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  1. SICK - DayZ Standalone

    :) Funny stuff.... Hope I don't run into you anytime soon . LOL
  2. New Content "Cooking Pot"

    Yea, you got me there, Let me edit this New Content for 063, :) Try running with it in hand, punch ready, then swing, tell how that works out for you. :) ttyl.
  3. New Content "Cooking Pot"

    Boy that thing holds a lot of water, takes an hour to fill it. :)
  4. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Offline Stress Test Version as been updated, with new content, NICE ! ty Let this be known. :)
  5. Stress Test vol.34

    Lets giver a go !
  6. Good Luck, Praying for you all,. All I can ask for from all of you is to do yours best. If all else fails, Smash it with a hammer, that'll help it, for a short little bit.
  7. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    Are you kidding me, I'd own a server, if I had the server files. LOL
  8. Community Server Running 63.147489

    An Another. Whats up. Version: 63.147368
  9. Community Server Running 63.147489

    There is a Community server running 63.147489. Thought this wasn't possible yet. Server: Multiplay DayZ Community Server (LOCKED) Version: 63.147489 IP: I know the excuse, Just want to hear it.
  10. Share The 0.63 SERVER files

    I'll share you mine, If you share me yours. :)
  11. Share The 0.63 SERVER files

    For the love of ….
  12. Personal 0.63 Server Files