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  1. aaronlands

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Perhaps a compromise of some sort would be the most prudent way forward. Their reduction in servers might be a prudent decision if player counts are as they are and if private servers will eventually make their way into the game. However, I think I speak for a good number of people on both platforms who would at least like to see some form of locked official servers. Unless there is some technical limitation preventing this, might it be an interesting thing to experiment with a few locked official servers? I do understand that the developers want to maintain a consistency of experience on the official side of things but how many people would actually complain if all the officials were locked?
  2. aaronlands

    *Please Read* Potiential Solutions to several problems

    I must say I'm not a fan of any of these suggestions except for the safe. That would be interesting for sure. However, the other suggestions seem more like what would be be good mods but not features to roll out as a baseline mechanic.
  3. aaronlands

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I echo this post as well. The sounds of the environment in this game are great. I particularly like how loud the gunshots are in relation to other sound effects which allows them to really punctuate the atmosphere. One small 'glitch' I have noticed is when the game transitions from windy to normal; the cutoff is nearly instantaneous which is quite jarring. But other than that I am very satisfied with the sound in this game.
  4. aaronlands

    State of the Game

    "want a fun creepy experience? go to a night server, put on a headlamp, and explore a town." This is too dang scary to do alone TBH.
  5. Dang Cyral, that's even more drastic than your first photo! Thanks for posting it though. I'm definitely going to be thinking about this.
  6. Hey Cyral, thanks for providing that info. That is certainly an interesting observation. Like you said the expensive monitors are able to depict darker colours with more depth especially with those tailored gamma settings. With respect to the photos, you say that they were taken several seconds apart. Is this a image of two merged photos? If so, was the camera on an automatic light balancing setting? Just want to make sure what were seeing on these images is true and accurate. What do you think should be the way forward? In my opinion, I like the dark and dangerous night but there needs to be an even playing ground. I suspect that was the intention of the gamma updates anyhow. I don't like the idea of making the whole night brighter to accommodate monitors that have poorer black depth. I think eye adjustment can be a way around this. On bright nights (full moon, no cloud cover) I think the player eye (subject to character nutritional factors) should be able to adjust to the darkness to the extent that there is a relatively even playing ground.
  7. Thanks for this. It sounds really interesting so keep up the good work. Do you think there is a way to have zombie pops more persistent? What I mean is that I think it would be really cool if you could essentially clear a zone and it would remain cleared for a longer period of time rather than how it is currently where if you leave and come back the zombies are back again.
  8. aaronlands

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Ah no worries. I myself am always curious in the 'why' as it tends to contextualize the 'how.' I think it is particularly important especially when you are essentially discussing misrepresentation. Do you think you would define the alleged inconsistencies on the steam page as honest/mistaken, negligent, or fraudulent (intentional) misrepresentations?
  9. aaronlands

    Teddy bear picnic...

    hmm . . . *twiddles thumbs* . . . no. j/k yeah there should be less of them or something. agree with the pens
  10. aaronlands

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Why are they lying?
  11. aaronlands

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Well I'm glad we got that sorted out!
  12. aaronlands

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    I would categorize as follows: Straight Lie: seamless network synchronization - this is a high claim for any game, I will say though that I appreciate the scope of the game and I tend to give it some leeway for not having fully achieved this goal/claim; Marketing Grease: sophisticated injury simulation - this is debatable but not a straight lie, depends what you mean by sophisticated; persistent servers - bit of a high claim, wouldn't classify as straight lie as it has been addressed and improved upon since 'release' and as amadieus pointed out if it works it works; authentic gunplay - debatable, not straight lie though, in fact I quite like the system; and Rewarding and authentic experience of driving vehicle - this is pushing it toward lie, however when they work it is relatively rewarding and somewhat authentic except for the torque issues. That's just the way I see, but I can totally understand how one might perceive these to be lies, this is just my take though.
  13. aaronlands

    How active?

    I agree with most of what you said but I can't find any sources which indicate that console gaming is billions ahead. Could you point me to some sources? I found this source: https://newzoo.com/insights/articles/global-games-market-reaches-137-9-billion-in-2018-mobile-games-take-half/ which says that consoles games make up $34.6 Billion while PC makes up $32.9 Billion, while this is technically billions it's also not as big a difference as I might've thought. Is this source accurate?
  14. aaronlands

    Occasionally intelligent AI

    I admit that I do not fully understand how the AI operates in this game but I have noticed similar behaviour. I have had experiences where I'll be stationary and crouched in an area not making any noise and they will seem to drift toward me.
  15. aaronlands

    Stable Update 1.01

    I would say once we at least two more updates we might be able to gauge/predict what kind of content we can expect per update. Who knows though. . . still very pleased with the work done so far.