizzer

    Locked servers

    Lol well 100% with my one vote that settles it.Locked servers please Devs .
  5. Mr squizzer

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    I appreciate it’s not easy to solve the issues but at least try and fix duping I think everyone would rather that’s fixed before anything else is added.
  6. Mr squizzer

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

  7. Mr squizzer

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    You seem a little annoyed could I surgest you take a deep breath and relax.
  8. Mr squizzer

    Heli Crash Sites

    I found a couple ,what I did or didn’t notice was the lack of smoke which I always thought you would see.
  9. Mr squizzer

    Possible Dupping and server hop fix?

    Sounds great every time I log in I’ll be back on the beach.I understand duping is bull shit but what your surgesting won’t work imo.What we need is characters locked to one server but don’t hold your breath unless you want to be back on the beach.
  10. Mr squizzer

    Found a RP server

    You’ll know it’s me as I’m a naturist so I’ll be naked apart from a rucksack.
  11. Mr squizzer

    Found a RP server

    I might pop on that server as long as I can grow me vegetables I’m happy
  12. Mr squizzer

    Anyone Play Inland?

    I Wanda around inland most of the time ,but tend to avoid people although I’ve had some nice encounters with some. Im friendly so if you see me run up and say hello
  13. Mr squizzer

    Found a RP server

    Stupid question what’s an RP server
  14. Not that’s the sort of bitching you mean but it will probably have them same result
  15. I blame Jeremy Corbyn and Teresa May