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  1. message.xml

    Sorry maybe my grammar is bad, But the server does shutdown with the countdown set, but just like everyone else, only announcement seen is text in red.
  2. message.xml

    Shutdown works great, just like everyone else (text) in red, is only shown as the message.
  3. Music

  4. Music

    HAHA Funning (Funny) stuff ! :)
  5. Music

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  7. Stable Update

    We really need a stable update, Can't be any worst then what's out there now, YES.
  8. TuTone OffRoadHatchBack

    Is it just me or does everyone have this, The passenger side of the offroadhatchback is black, except for the gas lid, and right door if have attached. Just curious. I don't remember spray painting it black, maybe someone else did, I don't know. But all 4 of them I've found are like this. Let me know, thanks
  9. Experimental Update 0.63.149358

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