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  1. I don't use reddit, and although this forum is nice, I'd like to be able to add an rss feed from announcements from the devs or Baty so I can just get the alert on my rss reader. Does something like that exist?
  2. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    Well you must not have read the disclaimer then. If you bought it with the intention of playing it when it is all polished and done, then why are you complaining right now? It is currently being "polished".
  3. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    Out of curiousity, what all do you/can you use it for? I know you can use it to tie people up, rabbit snares, and trip wires with a grenade. Anything else?
  4. Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    I guess. But it's not completely unrealistic. IRL if you had no water bottle I'm sure you'd make a cooking pot work as a water carrying device if necessary.
  5. I'm constantly thinking of things that would allow us to run straight into the woods at spawn to live off of the land. Rope is essential in MANY craftable things right now. I know you can create rope with 2 stacks of 6 rags. But I think it would be cool if we could craft rope from leather strips or something. Maybe use a snare to catch a rabbit then use that leather to craft a rope (first the way that we tan leather would need overhauling, as I've mentioned before in this thread)
  6. Craftable cooking tripod

    I think it would be cool if we could craft a cooking tripod. That way if we find a cooking pot and rope (for bow or fishing pole) we are good to go to live off of the land. Maybe it could be 3 ashwood branches and some rope?
  7. Items That Don't Spawn Anymore

    I've seen many PET water bottles. The canteens seem more rare but they are less useful anyway and hold less water. Why do you dislike the cooking pot as a water bottle? I love it. It's a water bottle and cooking utensil that doesn't take up any room (holds what it occupies). i personally hydrate at creeks and ponds and save my water bottle or cooking pot for if I'm in BFE and not hydrated and there no ponds nearby.
  8. Thanks for doing the Q&A #1 With the new animation system, how many simultaneous actions can we perform? (ex1: walking while eating beans->go to crouching animation while walking while still eating beans? ex2: drinking a kvass while driving? :) #2 regarding driving vehicles. Is the system for turning the vehicles as complex as: press "A" to move character hands/arms left/counterclockwise on steering wheel. Angular velocity of steering wheel accelerates from 0 to a maximum the longer the key is pressed, translated into the corresponding angular velocity of the steering shaft which is then translated into linear movement of the tie-rod that in turn moves the wheels? Or is it much simpler like the longer you press A the faster the vehicle begins to turn in respect to the world? Just curious how detailed and integrated the physics are, sorry if that is out of place here. Thanks!
  9. I think he means that should be a thing, not that it currently exists in game. IRL you just stretch it and rub Alum on it, and scrape all the fat off. I'm glad to hear that craftable containers are coming. I can't wait for those, gun modifications in those sheds, stashes in the ground, most of all, the craftable tents that aren't bright blue. I'm holding off on making any camps until those are in bc the blue tents are impractical and the mil tents are just as obvious bc of their size.
  10. Do you mean this is already a thing or it should be allowed? I agree that it should be a thing if it isn't already. There is no reason to have it in a container.
  11. I think a large reason more people don't get into the crafting of clothes part of the game, is because of the rarity of barrels; particularly on private servers where they are very limited quantity, especially as time progress's from the last wipe and they all get snatched up and hidden. Just seems a bit odd that we need a barrel to tan leather, how did the Native Americans do it then? Instead of increasing the qty of barrels, how about a system where you are able to create a clothes line (could be used to dry clothes rapidly as well) and make it a container item (like the fireplace) so that you can attach leather and lime to it? Just an idea. That or allow for crafting of a crude barrel like container to be used for storage and/or tanning leather. Thoughts?
  12. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    I also wanted to throw this here for any newcomers to the game (although i think most people in this forum are veterans) Some tips for new players: from fresh spawn survival to safely surviving interactions with other survivors.
  13. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    Yes, to prevent server hopping. Many people look for zero or near zero pop so they can server hop into it for loot. Problem solved. The current system is just fine imo since you don't typically say: you know what 30 people is not enough, but 33 is. The 60 potential players split into three tiers seems perfectly adequate, and at the same time, severely hinders the ability to server hop into zero pop servers (obviously you could look up servers online to see exact pop). I'm guessing that this might also make the server browser more responsive since it doesn't have to update server pop constantly with people joining and leaving and has kind of a buffer now.
  14. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    I find them on rifles all the time. particularly at the car pileup south of sinistock at that road at the edge of the west side of the map. On .61 stable
  15. Stable Branch 0.61.136821

    I grabbed bark for tinder, sticks, and made a hand drill kit, prior to making the swim, didn't make a fire prior to swimming either. No water proof clothes. I got there and was rapidly cooling but not cold. I went behind the island and made a fire and got dried off/warmed up. I haven't had the hypothermic issues that everyone seems to have this patch. I think it's because I take the time to stay dry and make fires frequently to cook food. I think most people are just used to running straight to NWAF to pvp. I like this patch, it's forcing people to play the game.