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  1. Still recruiting! http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/
  2. If you are looking for a group of friends to play with who know how to joke and laugh and have a good time, but who can also buckle down and play serious during a firefight, then come give us a shout. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
  3. Still recruiting! http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/
  4. We haven't stopped. We are still recruiting. Come check us out! http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/recruitment
  5. Looking for players from anywhere with any or no experience! Come join the CABAL! http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/recruitment
  6. Come check us out! http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/recruitment
  7. We arent a clan, nor a bunch of uptight tryhards. By your description you would fit in with us... http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/
  8. We often/mostly play on the Gents. Check us out... http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/
  9. Check us out. We are looking for fresh faces. http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/
  10. We are currently recruiting once again. We are looking for mature players 18+ from any nation, who are active and easy going. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! CABAL is a very small, tight-knit DayZ clan. We believe in fair play, maturity, communication and mutual respect. We operate as a well-oiled machine using teamwork and squad-based tactics. We are neither heroes nor villains. We are exactly what we need to be per given circumstances. In CABAL we have no ranking system. Only Founders and Members. We do not put anyone above anyone else in any sense of value or importance. All CABAL members are equally valuable and important. I wouldn't call us a clan; We are more of a group of like-minded gamer friends. We don't hold meetings, have training sessions or crap like that. We just play, have fun, and enjoy the company of our fellow gamer, without taking the game or ourselves too serious. Requirements to be a CABAL member are as follows: -TeamSpeak3 with good working microphone. Headsets are preferred. -Strong grasp of the English language. We are an international gaming group but to simplify communication we are designating English as our default spoken/written form of communication. -Maturity with the ability to have fun. -No hackers, cheaters, glitchers or exploiters. This will result in an immediate ban. -Age 18+ please. -NO VAC BANS! Head on over to the recruitment section to fill out an application if you think you have what it takes to become a member of CABAL. We are waiting to hear from you! Applying for membership with CABAL you agree to: -Be in the CABAL TeamSpeak3 server while gaming. -Stay active with the clan. -Respect other CABAL members. -Refrain from using any exploits, hacks, etc. Please hop over to our web site and register, fill out a quick application and make yourself at home. http://cabalgaming.enjin.com/recruitment
  11. The "zombies" in DayZ are infected humans and are not undead.
  12. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-09-20-is-dayz-still-coming-out-on-console-and-you-know-wth-is-going-on