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  1. General Discussion

    I made my way from Berenzino to near Tisy, 1:30 walking with calm and care. The zombies are really dangerous, 2 or 3 of these pests manage to kill you easily. I avoided going through gorka and the northeast airfield all my gear are start cloths plus uk assault vest one Akm with 20 mags, and some apples.
  2. My .63 Offline Experiences

    Camo AKM :D cool :D
  3. On many servers. NWAF light towers can give good loot, many people dont search, but is a dangerous place if u get caught by orders players. In my search I found one SVD and many VSS´s look
  4. Vss fun

    With Christmas gifts, I found a lot of sp6 rounds and mags, and oh my god this weapon is really fun. I not a weapon to sniping targets, is a ambush weapon, 9x39mm hits hard one shot in center of mass, disable or kill players. But its a application specific weapon, the best scenario to use, it Tisy in night time. With this baby and full ghilie suit, one player can wipe a squad, and why not a ak101 or a m4? 9x39mm is subsonic, no crack sounds. If your squad friends, encounter other playThere is no objective that can't be taken. No flash. No sound... if your squad is ambushed by a player in tisy at night with that gun the only thing you will see will be your friends falling one by one. ps. Poor english sorry
  5. Found on Vss in NWAF, on top of lighting stands near prision, now is farm for Christmas boxes
  6. Lobaev DVL-10 saboteur, for a very rare top military grade weapon 308 winchester version , supressed range up to 600m Snipers in Tisy 0_O ojh look , they can carry backpacks
  7. Its my question, in last patch M4 is hard/dangerous to find, but I saw many players drop down yours ak74 with mags, and scopes, and supressors in tisy , to take a M4. Why ? Ak74 damage is very low ?
  8. FN Fal or Winchester

    In 0.61 i fount one Fn Fal, acog and mags, I have one winchester , what weapon is more effective in low to mid range combat scenario,
  9. Bury container using a shovel, if u want to play in a group but need to hide some gear, its my suggestion, Using a shovel a player can bury a backpack or container. Only top cover is visible to access contents.
  10. Make Steyr Aug more usefull

    Steyr Augs are modular systems ... they can use many addons acog bipode, lr scope Look for this before go to final versrion of game
  11. I don´t find the #%#$# M4, but Dayz is fun because u don`t need to be use heavy weapons to wipe a squad :D. All I need is a amphibia a lot of 22 ammo and some mags :D and a good camouflage Today I killed many players with HS in Tisy base
  12. Agree, M4 mags and ammunition is very common, but 7,62x39, 308 win, 45 acp, 22 lr are very rare. I has one container full with 30/30 mags, and other two containers full with 5.56mm ammo (but no M4 -_-)
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    No I am working to make a full gillie, running over map in little cities looking for sacks .. I have all nets :D
  14. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    U dont need to go in tisy or medium military areas .... to be op I am working to be stealth :D
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136770

    Pack of Wolves dont howling,, now they attack when you dont expect , they are silent killers for now beware survivors -_-