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  1. +20 frames without it. what numbers you guys get on extreme setting and what are your pc specs?
  2. nikoor

    Selected Servers going Offline on July 15th!

    thank god I'm on PC starting tomorrow
  3. nikoor

    Real talk..

    I'm using an elite too and had jump/reload/crouch/menu binded to the paddles in all of the games for quite a few years now so it's also not comfortable. Wish they are working on the schemes.
  4. nikoor

    Cross play?

    if we had crossplay with pc we could borrow a modded server for events, I doubt anyone would want to play against pc players tho but with ps4 sure.
  5. nikoor

    Real talk..

    I'm amazed that someone can pull that off haha. It kinda makes sense considering how the grip looks. It doesn't change the fact tho that some people feel it awkward to use, especially since we're talking about a game where shooting plays a part. I tried the two finger technique, you should've seen the shit..
  6. nikoor

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    Indeed. Stick to one server, invite your friends and stay there. The ones that don't like it are the people who are playing the game as it was not ment to.
  7. nikoor

    Performance test servers

    Did any of you got to play on them yesterday? I'd like to hear your experience.
  8. nikoor

    Real talk..

    but that's claw and it's like giving a controller to someone who's never used one before. feels very unnatural.
  9. nikoor

    Real talk..

    this honestly needs more attention. it's a huge disadvantage for some. @ImpulZ are we getting something suitable for everyone?
  10. nikoor

    Real talk..

    this too!
  11. nikoor

    Real talk..

  12. nikoor

    PC players pissed at 1.04

    he's probably looking for a better angle.
  13. nikoor

    1.04 coming to consoles expected in July!

    3858 sweet home
  14. nikoor

    23/06/2019 Hotfix Statement

    changin guns via radial menu doesn't produce the required sound, it's all quiet. the animation also happens in a blink of an eye.
  15. nikoor

    Real talk..

    I'm the kinda person who gets frustrated (irl too) as things are not working or does not go as intended which again has cost me a ton. I like dayz and if that's what it takes then be it, another problem solved, easy life. Bread comes first tho. Good luck with the missis!