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  1. i think it would be a good idea to add a "push" action for combat , i noticed people have been complaining about spawning in and getting trapped into corners by zombies and dying . if dayz could add a push action when you spawn in you could just push the zombie away slightly . also with the block combat you could push the block pushing the player backwards . this makes complete sense to me as it would not only increase combat and stop blocking spam but also sort the bug where you spawn in on a zombie and get trapped . im not sure what the buttons would be to do this . maybe say hold shift and press back then forward quickly .
  2. ukimpact

    [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    can't craft quad or bicycle, and setting up macros is exactly what i don't want to have to do its easy . add a Autorun button not really hard . why i have to hold shift and W . My little finger has had enough no game should be painfull to play i didnt play today because i cant be bothered with the awkwardness of the controls . rather go back to exile i got arma and all the dlc . as for stamina and people that think theres still no need is just stupid and clearly just throwing ideas out that they have not even seen add a autorun or i wont play the game simple as that stupid thinking , use a macro or Pennys and quarters jammed in your keyboard rather than adding a simple option thats in most arma servers . i was stupid thinking this was a Bohemia Interactive game ,. i Also blame the players , big difference in player base where people are just Anti everything although doing the Exact same thing using a Stupid Coin jammed in there Keys
  3. ukimpact

    [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    many people use macros for autorun or even quarters/pennys to autorun by placing the coin jamming the keys i think it be much better if we add a autorun , as dayz is a very long game with long times per session to loot and run everywhere at the end of a few hours my fingers actually start to hurt holding down shift and w everywhere is it against the rules to use a macro to run via mouse programs or a external program like AHK ? i think the developers should add autorun it make for a better experience for players as most are just using pennys and quarters to run which is pretty much the same thing im betting its not just me that feels this way especially with the amount of views and comments on youtube on videos that tell you how to do it ., i have a steel series which allows me to add macro to the mouse , would i get banned by making a key on my mouse to let me Run automatically , im not sure the argument of not adding one if people are just using coins to jam the keys or other ways around it .