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  1. I miss my Dayz

    I agree. I do not compare them too much, other than the "hardcore" game play and looting aspect. However, I do think they attract the same player base, and as much as I think EFT will be played like crazy by a huge amount of players, DayZ is in a league of its own. Just like you, I hope for both these games to succeed.
  2. I miss my Dayz

    I long for the day when DayZ offers a smooth and polished experience. There will be nothing like it, and trying to create something similar of its magnitude would be too big a feat, and risk, for any game developer. Looking at the ambient sounds video from the devs gave me the chills. The environment, sounds, and attention to details on such a large scale is unmatched. I do hope for more diversity regarding buildings and their interior, but other than that the game world of Chernarus is just short of a god damn masterpiece. After fooling around with the oh so broken Escape From Tarkov, I hope that game- and gunplay, melee combat, player controller, sounds and looting in DayZ will be on par, without all of the netcode and performance issues EFT is experiencing. The potential of EFT is great, but the potential of DayZ, as a much more complete experience, blows EFT out of the water. There really is nothing like it, and if done right all of the naysayers will come crawling back. Even if it takes another full year until release.
  3. Opinions on culldistances

    I am not sure who or what you are arguing, Pilgrim*. As I remember it, millions of trees was mentioned in a status report, and I found some info after a quick Google search that the Arma 3 Chernarus port had close to 700,000 thousand trees. Arma 3 Tanoa some 500,000 trees. A shitload of thousands of loot spawn points was also mentioned in a status report at one point. Also, I formulated that statement as a question and not as facts. What is so unlikely about a million trees in Chernarus, and what is with the shitty bully-attitude? The whole point was to make it a highly detailed environment, but the level design would prevent you from ever having a clear line of sight of more than 300 meters. If you do not care to read what is written, then please do not get all "... dude ... duh..."-ish, and throw a lot of information around that no one has mentioned or asked for. It's lazy, and rude more than anything else. See... see what you make me do, you bastards. Pissing me off again. I am not in any way "hurt" or "offended" like Mantasisg insinuated. Supposedly grown ass people arguing with a 10-year old's rhetoric just pisses me off.
  4. Opinions on culldistances

    What up dude!? Yeah, back in the DayZ forums, rocking out! I know, the idea is not really suited for DayZ, and a decision to reverse all the work and shrink the map down to 1-2 km² would literally cause all the DayZ-fans' brains to explode and poor BI would have to go into exile, deep in the amazon jungle to evade the wrath of all the DayZ-survivors. I do think that a landmark of a unique set of buildings, with greater detail, a lot of access points and so on (as mentioned earlier in the thread), would be a pretty cool point of interest in Chernarus. Maybe a place like that would serve as a point of interest for many different reasons. Players who do look for interactions, of all sorts, would definitely find it there. Keep the details to an acceptable minimum to be merciful to Mantasisg's precious computing power. I am still not a dev, but a couple of wholes in walls / ceilings / floors with ladders or rubble to help you access different floors throughout a building should not kill your FPS dead, or?
  5. I really hope that 0.63 will force players to completely rethink how they play DayZ, combat tactics, survival and movement. It would be nice if 0.63 "reset" the skill of all the 2000+ hour players who have become super experts at A-D-A-D and sprint twitching while fiddling with their inventory, to level the playing field and giving some of us (then returning players) a chance to kick ass every now and then.
  6. Opinions on culldistances

    Sorry for the harsh tone and "fight-picking" earlier, buddy. Text on the interwebs bring out the demon in me sometimes. I am a dreamer, and dreams are IMO just as important as "know how" and elbow grease. That is all!
  7. Opinions on culldistances

    Brainstorming is definitely NOT negating a thought, that already has several disclaimers on it such as "non applicable" and "nor do I have sufficient knowledge about anything really to back up a suggestion", with passive aggressive remarks like "million stories tall skyscrapers lol". If there is something I despise it is putting words in other people's mouths to prove a point. Discuss what is actually being said, or your input is pointless. My mindset is that you do not take a shit in a fan, unless you are ready to have some shit thrown back at you. But hey, to each his own.
  8. Opinions on culldistances

    Didn't the devs quite recently explain how they had individually placed millions of trees around Chernarus, how they re-worked the entire engine, how they constantly make changes to the countless (in the hundreds of thousands if I am not mistaken) loot spawns to optimize game performance, how the struggle to create the best game ever and at the same time please an impatient community fucking sucks (with other words), just BWAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! With your mindset, why even bother to post in a forum where people brainstorm and do just that, imagine what there favorite game could be like? It is not your job to make these changes. It is not you who set the limitations for what BI are capable of. You do not work there... or do you? *intensity intensifies* I have already stated a couple of times that this is somewhat off-topic, that it is non-applicable on DayZ, and that I was more or less just throwing my thoughts out there. You STILL had to take a passive aggressive dump on my thoughts with your "all-knowing understanding" of what game engines and cpu's are capable of. Dude, if you were Gabe Newell, Half-Life 2 would run on the Doom engine, and we would still have to buy physical copies of every single game we wanted to play. Just imagine that.
  9. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    Nature in DayZ does look absolutely stunning now, no doubt about that. Now, if only player controller, gun play, melee combat, survival mechanics and all that is fixed and feels naturally intuitive then OOOH JEEZUS... I kind of get a tingly Rambo: First Blood-feeling looking at that video. However, I am a little concerned. Actually, confused might be a better word to describe my thought process here. So, nature looks absolutely stunning, unique, and is by now so diverse that you will be able to use "natural" landmarks to navigate, even in the middle of nowhere. Cliff faces, ravines, dams, streams and shallow rivers, trails, unique rock formations, ruins, bridges, railroad tracks, etc. If the detail in the Chernarus nature is where the devs put a lot time and effort, that is where I would want to spend most of my time. But the devs seem to remove more and more wilderness to make room for villages and cities that IMO are kind of generic, lifeless and boring. I wonder, are they going to work as much on making the cities more diverse, replacing many of the re-used buildings with new ones? As long as the base of the old building has the same dimensions as the new one it shouldn't mess with "city planning", right? Maybe rip out a wall here and there? Collapsed buildings?
  10. Opinions on culldistances

    I do not think there is a problem, Pilgrim. I am pretty sure everybody understands, in their own way.
  11. Opinions on culldistances

    Dude, c'mon... are you seriously suggesting that a 10 story building, with different interior in each apartment, furniture, some windows blown out / some half shot out / some whole, unique wholes in walls leading into other apartments, wholes in ceilings floors of some apartments with make-shift ladders providing access to a different floor without having to use the staircase, elevator stuck on one floor but you can access the service ladder in the elevator shaft, but maybe not reach all floors from that one ladder, and whatever else you could imagine would not provide more opportunities to hide, store loot or whatnot than one of these: Imagine those two buildings being completely unique, with only the general architecture in common. Shelling, weather, wear and tear, and people have opened up several entry points, and once you are inside there are 2-4 ways of accessing every individual floor, with each floor different from the other. The possibility to board up or block certain access points, forcing potential enemies into choke points unless they either blow up your blockade or waste a crowbar on it, making lots of noise giving away your position and activity. On level 8 you stumble across an apartment. It has obviously been a hold up for a larger group at some points. Most windows are covered up, and the ones that are not are enforced to provide cover for look-outs. In the living room there is a big whole in the wall, probably caused by shelling. There is a dodgy suspension bridge built between the two buildings, leading in to a room with a sturdy fire door, that can only be opened from the inside. An escape route! Use your imagination, mate. These two buildings could be super interesting, terrifying, important, just awesome. Now they are two generic buildings, that both look exactly the same, you can not differentiate one floor from the other, and there is nothing inside any rooms to obscure the vision for a potential sniper searching the building from a tree line a couple of hundred meters away. Gaaaah, the lack of imagination and creative thinking is so god damn frustrating sometimes.
  12. Opinions on culldistances

    If you take an area of 100 m², and add another 99 areas of the same size, the total area would be 1 km². Trust me. I am not very pedagogical, but the math is correct, haha. Edit; And yes, that is what I am saying. But I understand that it is not something that will ever happen with DayZ. For some reason I am thinking about the final mission in either Mafia or Mafia II when you make your way from building to building using scaffolding, planks, roof tops etc. Not like in Assassin's Creed, but the level design would make these places accessible. A 1 km² sandbox map, with detailed and very accessible buildings, alleyways, yards, cellars, attics, rooftops, tunnel systems, dense patches of forest and so on, and maybe the possibility to strategically block or alter these access points, would be an epic setting for a sandbox survival game. The sense of scale would be defined by the map's detail and accessibility, not by "horizontal size". A 1 km² map with most of this area covered in multi-story buildings, subterranean levels, that all intertwine and is highly accessible through clever level design (not by some lazy climb mechanic that was dated 5 years ago), would be a lot "bigger" than 1 km² in DayZ.
  13. Opinions on culldistances

    Just to clear this up. I did mean 100 x 100 m², which is exactly one 1 km². E.g. in Stockholm, which is one of the less dense major capital cities in the world, the population density is some 5000 people per 1 km² (this is on average, not in the inner city). So my "idea" was a highly detailed map of 1 km² (220 times smaller than Chernarus in DayZ), 80 players, never able to see more than 300 m. This is Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The red quadrant is 1 km². Throw 300 players in there, with somewhat realistic accessibility to buildings, allies, cellars, attics, construction sites and so on, and you would have a harder time finding anyone than you currently have in DayZ. I am not saying Södermalm in Stockholm would be a good setting for a game. My point is that 1 km² of "realistic" environment could be a much grander setting than a 220 km² dead wasteland, if done right. Naples, Italy: Just do this to your own home town and realize how enormous 1 km² of a highly detailed, and brilliantly put together, map would be for 80+ players to muck around in. Hell, make it 2 km² if 1 km² is not enough. Still 110 times smaller than Chernarus. Get my drift? Still off-topic, I know.
  14. Opinions on culldistances

    Kind of off-topic: I have been thinking about this stuff a bit. However, I am by no means a game developer, nor do I have sufficient knowledge about anything really to back up a suggestion. Also, this loosely thought out "idea" of mine is not applicable on DayZ anyways, so yeah. I am thinking about level design. How a map, regardless of its scenery, never allows you to see further than e.g. 300 meters. Dense tree-lines, cliff faces, city skylines etc always obscures your vision at a maximum of 300 meters. Carefully thought out level design, that does not feel unnatural in any way, but just extremely well put together. So view distance would never be more than 300 meters. Wouldn't a new powerful game engine (and cpu) be able to deal with a ton of detail, foliage and environmental effects that did not have to de-render, other than beyond the player's line of sight? Ok, long distance sniping would be out of the picture, but I would prefer to not have to think about a game's graphical limitations when hiding in what I intuitively consider to be "cover". I kind of find the vast wastelands of sandbox games, that does not feel alive due to lack of detail and repetativeness in the environment, to be a bit of a downer. To give a player a real sense of scale could be done by making 100 m² of a map highly detailed and interesting, and then add another 99 of equally interesting areas (to make a 1 km² map, if my math is not failing me) to create a far more interesting world than a, 10 times that size, "dead" wasteland. Add foliage that does not de-render, and hiding in a 1 km² world with 80 players would not be more difficult than in Chernarus. A lot of different buildings with different interior, southern European type cities with narrow cobblestone streets and labyrinth-like "paths" between buildings made out of planks and scaffolding, unique ruins and ancient tunnel systems, dense forests with small creeks and oasis like glades, rock faces with caves / cave systems... your mom's bedroom... you know, whateva' Not shitting on DayZ or anything, just thinking out loud.
  15. Late night Kamyshovo massacre