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  1. Perhaps, it happened to me one or two builds ago a little north of the Berezino spawn along the coast and on a separate occasion once in the fields just south of Svetlojarsk, in both cases it worked. YMMV tho.
  2. What seems to work for me when I get <1 FPS - press "Esc" twice, and you're good to go again.
  3. "also side note everytime the game starts i get "Enfusion game engine - I am still alive" not sure if that is anything" You get that after you have Alt Tabbed out of the Dayz loading screen. Wonder what happens when you let the game load without alt tabbing, perhaps the resolution won't be off as you seem to experience now.
  4. I had similar BE notifications in the past, the game wouldn't even load. Restarting the computer helped - no BE notifications and the game would load just fine.
  5. Perhaps in Nvidia control panel: - Configure surround, Physx: uncheck Span displays with Surround - Adjust Desktop size and position, try what is on the size tab, on the other tab (scaling) try all settings: Aspect ratio / Full screen / No scaling hth
  6. Not sure, but it definitely needs more govfefe
  7. re: I have heard a bit of wind noise that sounded man-made. Now when I am out in the woods and hear the wind I can't help but think that the dreaded Namalsk bloodsucker (actually from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) will appear out of nowhere. Not my video (listen to the wind, very similar) but instant goosebumps when I heard the wind in 0.62: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/112900-video-namalsk-bloodsucker-fright/
  8. Win7 Home Premium x64 GTX 780TI i7-6700K @ 4Ghz 16GB DDR4-3200 2560x1440 144 Hz G-Sync SSD: 64GB, 128GB NVMe: 500GB Settings: Quality, all Very High Textures: Auto, Very High, Very High Rendering: Low, All trees + Grass, SMAA low, Very low, Very low, Enabled, just a little Bloom and Rotation blur I get 30-80 FPS in cities, 25-40 FPS Woods (Binoculars), 60-85 FPS Woods / Grass land and indoors up to 130 FPS.
  9. Hi All, I am new to the forums, not new to the game, been playing since the early Dayz mod and jumped on Dayz SA when it first came out. Now with EXP 0.61 test I chime in to mention some things I have not yet seen on the forums since 0.61 test release. Thrown items disappear under the ground, it happens on dirt roads, asphalt and in fields. Items thrown are wheels, bark and sticks. I had an encounter with the infected - it seemed unaware of me until I punched it, i was able to punch it without being hit myself but was unable to knock it out, prolly hit it like 20 - 25 times. Eventually after not landing a blow it hit me several times, blood loss was minimal. Positional audio seems to work great, My character was behind a stone wall, I could hear another player moving from left to right inside a building, his foot steps became progressively louder as he moved towards my direction and faded as he was moving away from me. Ingame communication didn't work for me. Vaulting seemed more fluid as did moving in general.