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  1. SasGuatch


    I've tried adding weather.SetStorm( 1, 0.1, 120); in the init.c, but still can't get storms(Thunder/Lightning) in server, any ideas?
  2. SasGuatch


    Where the heck is the Thunder N Lightning for servers? Can get in offline mode, unable to when start and run a server? This should be re-enabled.
  3. SasGuatch

    Spawn Initial

    What do you think Spawn Initial in the globals.xml is meaning of ? Thanks. Have a good dayz.
  4. SasGuatch

    Time Acceleration Load Spikes

    Experience Load spikes when time acceleration is turned on, very disturbing during game play, why is this. Known to happen not just on my local server, but friends also, with and without mods, Why? We do not use acceleration, do to the known fact that the spikes will happen.
  5. SasGuatch

    Stable Update 1.01

    My can of tuna won't open, omg. I'm starving, why you do this to me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! pulling my hair out, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ! 🙂
  6. SasGuatch

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    I can go right thru the garage doors, no wasting time opening them, cool. 🙂
  7. SasGuatch

    Adding items to item spawn

    flags deloot needs to be disabled ="0". maybe.
  8. SasGuatch

    In-game chat (Voice) to stimulate infected.

    If possible, Could Make for a good MOD !
  9. SasGuatch

    In-game chat (Voice) to stimulate infected.

    Sad ! Could of, Would of, been a blast .
  10. SasGuatch

    Can't use sit gesture

    Try tap Esc, return in game hold ( > ) then choose gesture. maybe ? Posted earlier.
  11. SasGuatch

    In-game chat (Voice) to stimulate infected.

    Huh ! Sick, twisted person u may be. Sick. what are you doing home from school.
  12. I think this would be a great addition to the game, to be able to stimulate the infected with in-game chat (voice), I be like "Hey Zombie, come here, so I can shoot you dead" !
  13. SasGuatch

    Server restart

    check here , sry here.
  14. SasGuatch


    Sorry maybe my grammar is bad, But the server does shutdown with the countdown set, but just like everyone else, only announcement seen is text in red.
  15. SasGuatch


    Shutdown works great, just like everyone else (text) in red, is only shown as the message.