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  1. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Saying hello as its been a long, long time since I've posted. I am really enjoying Exp. Hope to see more content soon to keep testing with. As always, please use my TS for all your EXP. needs!
  2. Stable Update 0.61.138792

    Been able to enjoy DayZ again after nearly a year due to moving out into the country where my little town doesn't have any service providers for internet (yet, it's coming!) . Thanks to my unlimited data hotspot via my iPhone through Verizon wireless I have been able to play with a fairly low ping and zero connection issues. Had had my first encounter alone with a pack of wolves and have to say that really got my blood pumping. Was leaving the abandoned military base up north when I heard the wolf cries. Seriously bad ass experience!! Ive also learned the hard way not fire off a non-silenced gun when near the infected. Ended up going unconscious trying to fight back only to bleed out and die. I'm never attached to gear so it was no big deal and furthermore it gave me more of that emersed feeling that DayZ is all about. Really enjoyed being able to be on my TS again and speak to those of you who still play. Here's to more fun in the future and excited to see DayZ reach that Beta milestone.
  3. Exp Update 0.61.138602

    Hello Gang, Sorry for my lack of posting; work continues to run my life at the moment but that is changing very soon as I accepted an offer from a new company. Anyways, thanks to some of you the TS is still alive and well as so is the domain. I am so very thankful for your donations. Another quick note I am so happy to share with you all is my township has made an agreement with AT&T to begin running fiber lines everybody out here!! This was a huge surprise as they previously told us it wouldn't happen this year but thanks to some neighbors and myself, our persistent calls and petition's finally got the ball rolling. Attached is a picture of the stake outside of my property that indicates where they'll land the fiber line!!!! I can't wait to join you guys again in testing on the experimental branch!!!! Edit: photo should be showing now.
  4. Exp Update 0.61.137768

    Thanks guys. Trust me its been a struggle not having a wired internet connection at the house. We tried Satellite when we first moved in but it was worthless; they throttled the connection almost the first day we tried using it so we cancelled and got our money back. Its b/c everybody out where I live is on Satellite internet so more or less sharing the same connection. I am in contact with AT&T and TimeWarner (now Spectrum) to see what I can do to get lines out to my village/town. There are lines just about 5 miles West of us and I know its just going to take some conversations with our town mayor and the providers to see there is a benefit for them to bring the lines to our area. I'd be more than willing to gather as many folks as I can to sign up for service showing there is a demand out there. With that said, I have several of you here and via the Jungle Community that still keep in touch with me willing to donate to keep the domain and the TS alive. I am so humble to have friends around the country and the world willing to help keep the vision alive. I'd love to get the Jungle Server back up and running as I have gone though my many hours of game recordings from all the way back in the .4x and .5x build days. I also have been admiring the screenshots seeing the server at full capacity at any given time of the day. The TS server is $15.00 a month. If anybody would like to donate a $1 or whatever you can afford, PM me or email me and i'll share my PayPal details and provide each and everyone of you a copy of the receipt to show the donations are strictly going towards server fees. My co-founder of the jungle community has also graciously offered to pay for the domain hosting for another year. Thanks everyone!
  5. Exp Update 0.61.137768

    Hey gang, Well I can't believe the out pour of people that have contacted me not only here but as well via email asking if they can help maintain the TS. I feel obligated to keep it online now knowing how many of you are using it. I have a friend in the UK that is going to donate a few bucks to help pay for the service but I am still killing off the domain as I really don't need it anymore. This is still up in the air but I will certainly update everybody letting you all know if it will indeed stay online. I paid for this month's service so it will remain up until the 13th of March but the way things are looking its going to stay online for all of you to use. Happy Testing and stay alive survivors. Talk to you all soon.
  6. Exp Update 0.61.137768

    Hey gang, Since some of you use my TS to play experimental I thought I'd leave this here so y'all can spread the word. Im cancelling the TS service as well as the domain: welcometothejungledayz.com I just got word that no internet service providers are pulling lines out to our town/village just outside of Austin,TX this year and unfortunately my hotspot connection's signal strength is low. I miss playing Dayz a ton! I miss the conversations, the testing, the white knuckle moments....I could go on and on. Anyways, the TS goes offline March 13th. It's currently pointed at the domain name too so take note of the IP address as the domain goes offline before the TS server. I still keep up with the dev updates and watch YouTube clips when I can. Thank y'all for keeping the TS alive and hopefully I'll have solid internet by the time dayz is out of alpha and beta.
  7. Exp Update 0.61.136297

    Please don't feel weird about it! I am humbled you guys join it and use it. I started with a new construction company so thus why I've been absent for some time from these forums. All of my projects i'm managing right now are at night so by the time I get to the weekend I'm just ready for some R&R. I did have a chance to play .60 for a few days while I brought my rig up to my old company's office. Really enjoyed seeing high FPS and the new renderer. Enjoyed scoping out new additions to the map as well. I'll do my best to stay more active in here, and I can't wait to feast on steaks when I finally have a connection worthy at my house!
  8. Exp Update 0.61.136297

    Hey gang, its been way too long but wanted to drop in after reading up on EXP .61 talk. As for TS, I know Biohaze and others know, but particularly for EXP, please use my TS. There are channels setup for people who are truly testing or trying things out in EXP and not just for PVP / Combat reasons. ts.welcometothejungledayz.com There is hope that I'll have internet in my area sooner than later. AT&T has been out here a lot as of late surveying, and installing new underground systems. I can't get confirmation from any of the field guys of what they are doing but there is enough equipment trucks to know they're not just doing maintenance. I miss playing but constantly read up on what is going on and watch a lot of youtube videos when I can on my smartphone to keep the flame burning. Best of luck survivors.
  9. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Glock sounds real! That's fantastic! Makes me want to go shoot my real Glock(s).
  10. Best luck ever

    Boom, there you go.
  11. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I miss DayZ so much :( ...... hope all of you are doing well. I read up on these threads everyday. Keep up the good work dev's and keep up the good testing fellow survivors. Please continue to use my teamspeak especially for Experimental. For those of you who already do, spread the word, invite people to use it. ts.welcometothejungledayz.com
  12. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Been watching tons of youtube clips of the updates to the map as well as reading along in this thread. This gif below pretty much sums up my DayZ right now. Sure wish I could play but thanks to all of you for continuing to play as they provide updates. P.S. to those complaining about losing your camp(s), NEVER GET ATTACHED TO YOUR GEAR.
  13. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Just stopping in to catch up on all the posts since I can't play where I live these days. I'm on a really shoddy 4G LTE connection. We are right on the edge where it goes between 3G and 4G LTE consistently but i'm having issues just browsing and trying to watch some videos from people who are experimenting with .60. Anyways, enough about my sad internet or lack of internet...... PLEASE USE MY TEAMSPEAK for .60 gang!!!! There are some of you that already know but for those just wondering into this thread, the TS info is below. Its there for you to use and join up with friends to have fun or actually test .60 as they continue to roll out new versions of it. Really really miss the DayZ community but I will eventually have internet that is stable (probably 6 - 12 months). ts.welcometothejungledayz.com If you ever need anything regarding the TS, send me a private message on here. I get on the boards almost daily to read and catch up so i'll see your message if you send one.
  14. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Same here :( I can't play with this connection :(
  15. Status Report - 12 Apr 2016

    Thanks for keeping it alive my friend. Please encourage people to use it as I am happy to pay for it every month. I am working on securing a 4G LTE hotspot at my place but before I can do that I'll have to invest in a range extender as I fluctuate between 2 and 3 bars currently which will be spotty at best from what 2 providers have told me (Verizon & AT&T). I am also willing to leave my rig up at my office since it has a cable connection so I can schedule some game nights especially when experimental .60 finally hits. Watched the last video from the DayZ dev youtube channel and Cherno sure is looking good with the new renderer. I am excited to play on the coast again and actually have to worry about the infected as well as players. Sure do miss playing...... A LOT .... but we all make sacrifices in life and eventually I will be back in the swing of things and hope to get the Welcome to the Jungle server up and running once and for all.