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  1. Yep, happened to me pretty often during 1.02 and the patches before.
  2. amadieus

    Rifle Melee Attack

    It should be F
  3. amadieus

    Stable Update 1.03

    Anyone knows why I can't see the icons/stamina bar etc.? I can see them when in inventory. Tried using the ` button but it does not seem to work anymore. It only toggles the quickslots. EDIT: Pity nobody explained it me before I re-installed the game twice, but it seems that the show icon, or rather show hud option, has moved to the general game settings instead of holding `.
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    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Thanks for communicating this to the community. Like others have mentioned, it is nice to hear what we generally can expect with the next one or two platform updates. So if you still could see a chance to communicate from time to time what we can generally expect in the next patch, then that would be great. Like many others I can't wait for more survival elements (or in other words, current survival elements to be much more fleshed out) and features such as fishing and vaulting. To get a general idea on when to expect it, would be very pleasant.
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    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    Indeed, thanks to the change in this patch melee works better again. Still I do not like the forward movement and it should be toned down or just removed in my opinion. Noticed that I could not auto attack anymore, by holding the attack button. Not that I care though, was pretty neutral about it.
  6. Great to hear, but this was on high/full pop server?
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    Why though?
  8. On a first glance, fine update with some very neat additions. A new car, weapon and other items are always welcome! Some other good changes and additions, such beings able to add the radio and glowsticks to your backpack, more sound effects, inventory rotation, character stats etc.... However, looking a tad longer at these patch notes I simply cannot hide my dissapointment. First off, the new melee is pretty bad... Because of the forward movement when swinging (Why is this forward movement still in? Please remove it!), and because of the new target lock system. It locks my character on the targets location, but as soon as the target goes to my right or left (because of the stupid forward movement) my character stays locked in melee towards the same spot that the infected was at earlier... How is this good? Is it a bug or intended? I am sorry, but I simply can't see any gains with this target lock system. I would advise to remove together with the forward movement, that would improve melee by a ton. Secondly, where is the server performance improvements or any improvements regarding car stability? Granted, I have not been driving in a car on a 60 man server during this experimental patch. However, I got a huge feeling that a car is going to kill me sooner or later. So it is cool to have three different cars by now, but what is the point if we can't drive it? Moreover, where are the new features? We are almost in June, so on a half in 2019. And still no single feature has been added. Not even features that were in development since 2018 such as fishing and vaulting/climbing. I understand that helicopters take time, but where the heck are those features that were supposed to come in 2018? I sincerely hope that something will be added in the upcoming 1.03 experimentel patches of this month before it hits stable. Same goes for survival features... I sincerely hope that we will see some changes in experimental this month before 1.03 hits stable. We need diseases for eating raw meat, we need more complex diseases for drinking pond water, we need bone fractures and a temperature system that actually influences the game instead of 'just being there'. Like I said, on first glance the patch is fine as it clearly makes the game better. But there is still so much stuff missing that really should be coming around this time. The first half of 2019 is almost over... Please do not tell me that the content of this patch is everything that we can expect for 1.03 stable, or at least that some big additions to the game are coming soon after 1.03....
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    Found a RP server

    RP stands for Role-playing.
  10. amadieus

    storing stuff in barrels

    With the shovel you can make a field for horticulture. That's probably what you mean with 'position placement'. You can bury a Drybag, Cooking pot, protector case and probably a lot more items that hold loot. You drop it on the ground and aim at it with the shovel. Then use the action that appears.
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    DayZ Suggestions

    Go to the woods in the north-western part of the map 😉 Bears will be added in the future.
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    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Never said that the game was 'so good'. It simply has more players than it had before, making the statement of the other guy simply untrue. If the player count drops steady again in a few months, fair enough. But that's currently not the case. Not sure if using the 'game sold 4 million copies' argument really holds up. So many games sold large amount of copies while having a much smaller playerbase in comparison. Of course modding contributes to a larger playerbase. But modding is available thanks to the developers. Both parties deserve credits for that.
  13. - Better performance - Private servers (for now) - Mods You can customize your character model and clothing. However it is not finished yet. You will have to re-select your character in the main menu after death. If you don't, you get a random upon respawning.
  14. amadieus

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Strange.... Currently it is the other way around. In the last few months the player count has only risen.
  15. You got one-shotted. With instant deaths you don't hear the gun shots on some occasions. It feels strange when it happens, I had this experience as well. You just stare at the screen with a big what and how feeling.
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    off topic brainstorming

    I think it would be pretty cool if they add a Bigfoot that spawns very very rarely
  17. amadieus

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Doing a tiny bit of research would reveal that there were two updates, with a third coming this month. Selling this game to a different studio is even dumber than changing the engines in the middle of development.
  18. amadieus

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    Yeah the AK and M4 used to spawn everywhere in the previous 0.63 versions on pc as well, while prior to 0.63 they used to be pretty rare (M4 especially). So I'm sure they reduced the spawn rates. I totally believe duping is a problem on Xbox with so many reports from players. However, with some posts I have trouble to decipher if the person is complaining because he is not finding those weapons because of duping or simply because it is just rare.
  19. amadieus

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    Is the lack of M4's and AK's an Xbox only problem? As the poster above me mentioned, the M4 used to be pretty rare in 0.62, as with almost all Western weapons. This should be the same in the current DayZ, especially when more weapons make their way into the game.
  20. Couple of things that I want to comment on. First of all, where did they say helicopters are not coming 100% sure anymore? I'm pretty sure they are still coming as confirmed with the December 2018 dev streams. Secondly, a roadmap was promised and now it has been never mentioned again. Which is poor communication on itself. Moreover, a roadmap is an estimate, not a promise on when something should be released. Therefore I dont see a reason why the devs should stop releasing a roadmap, just because some people don't understand the idea behind a roadmap.
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    Exp 1.03 Update

  22. amadieus

    Exp 1.03 Update

    In May, according to the DayZ Twitter.
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    Stable Update 1.02

    Had it happen since the early 0.63 versions as well, but lately it seems to happen to me more often. It happens on vanilla and community servers. I don't use mods. When I play community it is always on the The Village or the Runningmanz server. I always assumed it was an issue that could appear when you log in with your weapon in hand. But last week I found out this is not the case. I read here and there that it has to do with alt-tabbing, but even without doing so it might happen when I log in. It can only happen when I log in and raise the gun for the first time, never in the middle of the play session. Might be on my end, as to be honest, I was surprised that I didn't see any posts on it. Will take a look around, but if anyone found a solution to this, I would love to know. With that being said, I heard of others having it, including my friend upon logging in.
  24. amadieus

    Stable Update 1.02

    In 1.03, can we also expect a fix for the instant firing when pressing right mouse button? It makes me paranoid every time I log in and want to raise my gun for the first time....
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    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    You can toy around in the offline mode with this community mod: https://github.com/Arkensor/DayZCommunityOfflineMode/releases