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    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    To reduce risk of dying, stop the car, turn off motor, open door, Exit I was lucky to do it exactly that way without knowing the risk. I dont think the car will stop bumping and jumping by itself ...
  2. Supe2licious

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    Maybe it sound harder then it really is. Having a car, can be a huge benefit and is fully worth it. But you have to know the game, like in every other game too. The only really annoying thing is, that the car has big (Kind of unrealistic) problems going upwards. But i think, that has a purpose of some kind. There will be better cars in the future, and this car is the "lowest" car in the game i guess. But that is just guessing ... All in all, you will have a hard time building and maintaining a car, but it will be fun too, and the Advantage of going fast is just too good to ignore it
  3. Supe2licious

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Thank you all for the info! Imo that are good news, and i cant wait to see a new patch online. Hope it will come from exp to stable branche soon.
  4. Supe2licious

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    When do we get the next update? Is there any info available?
  5. Supe2licious

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    On the PC-Version cars are working now. But there are some points you have to know. 1. Lag of any kind can and will ruin your day if you drive a car. 2. The car will break very easy. Nearly everything you hit, will get you car damaged or evene worse. 3. Even the slightest incline can stop your car to ZERO Speed. You have to go with speed, if you wana climb that mountain :D and sometimes, not even that will work. 4. Watch you way carefully. If you drive over low-profile obstacles like a stump, your car can get stuck easily, and it will take at least minutes or even hours to free it. Maybe you will lose your car because you can not free it. 5. Drive carefully. Drive slow. Learn the physiscs and the driving behaviour. 6. Know your route and know the streets - barricades, obstacles, trash and old cars on the road .. 7. If your car starts to bump, flip or react in a crayz manner - get out of the car as fast as you can. Reenter the car, and it will be good again. This last point was a hugh problem on the pc-version but is very rare now. So you should be good at all. Don not just drive a car. Plan your trip, know your shit, or the jouney ends very fast. Good luck!
  6. Supe2licious

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Hi Folks, Hi Survivor1431, my experience since the new patch is online … The game is very persistent now, but i dont know if persistency is 100% working. It Looks very good. Game is playable now, and i did not lose stuff since the patch is out. The Servers are Pretty stable too! Very few Server crashes. They still can happen, but they are rare and so are not a big Point anymore. Vehicles: YES, the cars work now! You dont get killed if you enter a car. You can enter any car, even if there are now tires on it. Sometimes the car still jump around if you are unlucky, but if so, try to stop the car, turn off the Motor and get out of the car quickly. After that, you can reenter the car and it will beheave normal again. I only had this once since the patch is online. So to sum it up = cars are good now The whole game is good now! Some minor Bugs still around, but the Basics work like they should. I hope it will stay this way, and new Features will be added soon. Kind regards
  7. Supe2licious

    Stable Update 1.01

    I stoped playing DayZ 6 or 7 weeks ago because the game was too broken to invest time. Yesterday i played DayZ 1.01 and i have to say: NICE WORK DEVS !!! Played for about 6 Hours and not a single Server crash! Now i have hope again! Keep up the good work!
  8. Supe2licious

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Basher, as Long as you have fun, it is ok .. but .. i recommend you to buy a new rig. Your rig is really old by now. Even if you can Play the game, i strong believe you could get more fun out of it with a new machine. Just my 2 Cents ... But on the other side, as Long as you stay on your own Server with no PVP accuring, you should be fine as you go. :-)
  9. Supe2licious

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    When will this go live? The persistence Workaround only help private Servers. Official public Servers dont backup and dont restore ... Well ok, they do automatic backups now, but nobody will manually restore them on public Servers ...