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  1. Opinions on culldistances

    Dude, c'mon... are you seriously suggesting that a 10 story building, with different interior in each apartment, furniture, some windows blown out / some half shot out / some whole, unique wholes in walls leading into other apartments, wholes in ceilings floors of some apartments with make-shift ladders providing access to a different floor without having to use the staircase, elevator stuck on one floor but you can access the service ladder in the elevator shaft, but maybe not reach all floors from that one ladder, and whatever else you could imagine would not provide more opportunities to hide, store loot or whatnot than one of these: Imagine those two buildings being completely unique, with only the general architecture in common. Shelling, weather, wear and tear, and people have opened up several entry points, and once you are inside there are 2-4 ways of accessing every individual floor, with each floor different from the other. The possibility to board up or block certain access points, forcing potential enemies into choke points unless they either blow up your blockade or waste a crowbar on it, making lots of noise giving away your position and activity. On level 8 you stumble across an apartment. It has obviously been a hold up for a larger group at some points. Most windows are covered up, and the ones that are not are enforced to provide cover for look-outs. In the living room there is a big whole in the wall, probably caused by shelling. There is a dodgy suspension bridge built between the two buildings, leading in to a room with a sturdy fire door, that can only be opened from the inside. An escape route! Use your imagination, mate. These two buildings could be super interesting, terrifying, important, just awesome. Now they are two generic buildings, that both look exactly the same, you can not differentiate one floor from the other, and there is nothing inside any rooms to obscure the vision for a potential sniper searching the building from a tree line a couple of hundred meters away. Gaaaah, the lack of imagination and creative thinking is so god damn frustrating sometimes.
  2. Opinions on culldistances

    If you take an area of 100 m², and add another 99 areas of the same size, the total area would be 1 km². Trust me. I am not very pedagogical, but the math is correct, haha. Edit; And yes, that is what I am saying. But I understand that it is not something that will ever happen with DayZ. For some reason I am thinking about the final mission in either Mafia or Mafia II when you make your way from building to building using scaffolding, planks, roof tops etc. Not like in Assassin's Creed, but the level design would make these places accessible. A 1 km² sandbox map, with detailed and very accessible buildings, alleyways, yards, cellars, attics, rooftops, tunnel systems, dense patches of forest and so on, and maybe the possibility to strategically block or alter these access points, would be an epic setting for a sandbox survival game. The sense of scale would be defined by the map's detail and accessibility, not by "horizontal size". A 1 km² map with most of this area covered in multi-story buildings, subterranean levels, that all intertwine and is highly accessible through clever level design (not by some lazy climb mechanic that was dated 5 years ago), would be a lot "bigger" than 1 km² in DayZ.
  3. Opinions on culldistances

    Just to clear this up. I did mean 100 x 100 m², which is exactly one 1 km². E.g. in Stockholm, which is one of the less dense major capital cities in the world, the population density is some 5000 people per 1 km² (this is on average, not in the inner city). So my "idea" was a highly detailed map of 1 km² (220 times smaller than Chernarus in DayZ), 80 players, never able to see more than 300 m. This is Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The red quadrant is 1 km². Throw 300 players in there, with somewhat realistic accessibility to buildings, allies, cellars, attics, construction sites and so on, and you would have a harder time finding anyone than you currently have in DayZ. I am not saying Södermalm in Stockholm would be a good setting for a game. My point is that 1 km² of "realistic" environment could be a much grander setting than a 220 km² dead wasteland, if done right. Naples, Italy: Just do this to your own home town and realize how enormous 1 km² of a highly detailed, and brilliantly put together, map would be for 80+ players to muck around in. Hell, make it 2 km² if 1 km² is not enough. Still 110 times smaller than Chernarus. Get my drift? Still off-topic, I know.
  4. Opinions on culldistances

    Kind of off-topic: I have been thinking about this stuff a bit. However, I am by no means a game developer, nor do I have sufficient knowledge about anything really to back up a suggestion. Also, this loosely thought out "idea" of mine is not applicable on DayZ anyways, so yeah. I am thinking about level design. How a map, regardless of its scenery, never allows you to see further than e.g. 300 meters. Dense tree-lines, cliff faces, city skylines etc always obscures your vision at a maximum of 300 meters. Carefully thought out level design, that does not feel unnatural in any way, but just extremely well put together. So view distance would never be more than 300 meters. Wouldn't a new powerful game engine (and cpu) be able to deal with a ton of detail, foliage and environmental effects that did not have to de-render, other than beyond the player's line of sight? Ok, long distance sniping would be out of the picture, but I would prefer to not have to think about a game's graphical limitations when hiding in what I intuitively consider to be "cover". I kind of find the vast wastelands of sandbox games, that does not feel alive due to lack of detail and repetativeness in the environment, to be a bit of a downer. To give a player a real sense of scale could be done by making 100 m² of a map highly detailed and interesting, and then add another 99 of equally interesting areas (to make a 1 km² map, if my math is not failing me) to create a far more interesting world than a, 10 times that size, "dead" wasteland. Add foliage that does not de-render, and hiding in a 1 km² world with 80 players would not be more difficult than in Chernarus. A lot of different buildings with different interior, southern European type cities with narrow cobblestone streets and labyrinth-like "paths" between buildings made out of planks and scaffolding, unique ruins and ancient tunnel systems, dense forests with small creeks and oasis like glades, rock faces with caves / cave systems... your mom's bedroom... you know, whateva' Not shitting on DayZ or anything, just thinking out loud.
  5. Late night Kamyshovo massacre

  6. Hardcore in DayZ

    I just checked out the status report. They are once again addressing it. Ignore me and my rants, I am a psycho.. Peace and love, or whatnot
  7. Hardcore in DayZ

    Queue the music Squeezorz! ...and people complain about gun smoke being too thick.. thinking a stamina system will drive people away.. "come on you boring hardcore advocates, it's a game, it's supposed to be fun", "I think the running speed is fine", "3rd person emulates peripheral view and situational awareness". Do you you want to know why the the game has mediocre reviews, why the player base is shrinking by the hour, why so many people outside the die hard DayZ fan club couldn't give less of a shit about .63, or has even heard about this upcoming patch? You have the answer above. The next patch can change 95% of the game down to it's absolute core, but if the new stamina system and added inertia does not eradicate the ability to do this Benny Hill bullshit, the game will die. This right here is what is driving people away. Please BI, recognize this major, crucial, fucking pivotal issue and slow things down. If this is not gone in .63, no player controller, breathing- or injured animation will change the game enough in the positive direction that is needed. If you can still erratically sprint like this, even if limited to 20-30 sec, when .63 is released (the short clip I have seen showing the new inertia has not fully convinced me), many potential and valuable long term players will lose faith, and might never regain it. I know I probably sound like an evangelical pastor, stating or preaching imaginary facts, but I wholeheartedly believe this. How, in the biggest of the worlds entire arsenal of fucks, this is not considered a fact and how the community has not been violently screaming for this to change for the last couple of years is stranger to me than Scientology, or pineapple on pizza. Also... DEATH TO 3PP!!!
  8. Always a persistent physical character

    Would they tho? Tents do not always get raided, if you place them in a clever enough location. Tents are much harder to hide than a character. The chance that another player stops to take a closer look at the very bush you are hiding in should be fairly small, or? Is there really such a huge amount of players on each individual server that the game world would be cluttered with idling players, or that you'd find a player everytime you chop down a bush for sticks? It sounds highly improbable to me. It would at least solve problems like combat logging and spawning in behind characters, which is not very authentic or fun. Perhaps, if you do not spend that extra minute to make your way to a nearby patch of forest to hide, it's your loss?
  9. Not sure if I have seen this one discussed in a while. Why not always leave the DayZ character, in the very state your character is in at the very moment you disconnect, left on the server in a "sleep state". Fully interactive, incapable to defend her/himself from being stolen from, or even killed. Not needing to drink or worry about being affected by outer factors like rain or the infected, but persistent on the server you last logged off from, like a vest or a back-pack with the properties of your DayZ survivor. If you choose to switch server, your character will despawn from the last played server, only when you physically log on to a new server. In short, your current character never leaves the DayZ universe. Thoughts? I would like to at least have tried it out for a month. Who knows, maybe there is enough room for all our profiles to simply hide somewhere in a wide amount of servers. Private hives would still be an awesome thing, I think! Maybe 200-300 players plays regularly on a very popular private hive server. If you have the right gear on, you can blend into any color bush or be fairly camouflaged under a low hanging pine branch. How often do you keep perfect track of the symmetry in all of the hundreds of pine trees you pass during your travels? Do not necessarily appreciate private hives? Chernarus is a pretty big place, there will be a fair amount of less played servers around if you want to rest easy. However, becoming a complete ghost at any point in time, is it needed? (These numbers are nothing but an unqualified guess from my part. I have no insight whatsoever in to how many servers are up and running, nor how many players are actively playing at a certain time. All I know is I see a lot of names I recognize when I play on my favorite servers, regardless of game with average server capacity 30-100 players) I have no preconceived opinions or judgement about any of this. I can just not recall having seen the discussion.
  10. The Gun Smoke is too much

    Looks pretty accurate to me... If you did unload a full 30 round mag of any caliber indoors, in a 25 m2 room where the air stood still, you would not be able to see a god damn thing because of the gun smoke. I did a year of obligatory service when I was 19 yo, so I am not just pulling this out of my ass. The DayZ community need to make up its mind. Realistic or not. Alright, we shouldn't have to take a shit in the woods every now and then, and press keys in a particular order to grab a handful of leaves and wipe ourselves, but common... as soon as something is implemented that makes the "casual pvp fun" a little more difficult, a little less arcade-ish, there are complaints. If it's a windy day/night in Chernarus and the gun smoke reacts accordingly and blows out of your line of sight so you can see clear as crystal.. fine. If it's a calm day/night, no wind, and you can not see as clearly what you are aiming at after your first shot.. fine. God damn it, complaining about everything that makes an experience better in the long run, as so many forum lurkers are doing (whatever game, or franchise) just slows down the progression of this wonderful world. Do you want games to evolve? Then tell your ego to go stand in the corner, and man the fuck up. Edit; It is not all about you, dude. There is someone at the other end of that barrel as well. Try to think about the flip side of the coin for once, please. Sorry OP for the harsh tone, my rant is not only directed towards you.
  11. No Combatlog and no behind spawn idear

    I think this idea, even tho I am not 100% sure I understood it correctly, could work with the addition of the factor "where you decide to log out, and in what manner". If you crawl inside a tent and log out, you spawn at the tent location. If you crawl into a sleeping bag(which I am sure will be implemented one way or another), you will spawn in snug in your sleeping bag at the same location. If you log out inside a house, your character would be on the floor sleeping for the time you go to work, scratch your nuts, and spend much needed quality time with the mrs. Logging out in a bush somewhere, because your well-geared character have made you paranoid, could result in you spawning in at a close by, predetermined spawn point. As for combat-logging. Shots fired within 300-500 m, logging out within 3 minutes will leave your character a physical entity on the server... or something. However, I do think most of these ideas are nothing but wishful thinking as the amount of trigger zones or whatever the devs would use to implement such restrictions in this sand-box world, would be a whole new game development in itself, and we would have to wait until 2045 for 1.0 release.
  12. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    It is quite astonishing how all the DayZ "only want easy access to pvp" fans have missed BI's other and somewhat well known title Arma 3, that is constantly evolving with new maps, DLC's and game modes (and the game is primarily focused on straight up pvp action). Arma 3 is not only a far superior pvp-game, with a gazillion different stances, paces, weapons, vehicles (that work!!), ammunition types (all with different characteristics). It also contains various modding tools with which you can literally build a whole new game, if you wanted to. And all of this is already implemented!! Imagine that. Maybe the player controller in Arma 3 is too complicated for the DayZ pvp-fans... well, CS:GO, if they haven't heard of that game, is another fairly big and well known title. Maybe we can enlighten them of that?
  13. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Awesome dude! Now, dig extra garden plots so they form a perfectly symmetrical pentagram. Stack up with food and water (IRL), and wait for an animal or player to walk into the dead center of the pentragram. Kill said animal or player, skin and quarter, and humbly greet the unholy reincarnation of Lucifer.
  14. Hardcore in DayZ

    First person perspective is not hardcore one bit. It is viewing a virtual world from a intuitive and natural perspective. He shouldn't be thinking about it. This should not even have to be up for discussion. 1pp is the only way a game like this should be played. If I see one more Crash Bandicoot video, of some guy tagging his video with "epic squad wipe shoot-out" and then he runs around like a full on tweeking crackhead, dodging zombies (oh god, the Benny Hill music is starting to play in my head) looking around corners and over obstacles while erratically Matrix-dodging sniper fire... that shit will burn in to my retina, and I will always hear the Benny Hill music when I boot up and see the DayZ logo. So I am trying to avoid all other contact with the game other than playing it myself, following development and lurking the forums. I know, I know, they are implementing a stamina system and addressing the erratic movement. Even if Hicks comes to the only reasonable conclusion there is to come to, 3pp will always be there somewhere, like a terminal illness, slowly sucking the life and fun out of everything that once was sacred when it came to online shooters. Even if DayZ is supposed to be much more than a shooter, with 3pp in place it will eventually deteriorate and be watered down to a modded, and poorly optimized GTA in a rural Russian environment. I am probably just a bitter old nerd who reminisce too much over a time when gamers were looking for a challange, and loved gritty, heart wrenching experiences. If anyone who has spent the last couple of years playing 3pp Dayz, or any other supposedly unforgiving games that is actually no more difficult then Doom 2 in normal mode, tried to get through the first world of Super Mario 3, they would cry and rage-quit 3 minutes in... then proceed to ask the developers to make the fall pits narrower, and give Mario a permanent tail. Death to 3pp... shame, shame, shame
  15. A couple of item suggestions

    I just felt like suggesting a few things I think is a necessity, and some stuff I think would be cool (maybe not practical). Probably been suggested before. - Knife holster. Only hunting- and combat knifes will fit in this holster that could clip in to your belt and save you inventory space. This must have been suggested before, right? - Ignition steel. Either a complete set with the metal scraping tool, or just the ignition steel that you need to attach to a knife while holding it, and then the combined items will work as a matchbox. - Pine branch. Cut from pines. Combine with logs and sticks to craft improvised bushcraft shelters. Similar properties as tent, with less slots, and continuous maintenance needed. - Tarp. Combine with rope and stick(s) to set up a temporary tarp shelter, under which you can light a small fire and keep dry in case of rain. You can keep the crafted tarp shelter as an item, that could take up four slots, if you do not wish to get new sticks every time you wish to pitch the shelter. - Sleeping bag. Can be placed indoors, inside tents or bushcraft shelters, and under tarp shelters. If you are freezing your nuts off, but you are at least dry and not suffering from hypothermia, you can find shelter, crawl into the sleeping bag, and even log out if you want to. 30 minutes - 60 minutes later, logged out or not, your character will no longer be freezing. You will remain a physical and interactive entity on the server, snug in your sleeping bag, if you decide to log out. - Sleeping mat. This should be needed to place a sleeping bag under a tarp shelter, or straight on the ground, to balance the pros of being able to pitch a tarp shelter in a hidden location and stay somewhat warm. - Shard of glass. How to find: Search windows with large visible shards of glass still in them. Combine with rag to craft improvised knife. It would be pretty cool if the new engine would allows for more complex crafting as well. Imagine being able to dismantle ammunition and extract the bullet, casing and gun powder. Use an empty shotgun shell, fill it up with gunpowder from a fist full of ammunition, for an example let's say 10 of the 9 mm, or 30 of the .22. Combine the gunpowder filled shotgun shell with duct tape, the bullets and led shots from the shotgun shell, maybe some crushed glass shards, and add a fuse which you crafted by combining matches with string. Voila, we have an improvised frag grenade! That's what I have for now...