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  1. Infected still weak. Bug with inventory

    I'm 100% with you on this but I think the devs should first nerf the block and fix the bug where the infected freeze with their arms raised at right angles. There are too many ammo too.
  2. Start Walking

    No one will walk. People will always choose to sprint when they can. Sprint --> jog --> sprint --> jog is already the norm for 95% of players. Whatever the downsides, it is what people will do and after they will complain about how fast food and water decrease. This is why the devs should consider to remove the stamina regeneration while jogging.
  3. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Maybe but people will still use it to travel faster, I would like to see people keep it only for high stress situations.
  4. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I'm sad that stamina can still be recovered while jogging... I do not want it at all :(
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    First I have never heard of this church but I would like to visit it when it will be finished! Then It's so untrue to think people will not visit an amazing church because it took years to be finished. I even believe that would be the opposite, people will want to see the result of an almost "2 centuries to be build church". It's not like we have to wait in front of the church for this whole time. About the camera, I quote this part of the 16 january SR: I also thought it was ready for expe.
  6. 18 days later: NOTHING. Yea, you love your community... I'm sorry to be harsh but there is an issue. Don't make this type of proposal if you haven't the time or if you don't really want.
  7. I thought you had forgotten us.
  8. Will infected break doors and eat corpses? Furthermore you talk about birds, hedgehog... is it really a good idea? Should not you save server performances for a larger number of infected?
  9. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    So the character will recover his stamina while jogging :(
  10. Status Report - 12 September 2017

    I have so many hopes.
  11. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    One word: vehicles.
  12. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Zombies need a lot more work. I am also worried about stamina. I think the only way to recover his stamina should be to stand still or walk. People will sprint, run, sprint, run... everytime. It is just not realistic.
  13. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    Idc about the gamescom, make good status report please.
  14. How did this happen?

    Hordes will not be a threat if the devs don't increase the strengh of infected:
  15. Last day to post some questions :) -How do you decide what animations produce? Design team decide of all or do you have any influence? -Do you have animations that you regret not being able to make?