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  1. nikoor

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Pretty solid patch notes! Game's run smooth so far. + zombies doesn't seem to go through you anymore while fighting them + frames seems to be more stable here's the rant tho (I just need to): - disappointing to see leaning still being on bumbers and still not being toggleable. not all can fully benefit from the whole function. - radial menu. - it's even more harder to select your weapon than it was. can you please bring back Y to equip first item in the menu? I thought the ability to move while in menu was meant to be in this patch? it's a pain in the ass to stop completely just to choose your gun. the menu also makes you jump by accident more often now instead of equipping an item since you've increased the amount people need to tilt right stick. people using the long sticks with elite controller are gonna have a hard time. - zooming and ads. - if you zoom in, pull LT to raise your gun, then release LT you'll go back to zoom which wasn't the case before. don't know if this is intentionally. now you can't cancel the zoom with LT like you could before and you're required two press LB 4 times which is, to be honest, not convenient. - items not appearing in vicinity if they're on lower bed (military barracks) - right stick dead zone is still there (5 months now), not as bad tho but noticeable - bodies still go through walls when they die Experienced my first crash (dashboard) ever after skinning a guy and entering inventory right after.
  2. nikoor

    Cool vehicle to add

    better cut some rags with ya 😛
  3. nikoor

    Cool vehicle to add

    would it cause bleeding? driving without one? 😄
  4. nikoor

    The Ultimate Exploit

    crashing the server actually is still a thing...
  5. nikoor

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    I used to KoS but not anymore, been trying to talk with everyone but since yesterday my game crashed twice while using ingame voice chat and caused me to die (game froze) so now on I'll shoot first until it's fixed. what s shame
  6. nikoor

    Databased AGAIN

    well that's a one way to survive in a survival game...
  7. nikoor

    What server?

    NL 3858 HC
  8. nikoor

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    First games in a week and got killed twice because game crashed while trying to talk to people. no that you care but im done talking until the next update.
  9. nikoor

    Issues with update 1.0

    lag is a whole different thing than frame drops. traffic in your network will cause lag ie. someone using the same internet, watching youtube, netflix, even regular browsing will affect you. framedrops like I said comes from shitty hardware and optimizing.
  10. nikoor

    Issues with update 1.0

    none of that has nothing to do with low frame rates. optimizing, both server and game has. if it was pc then I'd say updating your components would help. you wont get better fps updating your internet connection or switching to a server on the same side of the pond. in this case we'll just have to wait for the devs.
  11. nikoor

    “I want an AK”

    lost it at the fire extinguisher 😄
  12. nikoor

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    no I meant lucky you you're on pc, nothing geological here. that would've been possible on the 1st day after our last update but not since. hence the luck.
  13. nikoor

    This GAME IS A JOKE!

    Lucky you wanna try it on Xbox?
  14. nikoor


    nice to see people helping out a fellow survivors even in a matter they clearly cannot understand. Kato, it's not supported, not yet. I can't wait to test it out just to see how it feels before going back to pc. If anything, game previews ain't for me, at least not on console.
  15. nikoor

    The Xbox One launch FAQ!

    I already am and will give it a go then you funny little fella