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DayZ Book Cover contest

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Dear Survivors
Get ready for the ultimate creative challenge! What kind of book of your own design and creation could exist in the DayZ world?
Design the front & back cover - use a screenshot from the game (or create your own cover from the scratch) as a captivating backdrop, come up with a catchy title, and give us a sneak peek into the storyline!
Unleash your imagination and let the apocalypse inspire your creativity!

Note: We prepared a book template for you, but you can as well work without it.


  • Send your submission (please, pick one option only)
    • by Twitter DM (make sure we confirm receive)
    • tweet us using #DayZBookZ
    • post your submission into this thread
    • post your submission on Facebook under the announcement post (coming soon)
  • Deadline - 24.9.
  • Theme: DayZ story
  • You can submit the entry either as:
    • a) rough sketch, concept art with visible text
    • b) completed book cover design
  • The cover might be hand-drawn, digital sketch, concept art, in-game screenshots
  • Format: minimum size is 300 dpi, png, pitches/concept art: visible sketch with info mentioned below
  • The submission needs to have at least: front and back cover design, title, author's name (can be made up), brief info about the story (back cover)
  • No server/channel etc. advertising 
  • Text must be clearly visible
  • Nothing vulgar/political
  • Respect copyright rules
  • The cover must not violate the game rules and the EULA.

1st place - Large mousemat (design of your choice) + DayZ T-shirt + Book design in the game
2nd and 3rd place - Large mousemat (design of your choice) + DayZ T-shirt
4th and 5th place - Small mousemat (design of your choice) + DayZ T-shirt

Winners will be picked internally.

Good luck!



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Here's a fantastic read from the R. Kansas detective series - a definitely-totally-serious world-famous mystery tale about a very certain train 😁 (please don't hate me @Arkensor i love you)


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In a world ravaged by the aftermath of an apocalyptic event, where chaos reigns and the fabric of society has crumbled, a new breed of survivors emerges - the bandits. 
"From Outlaws to Survivors" delves deep into the gritty reality of these renegades who have chosen to embrace a life on the fringes. 
Within these pages, readers are transported to a lawless and unforgiving wasteland, where survival trumps morality and cunning is the key to longevity. 
Through vivid storytelling and captivating stories from real life, this book unravels the secrets of navigating the treacherous path of the post-apocalyptic bandit. 
Unveiling the untold stories of these notorious outcasts, "From Outlaws to Survivors" explores the reasons behind their expulsion from society and their subsequent transformation into resourceful survivors. 
Time and again, readers will be thrust into adrenaline-fueled encounters, facing unpredictable skirmishes with rival gangs, hostile survivors, and the harsh realities of scarcity.

However, this book is not simply an action-packed adventure. It also digs into the psychological and emotional struggles that come with this chosen lifestyle. It delves into the moral dilemmas, the moments of doubt, and the internal battles waged by those who walk the razor's edge between outlaw and survivor.

Throughout the narrative, readers are offered invaluable insights and survival strategies, ranging from scavenging techniques to effective raid planning and finding temporary sanctuaries amidst the desolation. The book paints a vivid picture of the bandit's world, including their unique code of conduct and the intricate dynamics of their tightly-knit communities.

"From Outlaws to Survivors" offers an unfiltered and immersive journey into the heart of the post-apocalyptic bandit lifestyle. 
It challenges preconceptions and illuminates the blurred lines between villainy and resilience in a world...
...where survival is the ultimate currency.


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Definitive edition of the "History of the Chernarussian State" by Maxim Kuznetsov (Hard cover, embossed) EuTaHIe.jpg

Edited by Rustycaddy
Fixed image link
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Hello guys, sorry it's taking more time. The team is very busy with Update 1.23 and the devs can't currently decide which book would make it into the game. 
The current standings are:
1-3 place (Lad, Lacusthi, Rustycaddy) - the book will be chosen out of those 3
4-5 place (Lasyen, mnemos)
I will reach out to you soon with more info, so we can at least deliver the prizes asap.
Thank you for your understanding! 💗

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Hi, everyone! Here's an update related to this topic. The standings are as follows:

1st place (/2nd) - The Lad and Lacusthi
3rd place - Rustycaddy
4th place - Lasyen
5th place - mnemos

The developers also loved the designs so much that they offered all the top 3 participants the opportunity to have their book art featured in the game.

Everyone in this contest created great book covers, so thank you all!!!

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