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    [SUGGESTION] Inventory concept | Tab System

    Exactly, correct me if im wrong but where there was a 1st wave of feedback posted by Peter, me or someone else (can't remember) posted that scrolling trough the inventory is a disaster for the gameplay. Let's hope they'll think more about it, cause your idea is just perfect for that.
  2. Vernon_Price

    [SUGGESTION] Inventory concept | Tab System

    That would be very usefull tbh, we NEED that, instead of scrolling trough, not only our EQ, but stuff like tents ect. That's would be much more smoother. Very good idea!
  3. Vernon_Price

    Can Devs FIX In-Game Name please?

    You don't have use parameters. You can set it in both launchers, official one and the one for mods, problem solved. As far as i know tho, character creation is still a way long from being fully and properly implemented, so we gotta wait.
  4. Vernon_Price

    For update

    If its for PC, its for Xbox, but a bit later. Please understand, you develop games on PC, so if you want it or not, you can't have a console test to happen faster than PC... 😕
  5. Vernon_Price

    For update

    I know once they were planning Tisy (Military base up the north-west border) They were talking about it having a radiation zones and helis spawns (Down the line), but I haven't heared anything about that in about 2 years i think. There are mods tho, and some servers use them, there is one for example, where you gotta have a gas-mask before you go to the Prison Island, if you don't put your mas on - You're being slowely killed by a rad-zone.
  6. Vernon_Price

    Anyone else having problems with melee?

    Just open your EQ and put this item on your quickbar, then click it, as you just want to pick it from the quick bar. It works.
  7. Vernon_Price

    Anyone else having problems with melee?

    Yeah, that happened to me few times as well. Reported it already on the feedback tracker, tho you can fix it by symply hiding your wapon (that you're holding in that moment) and the issue fixes itself. Its very annoying, and I hope it will get fixed soon. As I've said, its already reported, so we can't do much than that about it. 🙂
  8. Vernon_Price

    Status Report - January 2019

    Yay. :D
  9. Vernon_Price

    Very elaborate rail system...

  10. Vernon_Price

    PS4 Release?

    They never said that ps4 release will be out "soon after Xbox". All they've said is "2019", and that is the whole info we have.
  11. Vernon_Price

    I have nothing nothing nothing 😢

    Make sure you've joined the same server you were playing yesterday. And if you clicked "log out now" while ending yesterday's play session, it is possible that something could kill you in these 15 seconds that your characters stays in the game.
  12. Vernon_Price

    Car smoking?

    Car smokin'= Not enough water in the radiator. Try to fill it again till yo= get it.
  13. Vernon_Price

    Dayz Discord.

    When i copy this from their discord it says "This link will expire in 1 day" So that's not possible. Here, add me on discord and i'll try to invite you trough the private message. Cpt. Vernon Price#0337
  14. Vernon_Price

    Dayz Discord.

  15. Vernon_Price

    Do Vehicles carry over to other servers?

  16. Vernon_Price

    Let's talk about update 1.0 for xbox !!!

    There is no bows, boats or bikes on PC.
  17. Vernon_Price

    No interaction with objects. Please Help:/

    The second menu activated by clicking the item was removed with 0.63. Now, you interact with objects by dragging them into your hands slot, leaving the EQ and actually use them with animations. Game always shows you a lil tutorial (Bottom left, a bit upper than stamina bar) of how to use it, for example - If you wan't to open a can - Drag a can into your hands, then drag a knife or can opener over this can, so it will show you "combine" option. After doing that, your EQ will close automatically, then as i said before, look at the bottom left, it will tell you to HOLD left mouse button to open a can. Same with actually everything in the game, you do it with your hands, not some magic wand in your EQ liek before. :)
  18. Vernon_Price

    Died cause of multiple bug /w Video

    Correct me if im wrong, but in 0.63 nothing make gunmarks but shotgun, it seems to me like a rare issue with bullet register, not a hacker.
  19. Vernon_Price

    new map terrain issue.

    But... did you set-up everything in TB before doing that...?
  20. Vernon_Price

    new map terrain issue.

    Matthew's videos do work. How did you load up this terrain tho? It doesn't seem like Buldozer to me.
  21. Vernon_Price

    I'm shallow in this game.

  22. Vernon_Price

    Question for devs: In game kill feed

    Im telling you what the devs have said, which is easy to say you don't know about. No need to be developer to pass the info from their official twitter or interviews. In every interview they were asked about this kind of stuff - They answer the same, they don't want DayZ to feel "gamey". (I don't need to speak about kill feed, cause that's just arcady.) Navigation bar would make compass (Or GPS if it gets added) useless, and there wouldn't be a need to navigate yourself in a natural way, how it is now, and that part won't change in vanilla servers. By saying vanilla I mean BOTH PC and XBOX official servers, that's what vanilla means.
  23. Vernon_Price

    Question for devs: In game kill feed

    There is no "kill feed" on vanilla servers. This is a mod. And no, we won't have that in vanila servers, as well as navigation bar on top of the screen, its breaking immersia.
  24. This stone is called a "stone knife" :)
  25. 1.0 - Provides BASIC and CORE features in a stable state with no major bugs. <--- DayZ 1.0 does that. 1.0 doesn't mean by ANY means "finall" "finished" product. Development doesn't stop here, its just a number that means they left Early Access, which this game didn't needed in its current state. There is still more to come.