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  1. Your Arma 3 Tips?

    Those are not very good tips.
  2. Scary and I mean Scary movies.

    I haven't seen REC, but I did see Quarantine. It's ok. Concept isn't bad, but the acting isn't stellar. Let the Right One In and the American remake Let Me In were both really good. I preferred Let the Right One In as the Americanized version went more for blood and guts while the original focused more on the relationship between the main characters. The movies weren't really scary though. I don't get the feeling they were meant to be scary either, more of a twist on the traditional vampire flick. One movie that terrified me was Red State. It's insanely tense, and it's quite believable. That's the part that got to me - this movie could be a true story. It's a lot easier to ignore movies when they're not plausible. It's not a horror movie, but it's still scary. I've heard lots of good things about It Follows. Haven't seen it yet though. The remake of Evil Dead was pretty good too. It's very over the top in gore and certainly doesn't have the charm of the original, but I enjoyed it.
  3. Any games to recommend?

    All jokes aside, since you like Fallout 3 maybe Fallout 4? I've never played either, but I assume they're similar. I've also never played Assassin's Creed, but I think the Batman Arkham games have a similar playstyle. I haven't played the newest one, but Asylum, City, and Origins were all good. I enjoyed the storyline of each, and the combat was super fun. Dying Light was awesome, although the story was a bit cliche. The combat was stellar though. I'm not sure if zombies count as super natural though. What about the Borderlands series? Or Far Cry series? If you like survival games, ARK is a blast (it's sort of set in current/future times, but has dinosaurs). That's all I got for now. :)
  4. ArmA 3 General Discussion

    Do you have to get Apex to get Tanoa? I haven't been keeping tabs on ARMA so I'm a bit out of the loop. Jungle map looks really cool though.
  5. ARK: Survival Evolved

    Anyone currently playing ARK? I find it hilarious I posted something last August, but actually just started playing a week ago. I can't speak to how the game was at the beginning, but right now I'm not having any issues with it. Things seem to be working just fine, performance is what I would expect from my PC, and there's enough content to warrant a purchase. Looking at the little changelog that pops up on the main screen of the game it appears they usually have a big patch once or twice a month adding new dinos and such. I'm not sure when it's supposed to come out of early access, but at the moment I think it's developed enough to be worthy of playing. I know some people like PVP, but I don't. I've really moved away from any type of competitive scenario games, as I just don't enjoy them. Musty's ARK server recently went to PVE (right before I started playing), so my entire experience with ARK is from a PVE perspective. We have modifiers in place so leveling isn't a grind, and I think it's pretty balanced in terms of not giving people everything right off the bat, but keeping things accessible so you don't spend hours trying to do just basic stuff. I have to say, I'm having a blast. The building aspect is great. There are some quirks for sure, but it's quite functional. I've put together a full base and can't wait to add to it. There are so many things to craft that all tie together. Base is good for having your crafting spots and storage space, but you gotta have a garden if you want certain food to craft certain items that'll help you tame dinosaurs. If you have a garden, you need irrigation and fertilizer. If you want irrigation and fertilizer, you have to craft a pipeline to a water source and build a pen to keep your dinos so you can collect their poop and convert it to fertilizer. Everything works in a big circle of life and you can either manage the entire circle yourself or join a tribe and have people manage different parts. It's awesome! I'm also impressed with the variety of dinosaurs in the game right now, and I believe they plan to keep adding more. There's a huge variety that range from small to huge, all with their own characteristics and usefulness. One of the things I find most entertaining right now is trying to find specific dinos for specific jobs. Just like with the building and crafting, you can focus your taming on whatever suits your goals. I highly recommend getting a flying dino, as it's just cool to soar around the map. If anyone is looking for a fun game full of resource gathering, building/crafting, and having dinosaurs as pets I highly recommend ARK. It's a pretty easy game to learn, as there's a well-done wiki site and (at least on the Musty server) people are happy to answer questions. If anyone comes to the Musty server, I'll share whatever resources I have (and I bet I could convince some tribemates to kick in some stuff too) so you can start off with some goodies. There's tons of great spots for bases too, as we play on a different map than the default. Just be mindful of your surroundings. Every once in awhile something big will wander by and won't hesitate to eat you!
  6. Marvel's Daredevil

    Just started watching last night. First two episodes of season 1, and thus far I like it. I know jack about the Marvel universe outside of movies/TV shows, so I don't know if the stuff with his dad is canon or new, but I think it's a good backstory. The only problem I have with the show is believing a blind dude can fight like that. Normally I don't have a problem just accepting what's going on, but for some reason the blind fighting irks me. Although, the fighting is pretty unique with all the acrobatic stuff so I can ignore the implausibility of it. I'm anxious to get to the second season for Punisher. He's always been one of my favorite characters, and Daredevil seems like it'll keep him gritty and not cartoonish.
  7. Donald Trump

    I'm not sure what the issue is with what he's saying. Why do you think it'll cause more problems? From another article, it seems the message was: "He added that his campaign is about bringing people together, "not letting Donald Trump or anyone else divide us up. No, we're not going to hate Mexicans, we're not going to hate Muslims, we're not going to insult women, we're not going to insult veterans, we're not going to insult African Americans." Source I don't think it was a call to arms for his supporters to cause problems at Trump rallies. I think it was a continuation of what he's been preaching throughout the campaign: this isn't about mud-slinging, it's about the issues.
  8. New Forum format

    This isn't really an error per se, but the notification settings have some odd forced choices. Personally, I don't like to have email notifications for anything and would rather have all notifications happen on the site. However, some of the options have site notifications disabled or email notifications required. I would rather have the option to choose which kind of notifications I get for everything.
  9. Dying Light / Hellraid.

    The Following has been great so far. I think I'm almost done with the main story, and not sure how many side missions are left. The buggy is awesome. I feel like I'm missing out on some locations though since I'm just speeding around. I'll have to take some time to explore on foot and see what I can find. The crossbow is also wicked. Keeps me out of harm's way while I pick off the bad guys. That's one of my favorite pastimes in almost any game I play, so having OHKO weapons is a plus in my book. I've heard nightmare mode is insane. I'm still playing on normal, and still enjoying being a powerhouse. However, I'm also still a wuss and don't venture out at night. Still haven't tried clearing a hive either. One of these days I'll put on my big girl panties and do it... I really wish there was a way to connect the original map and new map. And then add more maps. I don't even care about having new missions. I just want a giant map to go explore. Can you imagine Dying Light with a map like Chernarus? Having multiple cities to go to, tons of wilderness to drive around in, hundreds of spots for little easter egg locations... It would be amazing.
  10. Last movie you saw, and rate it.

    Pan. It was fun! 7/10 maybe? It's not a perfect movie, but I enjoyed it and I don't understand why it was panned huehuehue by the critics. The story was interesting, the characters were fun, the acting was good, and the design was imaginative. Have you ever wanted to hear Smells Like Teen Spirit sung a cappella by a horde of pirates? Then this is your movie.
  11. Dying Light / Hellraid.

    I'm having enough fun finally being a death machine. :) I think I'm about 20% done with the main storyline, but I've got over half of the side missions complete. I'm to the point now where I have a few more moves (leap over zombies, ram, stomp) and pretty decent weapons so I can make it through the bad guys without much trouble. With the head stomp thing, virals aren't as big of a deal. With camo attack, I can take out larger groups. I'm having a great time slashing my way through zeds! I also have a police rifle, so Rais' guys are easier to deal with. All in all, I'm very much enjoying not being so weak and frail. Aside from the mechanics of the game, which are really well done, I'm finding the atmosphere to be very good. The main story isn't an epic tale by any means, but there's so many little details in the environment. I like finding the chance encounters where someone tells you why they're in Harran. I found a building where survivors had painted on the top there were like 4 adults + 4 kids, but the 4 was crossed out and 2 was written in for the kids. It was sad realizing the implication there. Spots like that are a nice touch.
  12. H A P P Y C H R I S T M A S !

    Merry Christmas to all! Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love Christmas lights and my Christmas tree. I love Christmas music. I especially love getting presents for my family. This year will be a good one for the wife, as I decided to make a photo treasure hunt for her to get her present. Should keep her and the kids entertained for a bit, right before she dies in shock from the awesome present. To throw her off I bought a second present, which I'm going to pretend is the only one. It's a shoe rack. It's something she wants for the house, but obviously doesn't qualify as a singular Christmas present. But what's Christmas without a little pranking??? @AJD - if you're going to be flying solo on Christmas, how about spending some quality time with a video game? I have lots of extras if one would interest you (click here for Google doc list). :D Same goes for anyone else looking to be entertained...or avoid talking to family members... Just PM me what you'd like. Cheers mates!
  13. Explaining Canada to the Yanks

    Serious question: is Tim Horton's really that popular in Canada, or is it just a marketing gimmick to make it seem popular so people in America will go there? I mean, they have decent doughnut holes, but nothing really spectacular... Although, I don't like coffee, so maybe that's what I'm missing.
  14. Dying Light / Hellraid.

    I'm playing on Normal. I don't enjoy games that are too difficult. I prefer to be almost over powered, only dying once in awhile. If the game kills me over and over I'll just get frustrated. Some people like to have an immense challenge, but I do not. I don't have unlimited free time to spend hours finding out the exact way to do some run flawlessly or whatever. Especially in a single player game like this, I play it how I'll have the most fun. Normally that entails sticking it on the easiest setting and just rocking every bad guy I see. I like boss fights to take me a couple tries, but mostly I want to steamroll anything in my way. Thus far normal mode seems to be right in line with what I'm looking for.
  15. Dying Light / Hellraid.

    So tonight, after probably 12 hours of playing Dying Light, I finally learned blueprints are not consumable and I should use them. :| I was getting kind of frustrated not being able to kill anything. Now I know why. I also figured out that hoarding does me no good. I had a stash full of crappy weapons "just in case". Sold damn near everything except for a few of the best ones, which I probably won't need either. How rare are orange weapons? I found an orange bat, but I don't want to use it lest I wear it out before I really need it. Weapon degrading is a mechanic I love and hate at the same time. I like it since it forces you to use a variety, but it doesn't allow me to feed my pack rat cravings. I also got drop kick tonight. That's never gonna get old. Kicking guys off buildings is funny as hell. Leveling up seems kinda slow though. I don't venture out at night, which is apparently awesome for points, but volatiles still scare me. Plus I can't see shit. I need NV goggles.