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  1. Holding mouse buttons and carpal tunnels ...

    I have to agree too that click-again-to-cancel as proposed would be nice addition. Players then could decide themselves whether they like to hold button down or click to activate and click to deactivate. It would be annoying to have to create autohotkey scripts again for this game too just to make controls better and more easier to our wrists tbh.
  2. General Discussion

    Same for me, being a left handed presents challenges for every games keybinds (many games had so poor configuration for controls that I had to skip them alltogether). What is mostly worrying for me are those actions that are bundled together currently and at least one that cannot be found in the controls at all (the dive to prone action). Button holds should be added back and I'm farely sure they will be as it's WIP still.
  3. General Discussion

    I was about to write about the same thing. Control scheme is very poor at the moment and I'm not talking about only the default keybinding. There are some weird decisions made by somebody as "ADS" is bundled to "Zoom in" so if you don't have a weapon you can zoom in by pressing the corresponding key, if you have a weapon in your hands you end up aiming down the sights. "Optics" does not seem to do anything as it does not raise weapon and ADS automatically anymore. You can't even bind "hold key/button down" any more like you could do that before (and in Arma3 obviously). It seems to impossible to bind second mouse button to Zoom in and Hold breath simultaneously. Luckily binding Stand up works as a crouch and stand up toggle but when you hold down that key your character dives to prone if you are moving but does not do anything is you are standing still. That's kinda problematic for me at least as I have always used second mouse button to do that standup/crouch and holding second mouse button was zoom in and hold breath (been using second mouse button for jumping from Quake1 days and it got inherited to stance adjust for me in arma series). I went to change every keybind to my liking and toggle weapon raise works half the time, other half it just lowers the weapon right after it got raised. I truly hope controls are getting refactored big time and I of course realize this not even close to a final product and this is premature feedback but nevertheless just raising these issues here. Everything else was working like a dream but the controls with their limitation and weird bundling together truly baffled me (I'm naturally curious about the decisions and brainstorming that ended up making those changes as I work in a UI/UX field myself). Well that's all nitpicking I did found in my 20min offline test.
  4. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    For me in after image it's really hard to see major stars at all compared to before image. Can't really say if it's because I'm looking the images from Dell laptop with 4k ips screen (not calibrated) but in the before image it's very easy to spot major stars.
  5. 0.62 Sounds make it hard to differentiate

    I too hear random toned down footsteps occasionally when running in a field and can see that theres no one around and it made me feel like i'm going insane :)
  6. why was "fast forward" removed

    Could he mean that all rented servers acts as private hive at the moment when rented servers won't connect every time to the same hive? Any ways that's a bug and BI has acknowledged it.
  7. Any official opinion regarding a gamma exploit fix?

    For some reason Arma 3 doesn't work like that to me at least on KotH servers (yes I play on servers where night happens and is very dark). Don't really know why. Dark areas appear quite clear when increasing brightness and contrast to the limit where game still seems visually decent. I truly hope they manage to find a way to prevent to complete negate night effects in DayZ.
  8. hypothermia deaths

    Yes the weather even when it's raining is quite easy at the moment and could be drastically more harsh and unforgivable. Indeed snowy landscapes would be nice with every other winter properties you mentioned.
  9. hypothermia deaths

    Server season follows time of year (when it's set to real time and not specifically set to something else). That's the latest information I gathered about it so if it is indeed so then it's january in chernarus currently. It might be close to 0 celsius occasionally and getting drenched in that kind of temperature and weather would be uncomfortable to say at least. EDIT: typos
  10. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Maybe he got killed by a player using a stick ;) On a serious note pointy sticks are quite good killing infected as its one hand weapon, rather fast attack with nice damage even when hitting body only. Might be good against players too I think.
  11. Please Help!! Dayz fails to open!!!! battleye error!!!

    I got an email from BE yesterday that a problem with BE blocking file aticfx32.dll has been fixed. It happened when using 16.7.2 driver package. I just installed the newest AMD Radeon Software package (website indicates its 16.7.2 still but after installation radeon dashboard says it's actually 16.7.3) and Dayz starts up normally.
  12. Please Help!! Dayz fails to open!!!! battleye error!!!

    I have not tried rolling back, just playing arma3 while I wait for any answer from battleye. Did check files for corruption and for malware in my system though and everything seems to be ok. Oh and btw, file in question is not missing, it's getting blocked by battleye. EDIT: Just noticed that the file that's getting blocked in my case is actually different than OP but still part of radeon drivers. [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\aticfx32.dll" EDIT2: Just rolled back drivers to 16.3.2 and Dayz loads up fine.
  13. Please Help!! Dayz fails to open!!!! battleye error!!!

    Same thing happens to me too. Reinstalling won't help. It started after 16.7.2 Radeon software hotfix. Kinda sad that battleye blocks part of display drivers from loading up :) I reported it to battleye but no answer yet.
  14. can an 'official' server go private?

    There really needs to be some certainty with official server even though we are still in alpha. We just lost our stashes and couple of cars when one official server wen't offline apparently which is not really a big deal, just annoying to start over again. How ever it really discourages to start again,even for testing purposes only, every time official server gets reassigned. Like they say, nothing is guaranteed while the game is still in development so start over we must :)
  15. Make firearms less powerful

    What zombies? They are infected people not undead corpses. Weapon damage should be as close to real life as possible for the sake of authenticity.