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  1. Controls for Xbox One

    we absolutely need different sensitivity settings for scopes, ads and over the shoulder. I like my movement and look sensitivity high and aim sens a bit slower.
  2. server

  3. server

    same problem
  4. wolves

    1. Did cross my mind when realized the situation, didn't tho. Dropped few items from the inventory to be sure there's space for mags to switch. Did not work. 2/3. Had 5 of them fully loaded.
  5. wolves

    So the bloody wolves just killed me coz I couldn't reload my weapon like I could the last time before I quit the game so there you go keep my 40€ im done a week looting and gearing...
  6. Svd

    can the svd spawn anywhere else than the crashsites?
  7. Switch fire mode is in the game.

    I noticed it works everytime if you've just picked up the weapon
  8. First Player Encounter (Funny)

    hah fair enough
  9. Ballistic vest pouches

    I found a PRESS vest with pockets, man thats heavy. so the armor actually reduces damage taken? what would be the best choice for vest and helmet?
  10. Downed Helocopters ??

    and they appear in 3 or 4 different locations per server
  11. Losing items dropped server time out

    few minutes ago I got the shutdown message first 10 then 5,2,1 and disconnected. Got back and lost my agoc silenced m4
  12. a different reloading issue

    Couple of days back when I had m4 and full clips for it I could shoot couple shots, hit Y and I reloaded a fresh 30round clip in it. No fuzz, simple as that, worked like a charm. Today I tried to reload the same way and nothing happened, had to drop the mag and combine the gun with a new one. Is that just another bug or does it matter where you store your mags in inventory? Had them on my pants today, can't remember for sure but last time they were in my vest
  13. M4 suppressor and heli crash sites

    yeah just found out by random they spawn in 3 different locations at once so a bit luck needed for one to find one.
  14. M4 suppressor and heli crash sites

    I've been wandering the north west and tried to find those heli sites but the only thing I can find is the crashed plane, are every map out there wrong about the crash sites? or is it like they only spawn occasionally?
  15. Was wondering is there a chart or something to have an idea of guns damage to players and so on. Saw this guy and killed him with 1 akm bullet to to hip. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nikooor/video/60001341