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  1. Danlow

    Status Report - January 2019

    Hello! I have been playing DayZ standalone since it first came out in 2013 and then from 2015 i made a big break until a month ago and I find the game to be improved greatly since I last played. The release on PS4 is something I am looking forward to because I don't have a proper gaming PC anymore but the info about its release is unclear. I've read Q1 2019 but here it says later this year? Why is the game for PS4 late, considering it has been available for xbox one for a while now? I would really appreciate a more detailed status report.
  2. I am currently north of Polesovo, good geared and having a survivor playstyle. (I am still alive with my character since I came back to DayZ) I live in Sweden and would prefer someone else in CET time zone. I am also playing casually and not many hours per week.
  3. Danlow

    Im looking for a partner or team

    warning for this player. i joined him and he killed me when he thought i was logging out of the game. left the TS server instantly too :)
  4. Danlow

    looking to join US survivalist clan (SA)

    why is that a requirement?
  5. Danlow

    Looking for players

    I recently started playing again and the game isn't really fun when playing alone, but alot of new stuff has been added since last time. Geographic location does not matter. (I am in Europe) Steam account: Kaptens91
  6. Danlow

    Looking for Partners or an Active Clan

    I am also looking for players, add me on steam. Kaptens91
  7. Danlow

    When do you feel safe to logout?

    When I'm on the roof of the fire station in Elektro.
  8. Zombies that are 100% quiet/silent - Prio one. You who play hardcore and are stopping by to drink from a well know what I mean. Zombie spawn - Although not big of a deal, but the broken zombies make it annoying after a while.
  9. Danlow

    So, I " Found " some Shotgun Slugs. ( Stable. )

    Hahah, that was low man :)
  10. Danlow

    Wishlist Handsigns

    pointing, thumbs up and middlefinger are already in.
  11. Danlow

    Pushing players

    With this enginge it wouldn't look good. You would fly with your arms to the sides as if you were crucified and a baseball bat upp your ass, until you hit your ground *Gruaaahhh* You are standing, you move, your character hits the ground. Energized Healthy Hydratet FRACTURE
  12. Danlow

    Fix those glitched sounds already!

    When yo' ass gets fixed...... yeah.
  13. Danlow

    Hello. My name is H@cker! (DayZ-SA video) #Experimental

    yes easy :D from the tschermany :D dis heppNs wenn u say weppN ^^
  14. Danlow

    Remove Coupled Mags?

    Let them be allowed, those who use m4 can't aim anyway :D
  15. Danlow

    One in a chamber

    Most RPG games are infact third person. And the most of the dayZ roleplayers will be seen more on Regular servers than hardcore. You are a good example? Army outfit, setting out commands, watching your own character? Hardcore = Skips the barbie bullshit and everything inbetween - Just play the game as it should be played, no looking over walls, rather over your shoulders.