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  1. Any FPP survivor's here?

    3rd person is cancer in any game for me. Can't wait to have a fpp server!
  2. Crosshair completely unaligned with gun

    yes this messes things up quite a bit but what I've noticed too if you place your crosshair (little dot) on to something and you then ads the crosshair is way off where it initially was. even more when you go to your scope.
  3. Unplayable frame drops in bigger cities (OneX)

    Got X and nope, no difference. I'm suffering the exactly same as described.
  4. My character is wiped

    sure there wasn't someone around you and shot you when you logged out?
  5. shit I misread chris right here
  6. the green one is the most common
  7. Xbox Update 12/10/2018

    yes, buddy and I both emptied a full mag to a guy and he just didn't die. all the other kills where 2-5 bullets so there's absolutely something still messed up. tbf the frames were like pubg day 1 as we started shooting eachothers at the hospital stairs also zeds seem to absorb a lot of bullets time to time
  8. Mosin still has problems!

    LT -> RB -> LB
  9. Guns don’t work

    I've had such cases numerous times until today my m4 worked like a charm. Every bullet registered surprisingly good, no jams, no nothing. Propably reloaded 20times in 2hour period leaving 13 bodies behind. The thing is to reload like you said through inventory and only use magazines of 29bullets. Don't know if that's it but something is right.
  10. shiet isn't that inconvenient. would be nice to try tho. imagine 100 years from now...
  11. wouldn't it be cool if the controller sent an electric signal to ur nerve system and reproduced the pain at the right spot. maybe in some years they'll start to take the realism to a whole new level
  12. Repairs

    Im curious to know too?
  13. Controls for Xbox One

    we absolutely need different sensitivity settings for scopes, ads and over the shoulder. I like my movement and look sensitivity high and aim sens a bit slower.
  14. server

  15. server

    same problem