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    I'm 31 from the UK. I play DayZ, but I'm not really a gamer, and I know less than your granddad about computers.

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  1. Name: UK/EU All Welcome.ELEKTRO PVP ZONE! HIGH LOOT TENTS!mgdayz.com Address: Port: 2500 We at mgdayz.com have set a brand new 60 pop dayz server. We have established elecktro as a PVP ZONE and setup tents full of guns and loot around the city to help facilitate the combat. Go to elecktro at your own risk! This is a private hive. See address above.
  2. Are Whitelists Allowed On Public Hive Community Servers?

    He is playing on a public server. If you want to have a locked server then you need a private hive. It's not a matter of cry babys, you're a cheat and breaking the server rules if you have a locked server on the public hive.
  3. Recruit Me.

    Genuinely shocked at the lack of replies. You sell yourself so well.
  4. Stable Update 0.62.140525

    Likely the owners of bambiland did a persistence wipe. Some servers do this regularly.
  5. Hi there, The monster gaming clan is looking to recruit some new members. We're a casual, rarely tactical, group that enjoy having fun on the game and shooting at as many people as we can each evening. We're mostly British (one token Dutch guy), with ages varying from 21 to 45. However we're open to having anyone that can speak English. We're not looking to teach new people how to play, so if you're new, just set your steam profile to private and lie about how many hours you have. We also request that our members be over 18, this is because we suspect one of our group to be a child molester so we want to avoid all that awkward flirting over teamspeak. An amusing personality will make up for being terrible at the game. We're an equal opportunities clan, so anyone is welcome to apply. We could actually do with some more woman in the clan, it's a total sausage fest right now. We play almost exclusively on our own 50 player private hive server, which happens to be the most popular DayZ server in the world according to game-tracker. Our number 1 status is due to no hard work or dedication from us, in fact I have no idea why it's full all the time. You can find a little more about us on our badly made website, http://www.mgdayz.com If we get a few North American's wanting to join we could look to setup a north American slave server to our hive. So if you're North American there is server admin potential too. Jump into our team speak (Address: Port: 11777) and message Lowell or add me on steam, search for me under the name McTabish. I'm the one in the UK or as below profile. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076079355/
  6. Question on what an Admin can do

    Hi, Did you ever find yourself a private hive to piggy back off?
  7. Monster Gaming is seeking members

    We are recruiting again. This time we're looking to grow our numbers significantly.
  8. I used my initiative and worked out that you were probably the guy on the server called Colonel Burton. You were not actually head-shotted, you had a vehicle teleported onto your head. Sadly this particular hack doesn't show up in the logs as to who did it :(
  9. Please provide your in-game name and we'll check the logs.
  10. more loot / weapons on private hives

    UK/EU/US never wipes persistence either, so I'm glad you're still seeing some items around the map. I agree about backpacks, they do seem a little rare on the eastern side of the map. I'd like to see a few more burlap sacks around to allow people to make an improvised backpack.
  11. Faction Based Roleplay Server Ideas

    Sadly without a whitelist, a 50 slot server would attract too many random players who would be unaware of the theme and lore of the server, which would just make it like every other private hive out there. Rules are unenforceable without a whitelist as people can play without having been made aware of the specific server rules and guidelines. Independent characters could be whatever they want, not just a bounty hunter or hermit, those are just examples. Most of the action would be between factions.
  12. Hi, I've posted here rather than servers or recruitment page as this is an idea, and doesn't exist, and I'm not really trying to recruit, more garner the level of interest. I'm a co-owner on a popular private hive server that is open to everyone to play, but lately I've been giving role-play servers a go and although I am enjoying the player interactions, I am finding the tedious rules that accompany these servers a little frustrating, leading to weird and often predictable encounters and taking away a lot of the surprise and fun of DayZ, and severely limiting the combat side of the game. I also enjoy playing in a group, but often find on a standard server that we rarely come across another group of similar size that's a fair fight. Plus there is no real reason to fight other people other than for the sake of killing. I've therefore been thinking about starting a new role-play server that will be faction based, starting with two main factions, plus a limited number of independent characters. The server will of course be private and white-listed and have a fully featured website. When people register on the website they'll have an option of which faction to join (each faction will have an origin story, and a slightly different play style), they can write a short biography, and then apply for available roles within that faction. I do not intend to make the application process too complicated or time consuming. Faction leaders can issue standing orders through the website, as well as post missions to be completed. A forum/blog system will allow people to post outcomes of missions, and gain rank and credit for successful missions completed. Each faction will have it's own "safetown" which will be strictly no PVP unless there is a server event ongoing(siege etc). PvP between people within the same faction will also be forbidden unless agreed to by both parties with justifiable reasons. Outside of the safezones, combat will be open to all, although the factions would have standing orders to attempt capture rather than kill if safe to do so, and of course have rules against killing civilians without just cause. The factions or militias after all would be looking to restore some form of order to the chaos. The breaking of standing orders would be dealt with in-character, with the squad leader needing to post an after action report and facing in-character consequences if it breaks the general orders rather than requiring admin adjudication. (any reports would follow a template and not be too time consuming as this is a game after all, but the reports would add to the game lore, and be a means to decide promotions etc) The main aim of the server would be to allow easy team play, with the senior ranked player in a faction on at any given time being able to form squads, issue orders for groups to patrol areas, or go on supply runs, or scout out enemy patrols and engage them in skirmishes. Each faction would have their own locked team-speak channels to issue out orders, with all faction members being required to be in teamspeak (but not in the same channel as that'd get loud). New players to a faction would be able to log-on and request orders and join up with a group, without having to already know people to play with. For independent players, they would be able to play on a server with an established lore, and be anything from an independent bounty hunter, to a hermit that lives off the land avoiding the opposing militias. I've played on servers across the world without having any real issues with ping, so I would be looking for this server to be international, ideally with players across North America and Europe so it stays populated throughout the night as well as daytime. Consistent rule breakers would be removed from the server, so I would need active admins (I already have a few people for this, but more would likely be needed as the server grew) Right now I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in playing on a server like this, so please PM me, or post your thoughts on this thread. As I mentioned at the beginning, I already run a private hive server, so this isn't the pipe-dream of a kid (I'm in my thirties by the way). I have the means to set this up quite quickly, but this kind of thing needs a large number of people to make it work, so I'd like to build up a list of people that would want to be involved.