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  1. yeah seems to have killed mine too think its problably because of all the rain they seem to have tossed in alot of this patch may explain some of the graphical glitches im seeing i think they try and make the ground look wet with puddles not sure but it seems like it.
  2. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I am gettin alot of lag when aiming with a scope now is there away to fix that?
  3. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Yeah your right think 90% of the kiddies i ran into on exp were just more concerned about killen me then testing anything lol.
  4. well if your on 60 just gonna have to cope with it i dont think gear is their main concern right now they are trying to get this renderer ready for stable so i think most the gear economy or whatever its saved on is problably wonky because of it.
  5. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Think most of you forgot the purpose of these exp builds they are not gonna stop and fix every single bug they try and get alll the bugs as many as possible and fix them in one big go around its just a shame 90% of the people dont test the way they should so alot of bugs will go unchecked because people are not reporting them as they should. So report report and keep reporting the bugs as you find them so the devs can knock as many out as they can each patch.
  6. Gonna have to wait for them to fix their window compatibility ive seen this issue literally on almost every early access game now. seen it last on starbound i know it not dayz related its windows and memory related seperate tech issue so i hope they hotfix it. its a memory leak what it is.
  7. I like the new ui it actually simulates going through your stuff and looting no more unrealiastically fast looting etc etc. few bugs in it but its new.
  8. They are literally still adding stuff to the game they havnt even got to the point of fine tuning everything but being away for 6 months in that time they have added quiet a bit.who is using arkham knight as a example that game is highly playable it just had a crappy port is all.But thats beside the point.Dayz is getting bettter each patch minus the little bugs but as they say its aslpha and thats a development cycle.And tbh when the game gets its mod support all the ideas people are posting will come to pass rathers its a kos server or a immersion server it will all be there the game will eventually cater to all playstyles,much like the mod had its overwatch and dayz origin servers etc etc.People need to quit being so quick to moan about every and anything sit back and relax and enjoy the ride at least we get to play and experience the game as it grows most people when they buy the game after release wont be able to say the experienced what we did.
  9. CABAL - Seeking new members.

    Yeah get this on the road again.
  10. These new bugs are the real game breakers!

    Was gonna say teh same thing how do you break something thats a wip anyways whole point behind a alpha is to add stuff and break stuff beta phase is when the heavy repairs begin.
  11. Smoking Ash Gaming

    Heh your good as i said way up the list original one was the best lol so your excempt to my rants if you start up anymore servers lets us know so long as the admins are good.Which so far mt dayz experience has been pretty peachy i havnt run into any corrupt ass ones since i quit playing on the sa namalsk
  12. Exp Update: 0.57128035*

    i ran back to stable after running through almost every building along the coast and a few inland and havnt anything to show for except a wrench and a damn hat. Lol I like loot bein scarce but this is not fun. Should make lichen as a food item as well small nutrition but it is a survival food! maybe some cat tails along some of the ponds also a survival food :p troop ftw i still remember some!
  13. Loot Issues

    Not everyone got time or wants to get caught with our bare asses spamming trees they do need to fix that as well no reason you should have to search a apple tree apple should just spawn like normal loot same with berries maybe i can understand berries a little.
  14. Best all around gun?

    Any gun with ammo and i can get my hands on lol not always a choice when surviving.