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  1. nikoor

    Base builders off limits Truce

    tbf surviving is way too easy at the current state of the game. you shouldn't start with a knife or food at all like it used to be. make the first 10 minutes of gameplay exciting again! food is way too easy to come by. would like to play on a real harcore server where you might have to eat your friends.
  2. nikoor


    are you -86 or -87? weird I know hah
  3. nikoor

    Duper base hunting

    sweet I ended my journey there yesterday
  4. nikoor

    Lack of HC players

    well until they dry out complete I'd rather stay. not very keen to have a 3x higher ping. some say it's the same but it's not. we really don't need 3 HC servers. *fun fact: while I waited for my friend to meet me at pavlovo mb (15-20min), >20 players duped/hopped the server in that time. I knew it was bad but this bad hah.
  5. nikoor

    Lack of HC players

    The 3 HC servers on Europe are hardly ever medium not to mention high pop. At the next wipe please consider taking one of the NL HC servers down to increase the player count. Don't think anyone would mind, quite the opposite. I prefer them over the 3rd person anytime and would like to see more populated servers rather than 3 easy low pop for server hoppers and dupers. A game that I used to like lost their 1st person players...
  6. nikoor

    New DeadZone Added?

    still wanna make sure the problem is being acknowledged?! huh anyone?
  7. nikoor

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    thought this also when I found 3 M4's and 2 USG's at the 3 barracks of NWAF construction site. mind blown
  8. nikoor

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    oh and the left hand position feels awkward and unnatural now since you move yourself with left hand at the same time. well, I changed them back to how it was but now I have no punch which is fine I rather play the game as smooth as I can. I'd assume they add leaning to the sticks so freelook has to go anyway, so only place for it is RB now which is just nuts, punch has to go then anyway so I can't understand the reasoning behind it. the muscle memory after ~1000 hours just don't go away like that
  9. nikoor

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    it's been on rb since the beginning, people have gotten used to it, it did not need to be changed. freelook instead should've been changed.
  10. nikoor

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    they should've kept the zoom on rb and move the punch, freelook to lb too. they really don't have a clue about contollers... just like the guy on the stream.
  11. nikoor

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    I feel like we've hit the bottom. Bears have been pushing it down for the past months. Only way is up they say. I'll be jumping on when it gets bullish.
  12. nikoor

    The devs are bandits survival >>> guns

    tbh it was embarrasing. next time answer the questions instead of trying to learn the game ok? yet he plays more on xbox than pc? propably he's first time on console. enough of that. anyway, I can only hope they focus on the right stuff for the next month, which they should know by now. if not, shame. the playerbase's going to decrease even more... until then I'll try to enjoy other games.
  13. nikoor

    The devs are bandits survival >>> guns

    Word. I'm a day one player and played nothing than dayz since until now. 10minutes after the last "update" was enough. Guess I'll be back after a month when they're bringing the next update, hope it's not too late I can see a pattern here.
  14. nikoor

    Gun unjamming...

    press Y, vóila