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  1. The Main Problem with Consoles

    The game has already turned into this. And that's sad.
  2. Toon TownZ "Cartoon People RP" Gameplay :P

    I litteraly died of laughter
  3. "You Are Killing A Fresh Spawn!"

    Thank you, now the devs will never know what they need to fix.
  4. ReShade for 0.62 / 0.63 exp

    Thank you guys, do you have an updated download for this mod? I've found two of them, but I could make some mistakes. Edit: I've used this video tutorial:
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to ask if using a DayZ ReShade mod might trigger the anti-cheat and ban me (the video is old, so I'm asking again, just if something was changed in the anti-cheat). I'm referring to this mod (I know, it's for 0.60 - but I believe there's a 0.62 version): Thank you in advance. :)
  6. Yeah, I really hope they'll find a way to avoid this exploit. It really ruins the realistic experience.