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  1. What an unprecedented and absolute barrage of ingenious suggestions! However, I see a small obstacle to overcome in order to realize this marvelous vision. The devs would have to build, re-build, deconstruct, re-build again, dismantle, re-invent, build, re-build, and finally revolutionize the game engine, and call it The Cold Fusion Enfusion Engine 180.439, Direct X 43 compatible, before this could be implemented properly... and cars would still be deadlier than anything else found in Chernarus. I for one, am willing to wait. Who is with me!?
  2. Vattenlarv

    Reviews starting to come out

    Hello my favorite community! Good to see you all disagreeing on nothing and everything! Reviews aside, I think we can all agree that this DayZ is nothing like what we expected it to be some 5 years ago or so? Well, a few (or maybe even many) have had their suspicions something like this would be the finished product, but none of us could possibly have hoped for this DayZ on release? I have played a couple of games and it has not been particularly exciting. Not because I have over-played the game during development. I have around 250 hours in game, but I doubt I'll get to 300 hours before I feel the free space on my SSD is more valuable. To me this is just another lesson learned regarding "early access" games. It's pretty obvious, by the amount of hyped up alpha / beta releases that promises a lot and never delivers, neither the content that is "promised" or within the estimated time frame, that the whole "early access" part of the gaming industry is nothing but a clever and lucrative marketing strategy. Have people play a concept until the concept doesn't appeal anymore, and the player base is so small, that it doesn't make much of a difference if a inadequate mess is released or an accurate representation of the original "vision". Don't hate the player, hate the game... or something like that. It might seem like I am super disappointed and trying to take a dump on BI. Arma 3 is still the best game ever, in my opinion, and I believe (hope) BI will deliver other excellent titles in the future.
  3. I am not much of a melee combat game player. I have only played a few, and one in particular more than the others. The reason as to why this one game is always installed in my Steam library, and I regularly boot it up for a quick session of intense action and severed limbs, is the melee combat system. You killing another player, or getting killed, always feel justified. If you get killed, your skills were outmatched by the other player breaking down your defense, and successfully defending against your offence. The way melee combat should be. The game is Chivalry Medieval Warfare. The basics of combat are clear and simple. To block an attack, you must look directly at the tip of the attacker's weapon, and time your block. And then you have a variety of attacks at your disposal. You can only block weapon attacks with other weapons or a shield, and block fists with your forearms. If melee combat in DayZ was similar to Chivalry, but simplified with less attacks and not as many special attacks for different weapons etc (as it would naturally be since Chivalry is a game focused primarily on this very system), then oooh geezus!! I would like to see it much slower than in Chivalry (Chivalry Medievel Warfare is like the Counter-Strike of melee combat) but then again; I want to see DayZ overall gameplay generally slower. Edit; Sidenote. I hope BI adds an item with which you can melee fight with little to no damage taken or given when hitting your opponent, so players can practice melee combat in game. Another edit; Maybe the broom is that item already?!
  4. This is actually pretty funny, but it also reveals certain truths. I don't know if this is satire or not, but here are my thoughts; This particular KOS-player has a point in his argument, but the rhetoric is also incredibly childish and something I'd expect from a 14 year old gamer and not a full-grown man. This character need to be told "it's only a game" a hell of a lot more than the milsim-farmville-simulator advocate who wants meaningful player interaction and more depth to the game. I think this guy pretty much sums up what most of the people who argue for a more challenging game, where KOS should not be a viable strategy for surviving / thriving within DayZ, is referring to when they claim KOS is cancer. It is not about being allowed or able to KOS. It is about how easily accessible it is, and how it is not only an effective way of staying alive (kill or be killed) but also a shortcut to survival (steal other player's acquired loot). We should not have to list ways of how the game could be made more challenging in such a way, or why shooting someone on sight in e.g. an infected-infested area of Chernarus would and should be severely tactically disadvantageous. This has been explored in great depth already. Those who still do not understand this "thesis" ... well... I guess all hope is lost. In my opinion, this should be blatantly obvious to anyone with a creative and imaginative brain.
  5. If type of footwear in combination with the surface of the terrain the player is moving through would determine the pace, stamina drain, and wear and tear of equipped footwear, I believe we would see monumental changes. Imagine if a pair of running shoes would buff both speed and stamina when you are traveling on tarmac or in urban environments, but they wear easily on gravel roads and "off-road". Working boots wear much slower and there are no penalties in any terrain, but there is a speed and stamina nerf. Hiking shoes could be similar to working boots; durable but less of a speed and stamina nerf. Combat / jungle boots, speed and stamina buff "off-road", wears faster than working- and hiking shoes... and so on. Now imagine dynamic sounds in accordance with equipped foot wear. Jungle boots the quietest in woods, sneakers the quietest in urban environments, etc. This would add 5 extra levels of tactics to anything you do in game. I understand this will not happen. Just wishful thinking.
  6. @pilgrim* If you can't deal with people responding accordingly to your passive aggressive and somewhat elitist manner, where you start your "arguments" by trying to belittle the person you are about to address, then yes, you should see yourself out.
  7. I'll say it again; "There is only one way to combat KOS without compromising player's freedom. Slow down gameplay and make it as realistic as technologically possible. Hardcore on steroids. Remove 3pp. Much more dangerous infected. Anything that makes the game more difficult and unforgiving. NOTHING else will make a difference regarding the KOS issue (if it is an issue)... nothing." Maybe it should be players' freedom? This English thing is too damn complicated for its own good sometimes.
  8. @pilgrim* I still don't get your point. Why did you quote a small portion of what I actually wrote in that post and base your entire philosophical thought process (or whatever it is) on that? Is that showing respect? Mate, you a strange character. There is no need to get all artsy and go full Platon in a game forum. Games and particularly gamers do not need any more ambiguity or vagueness. An early access game should be developed as initially marketed. "DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which you follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. There are no superficial tips, waypoints, built in tutorials or help given to players. Every decision matters, there are no save games, no extra lives, every mistake can be lethal. If you fail, you lose everything and you need to play again from the beginning with nothing but your wits, and your two hands. Fight the hostile environment, where every other player can be friend or foe and nothing can be taken for granted. This is DayZ, this is your story" gritty, authentic - No. harsh post-apocalyptic landscape - Post-apocalyptic landscape, alright. Harsh? No. Every decision matters - Zombies are still nothing but a nuisance, and apparently you can still A-D twitch your way out of most dangers. no extra lives - Huh? If you fail, you lose everything and you need to play again from the beginning with nothing but your wits - Uh... base building? Tents? Barrels? How long does it take a seasoned player to respawn and get to the most north western parts of the map? If all of these statements were actually true, the KOS frequency would be considerably lower. You see Pilgrim*, there is no need for a whole lot of mumbo jumbo or pseudo-intellectual word pooing when trying to convey a thought, or make a point. One coherent word after another is good enough. Respectful enough for you?
  9. @pilgrim* I am not sure I follow your little composition there. I don't understand what the point / argument is, or if it was a response to me or someone else. Of course it is everyone else's fault. If you have your game session ruined by "that player" it is his fault. That player's right to ruin your game is a different topic, and as it stands now that player is not prohibited in any way from ruining your game session. Just as you are equally entitled to ruin his game session. KOS is as of now a very renowned part of DayZ, no? Some hate it, some accept it, some do it. Who's right? Is there a right or wrong here, Pilgrim*? Isn't it fairly established at this point that you can do whatever you want in DayZ, unless you hack the game, and you will not be punished for it, as it is a sandbox game? I think the game itself, and its implemented features, is the issue. It has been discussed and suggested by me and many others that a "higher difficulty", a more hardcore game, slower game play, etc, will limit the amount of KOS we see now, as it would simply not be an effective survival strategy. I don't think that any game with a lot of potential is ruined by that small percentage of the playerbase that is out for nothing but blood, and to annoy and troll everyone around them. However, my opinion is that these people are not worthy the air they breath in real life, as their genuinely shitty personalities and moral values are clearly shown by their avatar's behavior. Are we not allowed to call out certain people's personally traits for what they are? Is that offensive in any way? Anyone feeling particularly offended here in the good ol' DayZ forum? Edit; I just want to add that I was referring to the other examples in my previous post, not KOS in DayZ, when I was talking about questionable personalities.
  10. I have been playing Escape From Tarkov and Squad the past 6 months. No one is cooperating in EFT. Any wiggle attempts are met with a bullet in the face. Teaming up with someone in the lobby is like testing a bear trap with your head. Shoot everything that moves, even your slav-buddies if you play as a scav. Cyka! In Squad everyone are yelling at each other, players refuse to do logi runs if asked to. Generally very few even try to understand the game or help their squad leader, squad, or team, with whatever they are doing. So the other week I booted up Arma 3, the best game ever, and hopped on a KOTH RHS server and started to level up. Arma 3, in 1pp, is still goddamn spectacular in comparison to these other titles. However, every single game you have a couple of completely erratic retards running around in base shooting their team mates in the face, shooting at and team killing returning vehicles, spamming nades, or just having their personal destruction derby with non-participating players trying to play the game. If we'd look at the general population, e.g. measuring intelligence and social competence, I am certain a somewhat terrifying percentage would be deemed a complete waste of oxygen. Do the same to the global gaming community and we'd probably have to triple that number. Being disappointed in how the DayZ player base is playing the game is pretty naive in my opinion. I have pointed it our before, and I will do so again; There is only one way to combat KOS without compromising player's freedom. Slow down gameplay and make it as realistic as technologically possible. Hardcore on steroids. Remove 3pp. Much more dangerous infected. Anything that makes the game more difficult and unforgiving. NOTHING else will make a difference regarding the KOS issue (if it is an issue)... nothing. By the way, I have seen a clip or two of 0.63 and to me it still looks like A-D spamming is a thing, and that player interaction still looks like a bunch of birds trying to impress each other. Are my eyes deceiving me?
  11. I have played Darkest Dungeon like a mad dog. Awesome game! I am a total sucker for first person experiences though, and a true belieber that we will one day have that really challenging and brutal experience, with natural and intuitive game play, possibilities, dangers, but also "natural" limitations within the game world without compromising player's free will. I am not waiting for the matrix, but I would love a game in which I would not exclaim frustration over completely unrealistic events, player behavior, etc, every time I sit down with it.
  12. I am starting to give up on gaming, again, as I did a couple a years ago when I was so sick of the mindlessness in the gaming community and how games with great potential were, and are currently, dumbing down to please a certain crowd. Eventually I gave away my rig to a person close to me, and thought I had moved on. Not more than a year later my fingers were itching and I bought myself a new rig. That is little less than a year ago, and I am starting to have those feelings again. I see supposedly hardcore shooters being "balanced" to please people whining when they die, and how they do not like this and that, and developers deviate from their vision of creating these unique experiences. Nerfs and buffs to armor and ammo, recoil, stamina, you name it. Some popular streamer whines about something, and a horde of gullible "gamers" flood forums with these complaints and whatnot, without even thinking for themselves, or about the consequences of these complaints. Developers want to please the community, so this is unfortunately a natural progression. I do believe that most people who has bought DayZ, or is going to purchase their own copy, is looking for a unique experience, and would love a true challenge. A hardcore survival shooter with depth and severe repercussions when making a mistake, or being careless. However, I also believe most of these players do not bother to join a game forum and voice their opinion. They have other things in life to be bothered and opinionated about. The evolution of video games has always been an interest of mine, even during the long periods of time when I have not been actively gaming, so I join forums and argue my points for that reason. What I think I am trying to say is; Developers should not listen to the community, because I think the actual player base is being gravely misrepresented by a few loudmouths (myself included). This whole game forum phenomenon should just go away (not the forums themselves, but developers should not receive their feedback), and developers should at most have a feedback tracker with a very limited possibility to get into arguments, and spam "I don't like this"-posts. Developers should try to finalize their vision, and put it out there. Not sure how this reflected your post... just thoughts.
  13. You pushed the same rhetoric on me some time ago, in a thread in which we discussed how certain game mechanics could change the behavior of players, without setting rules or implementing a karma system. Sometimes it seems like you do not want the game to progress. Like you think it is perfect the way it is, at all times, and players should just man up and stop being so self righteous.
  14. Holy macaroni, the forum is alive! You nailed it. However, DayZ still is an open sandbox, and players are allowed to do whatever they want. This is what I have been thinking for a long time. The game should have a more hardcore / punishing approach. The infected must be a force to be reckoned with. Blast off somewhere in or near a village / city, and you have a serious problem on your hands. This would make the "fully geared" player think twice about needlessly killing that cowboy hat wearing gardener picking apples or digging a garden plot. If you can't outrun the infected, and they are easily drawn to loud noises, you would have to take a fight with a potential horde of zeds in consideration every time you decide to go postal. The majority of retarded fist flailing fresh spawns will disappear with time, as they are probably too intellectually inapt to survive in the long term, or have the attention span of a squirrel. I do not see how anyone with that mentality would grind a game like Dayz. I am not against KOS, as the fact that there are murderous psychopaths lurking in the shadows is one very important factor when it comes to the overall tension and excitement in DayZ. If the devs could just implement game mechanics that felt intuitive and logical, but would make the homicidal maniacs out there consider their actions ( due to consequences that could jeopardize their own survival ), without making them feel as the game is prohibiting them from playing the way they want, we would have a win / win. Edit; Cheeses... I didn't realize how much of this thread I had not read when I decided to put a few words in myself. The forum is indeed alive! Awesome. The most interesting game forum out there, as it is more thought provoking than any other forum out there!
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    I miss my Dayz

    I agree. I do not compare them too much, other than the "hardcore" game play and looting aspect. However, I do think they attract the same player base, and as much as I think EFT will be played like crazy by a huge amount of players, DayZ is in a league of its own. Just like you, I hope for both these games to succeed.