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  1. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    ^ One of the best post here. Philbur has a very interesting point too: when the beta and 1.0 labels will not correspond in any way to the state of dayz, it will very well correspond to the state of the engine. It really seems like the CEO doesn't care about dayz. Martin, is bohemia about to move ressources from dayz to another project with this 1.0 ?
  2. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    I admit that I use very strong words (firstly because I am angry and secondly because I'm not the best in english) but I don't think I am being manipulative. I just wish the devs understand how angry is an important part of the community and what will be the implications of their choice. It will have a major effect on the public image of the game. It will be an issue if everyone stay away from the game because of this bad press (1.0 was the best opportunity to make good press). If I am so angry it is because I care deeply about this game and I am honnestly thinking they are taking a bad decision.
  3. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    It would not be more frustrating than a 1.0 this year. We're used to wait but we are not used to be stabbed in the back (it may sound overdramatic but it is the feeling of most of your fans). So you decide to offer the worst option... It seems to me like you are just taking the best decision for you dev team and we are left behind. Added frustation for people who were already angry to you. With your decision you are getting frustration from your adherent ! Don't you get it ? Can you promise us that the ps4 version won't come out this year then (It seems like you cannot release this version if it's not 1.0) ? No it's not. You are convincing yourselves that it is but it's not. It is maybe the best thing for you but not for your game.
  4. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Ho guys, where should I start ? We knew the 1.0 was strongly planned for this year, this is nothing new, but I think we were all expecting or hoping you would break this promise. You are about to give us one the emptiest 1.0 game of this decade and it is not fine. What about the infected being a threat and breaking doors, what about deadly diseases, what about 100 players per servers ? You say nothing about these very important features. All those years of waiting, you were repeating to us and we were repeating to ourselves to be patient, that the 1.0 would worth it. There we are, the 1.0 won't be worth it in the slightest. It is a big betrayal to your last and most supportives fans. It is like what the community is thinking is completely out of the equation. Be aware that your best allies can become your worst opponents. Yeah everything planned might come later but for people carying about the reputation of your game it is a disaster. The reviews will be horrendous, videos called "worst studio and development team in the history: the case of dayz" will come out by dozens. You were supposed to give us a good 1.0 and make most of the hater regret their words. Remember no man sky ? It is nothing like what is about to happen to you. I could never wear a dayz t-shirt and be proud of it if you give us an empty content-wise 1.0. (sorry for mistakes, english is not my first language)
  5. Infected still weak. Bug with inventory

    I'm 100% with you on this but I think the devs should first nerf the block and fix the bug where the infected freeze with their arms raised at right angles. There are too many ammo too.
  6. Start Walking

    No one will walk. People will always choose to sprint when they can. Sprint --> jog --> sprint --> jog is already the norm for 95% of players. Whatever the downsides, it is what people will do and after they will complain about how fast food and water decrease. This is why the devs should consider to remove the stamina regeneration while jogging.
  7. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Maybe but people will still use it to travel faster, I would like to see people keep it only for high stress situations.
  8. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I'm sad that stamina can still be recovered while jogging... I do not want it at all :(
  9. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    First I have never heard of this church but I would like to visit it when it will be finished! Then It's so untrue to think people will not visit an amazing church because it took years to be finished. I even believe that would be the opposite, people will want to see the result of an almost "2 centuries to be build church". It's not like we have to wait in front of the church for this whole time. About the camera, I quote this part of the 16 january SR: I also thought it was ready for expe.
  10. BETA Status Report - November 28

    18 days later: NOTHING. Yea, you love your community... I'm sorry to be harsh but there is an issue. Don't make this type of proposal if you haven't the time or if you don't really want.
  11. BETA Status Report - November 28

    I thought you had forgotten us.
  12. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Will infected break doors and eat corpses? Furthermore you talk about birds, hedgehog... is it really a good idea? Should not you save server performances for a larger number of infected?
  13. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    So the character will recover his stamina while jogging :(
  14. Status Report - 12 September 2017

    I have so many hopes.
  15. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    One word: vehicles.