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  1. The reason i added the "the day dayz died" clip was to make a point against the punishment of KoS. It would mainly serve the nomadic singleplayer audience while other pvp focussed groups (aggressive solo players aswell) would not really benefit from it. My point had nothing to do with mods. And in Ruskies clip it was more about different kinds of playertypes than about having mods aswell. This is pretty much wrong. While the standalone has lots of nomadic features, the vanilla mod didn't focus on this playstyle as much. In worst case you need 15mins to get a gun with ammo, usually with a scope, when playing the mod. And you had to loot much less than you do on standalone. The gameplay had a much faster pace. Sure - it was possible to lead a nomadic playstyle, but if you were looking for a gunfight, you found it much faster than you do on SA. I don't see the visions of mod and sa align too much - the nomadic survival is way more relevant on SA!
  2. Punishing KoS? wtf? The Humanity video has some really great ideas, i like the parts about "comfort", "entertainment" and specially the part about "nutrition". Getting a bonus for eating different types of food sounds very reasonable. The usage for vitamins sounds awesome aswell. But what i totally disagree with is the punishment for KoS, negative effects of addictions... kinda the whole part about mental health. It mostly serves the group of lonewolfing survivalists. Groups on the other side, who are out for PvP, would have to waste time with rather uninteresting things instead of being able to continue to fight others. -Gews- summed it up pretty well: I recommend a look at this amazing youtube clip by Ruskie - specially the final part, starting at 23:33. One of the best clips i know about the current situation... Adding a punishment for KoS serves this "nomadic" playstyle a lot - but alienates a huge part of the people with a different playstyle. And i really think it would be healthy for the game to serve a wider audience, just like the mod did! Punishing KoS certainly won't do that!
  3. You kinda missed my whole point, i don't ask for an exact date. I am just interested in a rough expectation, in best case updated each status report. I stopped caring about what exactly happens when it was announced that experimental 2017 wasn't going to happen. I understand that fixed dates just don't work because of unpredictable issues, so i don't mind if todays expectations might be blocked by something.
  4. Not at all. These blockers can either take days or months. No way at all to guess anything from it...
  5. And i suppose no date will ever be given again :) Though it would still be nice to know what timeframe the dev team is expecting right now. Everyone knows that release dates are worth nothing when it comes to the standalone, and i don't ask for a fixed date. But i'd be still very happy if we could get at least a rough estimation from todays point of view (with a big disclamer that this is NOT a set date and it could be months away from the actual release). Even if this estimation won't get close to reality, i'd rather hear something like: "right now it looks like experimental will be ready may/june 2018, but don't count on it, might even take a few more years" than "it is ready when its done". I just guess it won't happen because they don't wanna disappoint the remaining people, but personally i will always prefer transparency over playing it safe... DayZ is still my favourite game, and i am sure i will keep playing DayZ for years - but not getting any ETA is just frustrating. Way more frustrating than having a rough date that won't work out in the end...
  6. Yea... i kinda feel the same way about this. I loved the DayZ Mod so much, i played over 1000 hours of Standalone... but this Status Report has finally done it - i don't really care any more either. Just a reminder: v0.59.130861 (10 Dec 2015) v0.60.133516 (15 Jun 2016) v0.61.136770 (19 Dec 2016) v0.62.139835 (07 Jun 2017) *yes, the forest looks much better now, but except some map changes nothing really happened here So in two whole years we got 3 major updates? Yes i read every single Status Report and yes i do understand the reasoning behind this development "process". But still... all i feel is disappointment and frustration. And honestly, by now i have grown to hate reading those Status Reports. "Soon you will be able to play the game we always intended to make", "Once Beta is out, content will be added so much faster", "Look at this juicy SR - so many new informations", "This SR is a big one, sit back and enjoy the read", "Helicopters, Bicycles, Vehicles, Basebuilding, Electricity, Barricading, new Weapons..." when all i kinda cared about was a rough release date for the next update or at least any good news. The reality is: 2,338.7 Average Players in November 2017 with a Peak Playercount of 4,822 (steamcharts.com) - that reflects just what happened with all the people i played with. My real life friends stopped playing DayZ long ago, whats left are 1-2 mates who occasionally care to play a little bit... almost everyone i know has moved on, and i guess so should i. its just so disappointing...
  7. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    so i voiced my opinon, that everyone has the right to play this game in whatever way he likes to, and people - calling themself 'locals' - feel pissed because its not the way they like people to behave? ahahahaha :D a) what makes you think that your idea - of a forced upon 'friendly' (or whatever) playstyle - is any more eligible than anyone elses ? b) are you trying to make me the evil scapegoat for a playstyle, disapproved by you - without any evidence that i play this way - just because i openly tolerate every possible way of playing? (and before you cherrypick this line - i obviously exclude bugusing, cheating and similar actions from this) c) do you think the number of forum posts stands in any relation to playtime or participated experimental versions? is this an attempt to compare your virtual dick size (call it playtime, experience, whatever) ? even if you participated in more experimental builds, what difference would it make? d) what again makes someone looting a corpse a cannibal? ;D sure you know what this word means? ------------------- to sum it up: everyone is free to play DayZ the way they want. there are private servers with different rule sets if you insist on a certain way of playing. after more than 6 month without any content update, i can understand everyone who wants to try this experimental build for whatever reasons they might have. even if its just for pvp in a new environment. further: i never said that i would kill every fresh spawn or other players on sight without any reason - i just don't see a problem if people do! if you got a problem with this, i really don't give a flying shit because whatever you demand changes nothing anyway ;D
  8. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    are computer games real life for you? like your example of killing fresh spawns is comparable to raping children earlier? also - i never even said that i do kill everyone on sight myself, i said i got no problem with it. i generally don't condemn any playstyle - you're the ones having problems with different minded people.
  9. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    killing freshspawns or people on sight, whatever. the point is - i feel like everyone should play the way he wants, the way it is the most fun for them - and you wanna force a certain playstyle on people
  10. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    your point: KoS = childish my point: everyone should play the way they want if you got your idea about how dayz is meant to be played, fine, do whatever you want. just accept others to do it their way aswell - even if it means killing on sight. since there is no 'right' way to play this game, than the way that is most fun for yourself, i kinda won this argument a long time ago anyway ;)
  11. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    dude, we disagree on killing on sight and you just keep on acting butthurt about it xD that is all there is to it. and it's starting to get boring. same goes for IMT. both of you think you're 'better' at a game because you think your point of view is 'better' than ours, though there is no way you can possibly know. and once more: dogs that bark don't bite ;)
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    lol, just as salty as cute <3
  13. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    and you think you can 'encourage' people by insulting em? xD on the one hand you say you accept any playstyle and on the other one you insult everyone not thinking like you?
  14. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Just read JBURNS post. And i could not care less about whatyou and your rp crowd thinks about this...
  15. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    JBURNS489 - exactly ;)