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  1. Deranged Pineapple

    Health/Blood regeneration tweaking.

    Health and blood regeneration surely should to be slowed down as currently there's no need to think before hand what you are going to do or could you even survive the situation you are heading in to if you get wounded (tip: you will survive wounds every time without any preparation at all). Current situation reminds me of those crappy fps shooters where you have auto regen for health happening all the time.
  2. Deranged Pineapple

    Night is a problem.

    Nope, that's just Finland in the forest when there was no snow.
  3. Deranged Pineapple

    In the dark after update

    If you don't mind me asking what is the light glow in the horizon in that picture? If you imagine a world without literally zero light pollution as if electric grid has gone dark completely I would think that without cloudless sky you could not really see anything in november. Obviously with clear sky starlight would help a lot. I was in belgium few year ago in summer time and night was terribly dark (not pitch black though) without light sources there too. Of course I could not witness how it could be without light haze coming from cities. Question usually is that does the darkness we have now serve a purpose in gameplay wise if and when they aim for authenticity. I think yes but that's only my opinion :)
  4. Deranged Pineapple

    Rotate items added ASAP

    While it may not be necessary it would be more than well come addition. If you try to put weapon in your backpack it might not be able to fit when oriented horizontally but it could fit vertically. And I can't recall my self placing something with same shape as DayZ weapons in my own backpack horizontally? And yes, it has been suggested before to allow rotate items to play inventory Tetris more effectively. Btw, joining date does not really say anything about not knowing if anything has been asked before. I've been here way before SA was announced but my joined date says otherwise. You can use this website without logging in you know that right?
  5. Deranged Pineapple

    Weapons in .63

    You can find that information in this website in status reports.
  6. Deranged Pineapple

    Status Indicators in the HUD

    Do you have any difficulties interpreting the overall state of your character using the status indicators? What is unclear? Over all no, no problems. However white status like others pointed out does not really represent in a good manner how well fed and hydrated your character is when you can go to yellow after 5 min or after 1 hour. You have no idea how "far in white" you are and that's puzzling specifically when game is all about preparation and you have no indication how well prepared you are. When you say you want players not to focus on those indicators you actually are making them more focused in them as we constantly have to check if we are in yellow now. You have different types of indicators and they cannot behave visually the same way, this is 101 in UX design. When something goes up it's not always a good thing in every indicators like temperature, virus? and bacteria. Those indicators are best to just stays on stable level ie. neutral regarding character health. Temperature should use different color coding where red is warm and blue is cold. Bacteria and virus can use red as a warning color as well and white to be neutral or not to display them at all in neutral state. I suggest you separate those indicators in groups (not necessarily visually grouped in HUD but functionality wise). Do you have suggestions to improve this without over-distracting the player with detailed information? Add green color to indicate you are well fed/hydrated and make it gradually go to white, then to yellow and then orange and last to red and when it's causing health problems make is flash in red. Do you have difficulties interpreting the stat changes indicated by arrows? Yes I have but not in a way that I don't get what they mean. Arrows with indicators don't work with blood/health level as when you get shot those indicators show downward arrow but the decrease of those values already has been completed, you are not really losing any more health/blood even the indicators are telling you so. Those arrows provide good information about whats happening to your character but they feel a bit too informative in a way that when you move via running you get 2 depletion arrows and when you sprint you get the third one. That might cause some undesirable micro management by just staring your icons to maximize your characters calories/hydration burn compared to your movement speed. Maybe the change between arrow states could be more fluid via opacity when adding or removing extra arrow. Very subtle and not so important in grand design but devil is in the details :)
  7. Deranged Pineapple

    New Actions & Crafting

    Do you notice there is a crafting option via quickbar and do you prefer it to the inventory crafting? Why? Nope, did not notice if you don't mean reloading magazines etc. Would not even use it as when traveling light you only have few quickbar slots to begin with and 3 weapons and their magazines and ammo reserve all the space already. Inventory crafting makes things less troublesome as you can see what items you have so no need to place those items to your quickbar just to craft something. Using only inventory requires less steps too. What do you think is causing you to spend most time in the inventory? Tetris. We all play tetris in DayZ without a possibility to affect item orientation so that might even be hardcore tetris :) Most time in inventory is spent shuffling stuff around and correcting item placement ei. if you have pistol in you hand and switch to canteen you can be sure that the pistol will never go to the inventory slot where it use to be. So every time I get something out of inventory I need to check where it is when I switch it with another item. How about make ability to reserve slot for item you have so item that previously occupied that slot goes back to the same slot after switching it to another item.
  8. Deranged Pineapple


    Is it clear that the stamina bar is shortened in UI due to increase in inventory weight? Yes, it's clear enough if one can see the the stamina bar as it has quite high opacity. Is it difficult to track the missing ability of jumping/heavy attacks etc back to your lack of stamina? Yes, it does not really make any sense not to be able to jump when you still have clearly stamina left. If you are trying to portray stamina as an ability to perform prolonged physical and/or mental actions, then threshold for doing those actions (jump, sprint etc.) should be adjusted to 0 stamina point. It does not make any sense to have little stamina shown but you are not able to use it. Holding breath has nothing to do with stamina. It needs to be separated as others have pointed out. You could add a check that when character is out of breath you lose the ability to hold breath. Maybe make weight to affect you max sprinting speed as well as its pretty ridiculous to be able to sprint even for a short distance with fully geared at the same speed as naked bambi. Question for you: What happened to Arma 3 stamina model? It could have provided the basics for your stamina design as if you are hauling everything you own and a bit more then your character is constantly struggling and basically out of breath very very fast etc.
  9. Deranged Pineapple

    Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    What do you think about the speed of climbing and getting on/off ladders? Speed of climbing seems fine. However getting off form a ladder is a disaster as you can release your self from the ladder in high stress situations currently. Same goes with the sliding down feature as at first I did not know how to even do that when I had changed my every keybinding so my sprint key was 2xw. How are you gonna slide down pressing s and double tapping the w key? I suggest you add an possibility to bind slide down to certain key but let it work with the sprint key as well (if you are adamant to bundle actions together which is weird and very confusing in UX wise). What do you think about the speed of vehicle enter/exit? Seems fine What do you think about the speed/representation of swimming? Seems fine, swimming while fully geared should drown you though or at least slow you down even more. We changed all stances to the C-button, do you get used to it? Simply put: disaster. At first I did not even know how to even go prone. Previous stand/crouch stance select was possible to configure to one button and that worked well. I have not gotten use to it and miss the ability to bind every action separately like in PC gaming we should be able to do. The basic idea of bundling actions together without offering alternative way to configure keybinding might lead to bad user experience very easily. How on earth player can go to standing stance from prone stance if stances are bound to one key? I can't find any way to do that currently. It's really normal that when prone you think hey, I wanna stand up directly and start jogging instead of going to crouch stance first and then to standing stance. Problem that has happened to me multiple times with this is following: When user is under high stress situation ie. fired upon you need to dive down fast if you choose to do so. Now going prone has considerable delay as game has to actually wait for hold key down action to complete and that takes about 1 second. In that time I have gotten shot at 3 single rounds before I could actually dive to cover myself. We really need a way to bind stances separately as before (or like they work in Arma 3). You could still use current keybinding scheme as default. Adding more options is necessary and specifically de-bundle those actions (talking about you ADS/zoom disaster) should be mandatory. Do you use the 360 degree turning while prone? If you mean by that to spin around while prone then yes. Don't know any other way. Regarding the gestures, we soon will introduce the radial menu. What do you think about how they behave and how their cancelling works? I don't use gestures and never will but I still suggest that you made the radial menu configurable so player may remove and/or add gestures to it. The swapping between items takes some time. There are still animation glitches in there, but we hope you get the hang of it? As it should. However you should not be able to swap items directly from backpack (or only with prolonged animation where your character digs stuff out off backpack and obviously stops your movement). What are your thoughts on the injured movement? Awesome and I really like the idea that getting shot puts your character to the injured state in delayed fashion. However you should never get limb animation when you are starving and dying of thirst. Final comment: STOP bundling actions together without offering possibility to separately bind those actions to a single key. You can create default key config without conflicts even when every action is bound to it's own key.
  10. Deranged Pineapple

    In the dark after update

    If I'm not too intrusive could you share the location where you could see somewhat properly (if I understood that correctly) without no additional light sources when sky is covers with clouds. I live in Finland and this time of year when its not yet snowy and sky is clouded without additional light sources I could not see even my hand raised in front of me and that was couple of weeks ago when I was walking our dogs in the nearby forest. Without light source I would have been walking there all night as I lost my bearings very fast. Of course Finland is somewhat more to the north comparing imaginary Chernarus but the actual location of what it is depicted from is not that far away and that's why I used my location as a comparison. When moon is visible and there are no cloud coverage then I agree that Total F*cking Darkness (ahoi Filthies!) is a bit too much.
  11. Deranged Pineapple

    Holding mouse buttons and carpal tunnels ...

    I have to agree too that click-again-to-cancel as proposed would be nice addition. Players then could decide themselves whether they like to hold button down or click to activate and click to deactivate. It would be annoying to have to create autohotkey scripts again for this game too just to make controls better and more easier to our wrists tbh.
  12. Deranged Pineapple

    General Discussion

    Same for me, being a left handed presents challenges for every games keybinds (many games had so poor configuration for controls that I had to skip them alltogether). What is mostly worrying for me are those actions that are bundled together currently and at least one that cannot be found in the controls at all (the dive to prone action). Button holds should be added back and I'm farely sure they will be as it's WIP still.
  13. Deranged Pineapple

    General Discussion

    I was about to write about the same thing. Control scheme is very poor at the moment and I'm not talking about only the default keybinding. There are some weird decisions made by somebody as "ADS" is bundled to "Zoom in" so if you don't have a weapon you can zoom in by pressing the corresponding key, if you have a weapon in your hands you end up aiming down the sights. "Optics" does not seem to do anything as it does not raise weapon and ADS automatically anymore. You can't even bind "hold key/button down" any more like you could do that before (and in Arma3 obviously). It seems to impossible to bind second mouse button to Zoom in and Hold breath simultaneously. Luckily binding Stand up works as a crouch and stand up toggle but when you hold down that key your character dives to prone if you are moving but does not do anything is you are standing still. That's kinda problematic for me at least as I have always used second mouse button to do that standup/crouch and holding second mouse button was zoom in and hold breath (been using second mouse button for jumping from Quake1 days and it got inherited to stance adjust for me in arma series). I went to change every keybind to my liking and toggle weapon raise works half the time, other half it just lowers the weapon right after it got raised. I truly hope controls are getting refactored big time and I of course realize this not even close to a final product and this is premature feedback but nevertheless just raising these issues here. Everything else was working like a dream but the controls with their limitation and weird bundling together truly baffled me (I'm naturally curious about the decisions and brainstorming that ended up making those changes as I work in a UI/UX field myself). Well that's all nitpicking I did found in my 20min offline test.
  14. Deranged Pineapple

    Status Report - 27 February 2018

    For me in after image it's really hard to see major stars at all compared to before image. Can't really say if it's because I'm looking the images from Dell laptop with 4k ips screen (not calibrated) but in the before image it's very easy to spot major stars.
  15. Deranged Pineapple

    0.62 Sounds make it hard to differentiate

    I too hear random toned down footsteps occasionally when running in a field and can see that theres no one around and it made me feel like i'm going insane :)