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    I have led platoons in Planetside 2 since late november as a battlerank 4 to my current rank, approx. 500+ platoons in all. conquered Indar approx. 12 times, Essamir approx. 120 times, Ahmerish approx. 50 times. Only got 2 total domination but on my defense have participated as a platoon leader in 40+ alert victories. My known tactics as a platoon leader is my implementation of Primary, secondary & tertiary Objectives, Targets & Roles as to implement optimal achievement to the givin situation. I ALWAYS look & move ahead of my current location/task on the tactical map & always mark enemy targets with colored smoke and reinforcement markers. I am very vocal in command chat and determined enough to compromise some personal tactical aspirations to accomplish goals to achieve maximum experience points to the players under my command.
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  1. 76 - Possibilities list

    I just was recapping to this post and mentaly compairing it to the beta video I was watching.... The beta is looking great. and dont let these spoiled rich kids that have access to their daddies streaming software bring you down with the opinionated crap for rating sakes and there sad attempts of hiding there inward emotions of being inpatient bring you gentleman down... most of us that dont say anything at all understand what is involved- even though we dont speak and shout back we are here- dont let them pressure you and make you crack- U got something great going. do you very best and know you still have a ton of support!
  2. 76 - Possibilities list

    I still like the Idea of a mental health state of mind level... This is a real-life obstacle after all... Some people can crack under enough stress or series of stress events and unlogical paradigms Just as a reference point- EXCELENT JOB WITH THE NEW SOUND AND GRAPHICS IN THE EXPIREMENTAL BRANCH! I AM THOUROUGHLY IMPRESSED! Outstanding! AND the vehicles are working smoothly... Except that they get stuck easier now.. well the bus does. This game still kicks in Playerunknowns balls in means of charector movement and realistic limits to the human skeletal and muscle operation in physics... Only thing though,, You really need to make it where you cant turn on a dime (faster you run the wider your turn. and if you perform an immediate stop from a sprint you fall flat headfirst. and tripping on low obstacles instead of just clipping the avatar and making it come to a dead stop. These three things... Phenomenal work gentleman!!!
  3. You Have got to be kidding me!

    No kidding- I was just in the process of de-winterizing my home, and it just snowed 6" last night here in Colorado... Brrrrrr. Colorado's weather is Bi-Polar
  4. You Have got to be kidding me!

    I appologize- I love your guy's game, I just felt a little cheated and spur of the moment temp insanity of backlash channeled through me.
  5. Gentleman- I dont understand what in the world you call stable branch on these servers... I got the early access under the prerequesite that the game would be somewhat playable! This is not very funny, I dunno why you must and insist to torture your members? I can understand on the expiremental servers, but I dint buy this game to goto work after work for someone that will lock you out of servers for 8-14 hours if you belly ache about anything in any media and they see it (notice I dint say "read it") Im not even sure if posting what happened will help at all.. you people think that we are your personal slaves to test out any ol thing you can dream of as long as it does not pertain to progress. Just for Educational value I will try to spell my story out so you can read it. 1 At military base for loot. 2 find ak 74su (nice) 3. look around for a clip for it. 4 Find tons and tons of 5.45 mm rounds laying everywhere. 5. find a clip for a ak 101 or equivilant 6. continue to search till i reach the other side of base and find tons and tons of fx clips but in the last plaace i look I find an AK 101. 7 Excited that maybe I can marry the two together I go back to get the clip I found in note no. 5 8. I arrive and to my dismay but disbaalief items have respawned and changed and no clip for the rifle or any rifle save the FX pistol. 9. Irritated I get ready to leave 10. to my dismay I all of a sudden cant look left or right with mouse and can only control my left or right turn by key board strokes. 11. My sound goes click and stops working out of no where. 12 a zombie sees me and I attempt to avoid it becuase it super pissed and is hitting me 3 smacks per strike. 13. I find a ladder but finding it super hard to climb becuase the game is not aknowledging my use command while the climb icon is visible. 13. the 4th volley of triple strikes land and the zombie moves alittle and I succsefully grab onto the ladder. 14. I climb two rungs and his 5th furry of retardness hit home and Im dead. I was under the impression that the game was going to be stable to the point of not having an onslaaught of unplayability. I can understand you people working on the game and changing mechanics to trouble shoot known issues and stability coding. But is it possible to tune it down a hair becuase I did not buy this game for a programmers entertainment to show his co workers what he can do to live players in game for a happy hours drink inbetween work shifts to celebrate how hard he has worked on the game. I know my time means absolutly nothing to you as your life means absolutly nothing to me. Your work ethics are your and your employers buisness UNTILL you start thrashing my time on synchronicities. Srry if I came out alittle brash but I dont think Dean "Rocket" Hall or Brian Hicks designed this game for the programmers or employees to play god or to player hate for thier sole entertainment but for EVERYONES to enjoy an idea he had which turned out to be a terrific upheave in computer game models everywhere. I dunno if you noticed But the rating have dropped in steam. but for some reason other early releases with the same intentions if not copy cat intentions for a quick buck and leaches off of your idea- There ratings are staying stable. Can we please behave like grown adults? Thank you.
  6. 76 - Possibilities list

    I dunno about digging graves, but they should add a sanity level to the game... the more insane stuff you do (actions that are against human nature) (Example: Canabilism, Murder, Eating bad food, Standing in the rain, Running around barefoot, Not wearing cloths, Attempted suicide, Jumping from heights, Being AFK, Running around in the dark with no light) should increase this level till you start hearing things and seeing things. Taking medicine should slow down this handicap in the severly effected with no cure, but up to a certain point can be cured. Thats a good idea. Now to introduce it to the devs and see if they see it agreeable aand easy enough to add into the programming... This would be an effective solution to people that run around on night servers with there gamma turned all the up.
  7. 76 - Possibilities list

    RED - Things they still should Insert GREEN- Completed Orange- Other things to be thought about Pink- In argument/discussion/or or in conflict Thats funny, here it is april15th 2017, I come back to check on this list from along time ago and see how its doing? Also I would like to add something to the list... There needs to be an idle timer on the servers, AFK for say 20 minutes and it should kick you from the servers... not only will it clear the clutter of AFK people hogging a full pop, it will help the PVE players that have to deal with others things and end up forgeting about the process being opened in the background and dieing of starvation, I hate that... its killing me and poking at my immersion. If you don't fix it I will find a windows task killer bot that will! P.S. Good job on the game as all in all gentleman.. Its been a long time, But I also understand the fact that things dont materialize overnight! Doors making Noises or squeeking- (need a can of WD40) "I was serious about the can of wd40 though" + Walky talkies that transmit accross public and/or private servers + Or an independatly working server ourside of the game server thats launches a VOIP (voice over internet protocal) when the walky talky is turned on from any server. + Children zombies + Pet Dog/Cat zombies + Bears + Computers/laptops + Personal key locks + Solar Still + Coming to a complete stop from a sprint will cause charector to fall down on face + ReWriting the source code every few months. + ALL Items you posses when you Die. STAY on current server @ Location, unless Ruined for 2 weeks. + Gaurd Dog(s) that will send you a text message if another player is detected around its position. + Rats + Bats + Bigger map by 50% + Platues + Canyons + Gorges + Cliffs + Impossible to reach locations (by normal means) + Unseen to locate (by normal means) + any inventory stashed anywhere will stay put for 2 weeks + To access a houses "inventory" and essentaily make a base out of any house you feel fit + Eating and Walking simultaneously + Growing Colorado Pot + bird Hunting + cricket and other other outside bug noises at night time + Same weather on all servers simultaneously. + Wind + Nudging or pushing vehicle thats in nuetral drive + WInd Storms + More immersion and camping survival content. + Journals- + Diary keeping its own journals in accordance to you're actions + Finding and reading another players journal + Allowing journal entries after finding a pen + Adding small drawings or maps or areas -so to speak (player hidden item caches) + Digging Fox holes + digging a grave + Placing individual server static Grave Markers + Climbing trees + Proximity alarms (tripwire attached to Cans with rocks in them) + proximity alarms (Cans with stones hanging from a ceiling with netting) + Nooses and Hanging (public execution or a warning sign to other players) + Player made Bolts for crossbow + tieing up players/zombies/wolves to the back of a vehicle and dragging it around + the common cold (sneezing or coughing at the worst possible time) (alerting another player or zombies) + burning other players at the stake + Bon Fires + amputations + Solar Powered Cell phones (not for making phone calls but for journal entries and/or hacking an electric lock to that military stash or taking pictures for end game story) + I just wanna use this space to press the opinion I have about the end game and the stroies players make with the game- A bit enphasis on this subject plus tools to make these stories attainable would be cool. ie pics fropm cell phones or drawings, journal entries to dates of entries and (what i am poking at here) game assisted journal entries (killed what and where/when) (broke leg where and when) (got sick, Saved a life (who, where, when, how) etc... Then once you die the client side computers will generate a draft of the journal in a story form allowing the player to read the story of his life ingame as a third person. saving it and or posting it to the forums if it was incredibly exciting life that player had... This effect would definatly set DayZ aside from other video games of this nature and secure DayZ its place in the mantles of computer gamers everywhere. Hell I would just start roleplaying in game more just to have a killer story to read after I die. Im thinking this would be an outstanding DayZ feature and is worth thinking about. + tieing a zombie onto a leash or rope to make act as a sort of a gaurd + Restraining Zombies + attracting wolves with bait + Trapping a Wolf for purpose of a guard + Making Gunpowder
  8. 76 - Possibilities list

    _removed by owner_
  9. 76 - Possibilities list

    Sweet reply bobotype3334 I like the spelling mistakes you fixed also... That was a collection of things gotten by a group of people during the time i posted it... So not all of those "additional" ideas came from me... I appreciate the attentioned it has gotten from you.. I havent been on these forums for over 6 months and i am here today trying to find a post to qoute to some butthat on steam thats angry that dayz is developing other stuff and not fixing the zombies... wich is explained in the post I cant find.. (sigh) maybe place him in his place another day... then I saw this reply.. cool.. well hopefully some of them helped out of shaked someones aspirations of ingame content. . and hopefully u will find an easy and simiple solution to the wall clipping, becuase as of yet, it is the #1 thing hurting this game. (in my own opinion) In any case see ya guys later.. keep up the good work
  10. Stable Branch: 0.44 Discussion

    Sony pushing H1Z1 is a chicken S**t move on SONY's Part.. Dayz has some thing that Sony Online Entertainment will NEVER have-- these are Vision " Having an insight of the genereal "FEEL" or atsmosphere of the game setting and Immersion in story, all Sony will be able to muster is a FPS/Planetside (maybe some lightning and thunder) atmosphere becuase they are too worried about targeting all age groups, intelect levels and diversity. SOE has a PROVEN Reputation of SCREWING any game they make up to the point every single user that has or has played it wanna vommit instead of playing it again... examples: Starwars Galaxies, Everquest2 and Planetside1 and now Planetside2. They refuse to listen to there major player block and instead think of it as a money issue and target all users at the same time- Consol's and PC. And for you people that think that DAYZ made a "KILLING" on the sales of this game has not did the math of actual flat dollars of compairing H1Z1 and Dayz... SOE makes that much money Bohemia did in less then 2-3 buisness weeks on a constant bases... But they will never achieve the Complex/Simulation/Difficulty level the player undergos that dayz offers.. ever! Having a broken leg is too "Hard" for SOE players... Keep up the good work DAYZ programming team.. And dont give in to mental midget AOL using retards that cry about everything like SOE does!!
  11. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    What do you think about - Expanding map via server- (Have to be at edge of map to switch servers to adjacent map)
  12. 76 - Possibilities list

    As Far as I am concerned- If you hand 50 different people a sentance writen on a peice of paper and asked them to write on another peice of paper what they thought that sentance ment, you will get 50 completly different answers... so yes and no.. I appreciate the fact that i can count on inspiration to trigger normality and easiest short bursts of added entertainment while taking the fact that yes all these single word aspirations if you will have a corny side effect.
  13. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/172917-76-possibilities-list/ ^^^
  14. Rolling Update Rev - 0.43.116251

    Yeah, I just logged onto the forums to see how many reports of the lag issue and if/when a hot fix will be delivered.. But on the BRIGHTER side of things while we wait... I REALLY LOVE THE GAS LAMPSS!! GREAT WORK ON THEM! they are a tad bit bright maybe a little more then whats realisticaly feasable, but they are beautiful, I have been waiting for them to work since the alpha was released, GOOD JOB! Also I love the Silenced Pistol! AGAIN AWESOME JOB! You can still make ruined bullets pristine though by splitting them and cloths within cloths within cloths... (I dunno but woulnt stopping this inter stacking of items help with some of the server lag of players loading another players items when they are grossly extended?) 3 MOST important things from a players perspective now is- Light shining through the walls into adjacent room/area Zombies, Items, and players clipping through walls/textures/meshes Zombies SHOULD NOT spawn in any players SIGHT RADIUS (throws the realism right out the window) (Side note) Might consider something installed about the wind and its ballistic effects on trajectories & There is something really wrong with the ability to "sence" the incomming sound of disscharging firearms, (Doppler effect not incorperated) or something it really needs some extra attention. BUT AGIAN, Good luck with the server lag issue (crosses fingures soon will be a hot fix) and agaIn AWESOME JOB ON THE .22 WEAPONS!! ---AND--- AWESOME JOB ON THE GAS LAMPS!!
  15. Websites been updated, and a dayz page now exists for Applications, srry for the delay.