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  1. Well on PC bases do not de-spawn any more.... But to build a base is still pretty worthless. People just need one single badly damaged hatchet to come inside. They simply break down the lower wall and then crawl through the lower wall foundation. From then, if the they are big-time griefers, they can easily dismantle everything from the inside. They actually get something back from it as well, as when you dismantle something you get like half of the nails and wood back, which they then can use for their own base...
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    Stable Update 1.0150627

    New patch is in quality control now. Probably release next week
  3. amadieus

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I hopped into several vehicles and none of them started flying with the current patch, but I can't confirm 100%. In my experience yes. My own base never had a wall or tower magically dissapearing. Even the cable reels and working lights stay put for over a week. I also spotted several other abandoned bases that are partly destroyed. Even after weeks the wall frames are still standing.
  4. Yes, in my experience it has been fixed
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    Status Report - January 2019

    Pretty disappointing that there is no Status Report in February and no sign of any roadmap. The roadmap should have been published in January at best, in February was passable. But come on! March?
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    Buildable pump

    In general I like the idea, but I would go for a more improvised rain catcher. Which, obviously, fills when it is raining. Nevertheless, I do like the idea of being able to receive water in a certain way in a base
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    May I ask something pls?

    Could you explain generally what the differences are between those four diseases (excluding kuru)? Because people generally notice only two diseases. Sick from drinking water (cholera right?) and the common flu from rain/being cold.
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    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    The lumber mill at the western border sometimes looks like a damn clothing shop
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    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Yeah I have been trying to find them, but not much luck. This is one of these few base building items that could use an increase in spawn rate imo.
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    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    My experience with cholera so far is that during 1.0 it would disappear if I would stay healthy and didn't drink any pond water. With the first platform update this seemed to change as it never cured itself, even though I didn't touch any pond water. I also never noticed any downsides besides having to throw up randomly and losing energy and hydration when it happens. I didn't notice an increase in thirst and energy levels going down and never lost any blood or health because of the sickness. Maybe there is more to Cholera and that damage taken increases the longer you have the disease. However, I have my doubts. In my video you could see that the first hit from the infected barely scratched me as the health icon remained full. Then the second hit went directly past all the other health icon phases (yellow, red etc.), right to my death. My suspicion that it is a rare bug remains.
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    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Base building is fun and a nice time sink. However, it is poorly balanced. Items needed for base building are too rare and to break into a base is too simple. I have a completed base now and I do not even repair one wall anymore as people destroy the lower wall and then can just crawl through the lower wooden frame to get inside. People literally only need one badly damaged hatchet to destroy one single part of a wall to get inside. And nobody is going to build additional wall layers due to the insane amount of time it will take. Therefore it is pretty useless to store any items in a base, even when it is just crap. Griefers will just ruin your tent and barrel so it de-spawns.
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    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    I have never read anything about this. Do you have a link or so where I can read more on this? Just wondering how this works, as prior to my death I had fought and got hit by many more infected while being sick. Is it progressive? As I was sick already for a lot of days. Nevertheless, if this is the case then I should receive some sort of notification that my sickness is getting worse.
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    So is this normal? One punch death in melee.

    A couple of weeks ago I got killed by an infected in two hits. No unconscious state, just killed. I reported it on the feedback tracker with a video: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136931
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    Stable Update 1.01

    Exactly! I have been building a base with around 20 walls and one watchtower and the amount of time it took to find all the nails that it required was just too much! For one and a half week I walked to huge industrial areas just to find mostly tons of clothing. I build my base pretty close to an area with a lot of industrial spawn points and still it took me easily 25 hours to get these walls up. I can't imagine the huge timesink when you build the base in an area in with little to no industrial spawn points. But this is just when nothing goes wrong. I easily had to spend another five hours because I had to remove walls since I could not build the wall next to it. This issue with walls slightly colliding will surely be fixed, but it makes the rare nails even more frustaring to find. However, the most frustrating is when other players start to dismantle your walls from the inside out, as it takes days before you will have your surroundings completed so people cannot come inside. Nevertheless, destroying walls from the outside is too easy as well. Players need to destroy just one layer of walls in most cases as nobody would invest the hours to build two rings of walls (due to rare nails etc.) For this one hatchet and a duct tape is enough, easily obtainable by any player looting a town or two. Firstly, Items like metal wire, barbed wire and nails just need to spawn more often. I think tools should stay the same as otherwise raiding would become even easier with an increase in pliers and hatches. Secondly, destroying walls should take longer and the durability hit on items should be more severe. Thirdly, other players should not be able to dismantle walls that you or your clan build. This can be solved by introducing a clan system.
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    Experimental Update 1.0150627

    Interesting, I myself have been building a base as well and all my walls and single watchtower are still standing after almost two weeks. This is actually the first complaint that I have seen since the first platform update, and I check this and the Steam forums daily. Not Reddit though. I did had two tents as well, but one was gone while my barrel got raided and my cars wheels got stolen. So I assume it would have been other players taking my tent. My large tent was suddenly gone a few days ago. There was evidence of recent player activity though. By the way, I read a while ago that players can ruin a tent and that it will de-spawn upon server restart, as it is ruined. Might be happening as well? Never tested it myself.
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    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Why does the backup fix not count? If it works, it works.
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    Yeah they are too rare! Same goes for barbed wire and metal wire. In industrial areas it is always full with clothing instead of real industrial items. I put already 30 ish hours in my base and still don't got it completed due to a lack of nails. Instead, my base got partly destroyed without any effort by other players.
  18. amadieus

    Base building balancing

    Since the 9th of February I have been busy building a base near the tavern at the western border of the map, close to the dam and lumber mill camp. My base consists of around 20 walls and one watchtower. So far I am pretty positive on the persistence fix as nothing has disappeared so far. Base building looks very good and blends in perfectly with the world. Technically there are some issues but not much. However, base building is very poorly balanced. Since the 9th I have been only working on my base, easily around 35 hours. I usually go to the lumber camp and then walk to the dam as these places have the most industrial loot spawn locations in the whole area. There is Zelenogorsk, but on this full pop server it is not worth the risk. In the weekends I walk this path easily 8-9 times. During the week I can only do this a couple of times in the evening due to work. From the 9th till today my base slowly got build, some days a few walls then another days I won't find any nails and thus no progress. In general this slow progress does not bother me. I actually I enjoy that we need various tools to get the job done. However, this Sunday I only needed one more box of nails to finish my last wall and the tower. Didn't find one and on Monday I was too busy with other things. Now today I logged in to find one gate destroyed, two walls with only a frame left and one wall missing the lower part. Some griefers had their fun, but now I easily need two or even three boxes of nails to finish my base. Already checked the industrial areas this evening twice, but found nothing. It takes so much time to find the parts, especially nails. While a base can get destroyed so easily. I think I actually was lucky that it only happened today. Moreover, I am actually in a location that has quite some industrial spawn points. So many places on the map do not have this, making base building even more frustrating when its gets destroyed within minutes. Looking into the future, me having this base with fat loot (Vintorez, LAW, FN FAL etc.), I obviously do not want to have a single wall protect all this valuable stuff. But just the thought of having to build two rings of walls with the current balancing will be an insane time sink that gets destroyed in two minutes. I read a few comments of the dev team saying that players will get more tools to defend their base. Sure, traps are fun and I wholehearted welcome them, but it is not the solution. Traps are more fun than effective. Clans will easily go around or neutralize traps when you are offline. Proper balancing is the only way. My suggestions for base building and stuff that needs fixing Base building in a technical sense works pretty good! There are just a few problems that I encountered: - Tents and barrels have problems with placing them on the terrain (acknowledged problem) - When another object or even other base building part (wall or watchtower) comes close to a tower or wall that you are building, it might occur that you cannot build a specific part, for example lower or upper wall. Balancing is the biggest problem with base building so far. The effort that a player has to do to build a base it huge, sadly destroying parts of a base is ridiculously easy. A wandering squad will find tons of hatchets with ease and can thus break into the base or destroy walls for fun without much problems. I would suggest the following: - The impact on the tools durability is higher when destroying a base part - Make nails, barbed wire and metal wire spawn more often. Usually in industrial areas I found clothing, clothing and clothing. This should be more balanced. - A clan system so that other players cannot remove walls instead of demolishing. I know the DayZ devs want to keep it authentic, so why not introduce an inventory held book in which a player can write down his name to be part of a clan? - Stacking planks or other items to get over a wall should be fixed. One idea might that planks just stack when dropped near another plank. With physics items should also fall over when getting stacked Would love to hear more suggestions that can be added for the dev team!
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    Stable Update 1.01

    I like the fact that we fall unconscious more often now, but we do wake up way too fast! There is basically no need for CPR or other items as I wake up within one minute. Are any changes to this scheduled @ImpulZ?
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    Experimental Update 1.0150505

    Thanks for the patch! But sadly I have to confirm that I can't drink or fill canteen's in the river any more. EDIT: Just got two-shotted by an infected. Already put it on the tracker with a video: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T136931 Anybody else had this issue? First time it happened to me since 0.63....
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    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    No it doesn't do anything besides puking. Basically you can have the disease and as long as you don't puke, no negative effects. I can't say for 100%, but in my experience your hydration gets an instant hit when you throw up. Maybe your food level as well, can't say for sure. What do exactly mean with your second sentence?
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    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Spend this weekend trying to build a base on 'The Village' server. Witnessed a few server crashes, probably some more when I was offline. Still, nothing vanished and my base has multiple walls, a tower, medium tent, large tent, car and a barrel. So far so good. Happy with the server performance as well, even with almost 80 players online the infected were never lagging and came after me with full speed. I also got cholera from drinking pond water. Prior this experimental patch, the disease would go away after a while of not drinking pond water. But now it won't seem to go away, even though I clean all my water with chlorine tablets. Already threw up countless of times. I think that when you eat/drink large portions your character is more prone to throw up when having cholera. Because usually after eating a whole can or drinking a whole canteen I throw up 5~ minutes later.
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    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    This goes far beyond my understanding of game development, but I am actually pretty interested to know why a lot of games have no problems with persistence and DayZ does. A simple question with probably an in-depth answer, but I am curious to know. Would love to devs to try and explain it.
  24. amadieus

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Haven't seen any complains so far about people losing their barrels/tents, which is a good sign. Would be better if the server would auto-backup for more then just every half a hour though.
  25. amadieus

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Currently there are two ways to get sick: 1) Stomach sickness: Drinking lots of pond water. It is pretty safe to drink a few sips, but when you take 10+ sips a bacteria icon will appear in the right bottom of your screen. As long as that icon stays there, you will have a chance that your character will start to throw up and lose hydration (energy?) as a result. I had this a few times with my toons. 2) Common flu: I never experienced this one before, but you should get it by being cold (and wet?) for a prolonged time according to other people. Now you character starts to cough and sneeze all the time. Not sure if it has any other downside effects. Food that you are carrying will be contaminated and thus needs to be cleaned before eating with disinfected spray or alcohol tincture. If you take sips from a bottle the water will also be contaminated. If you will give it to another player he will get sick as well. Same goes for people that hang around you for too long. The coughing and sneezing makes people sick near you. I think that the masks and headgear give you some form of protection against this.