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  1. Arkensor

    Stable Update 1.04.152076

    Exploded grenades should refer to frag grenades and flashbangs.
  2. This is the best thing that happened so far in 2019. Thank you for finally updating the licenses ❤️
  3. Arkensor

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    I haven't yet but it's on my todo list for next week 🙂 The trailer is really nice!
  4. Arkensor

    All aboard the Hype Train

    Until I have a proper blog to put my reports on and transformed this topic to an actual release mega thread I'll just leave a link here for now 🙂
  5. If you do not want to be forced to update your server all the time during development testing, then you need to stay on stable. Experimental is meant for frequent and small updates so that things can be tested for the stable release.
  6. Fellow DayZ modders and players, Since the introduction of the Enfusion engine to DayZ, we have been keen to explore the potential to create game content for the community to enjoy. While the base game already offers a variety of gameplay elements, many of us want to broaden the DayZ experience by developing maps, items, vehicles and new mechanics. The Enfusion engine and Enscript introduced as the new scripting language both have proven to be a powerful foundation for this. However, as much as players want to see more features added to the game, we also have a serious interest in receiving updates to the DayZ modding platform. As a result of a constructive discussion with the lead producer /u/EugenHarton, some of us indexed a list of suggestions that we think are paramount for the future of the DayZ modding community and compiled these into a prioritized list. This list currently contains 43 entries that are prioritized from 10 (very important and essential for DayZ modding) to 1 (nice to have, but not a deal breaker). We are sharing the list now so that those of you who are awaiting the release of certain mods get a feeling for what could be blocking us from releasing them and also informing modders that might not have seen the list before about what they can expect to be added to DayZ in the future. The list has been sent internally to the development team a few weeks ago, and we already have some great feedback from them regarding some of the items on the list. If you want to examine specific details about some of these entries, you can click the feedback tracker links and subscribe to them if you want to be automatically updated on their progress. The list will receive further revisions to possibly add more wishes and to display the current status of each entry. If you feel that something is missing on the list, you can comment down below and/or join our Modding Community Discord (https://discord.gg/F8WjXXK) to discuss your ideas with other modders. Direct link to the list: Google docs - DayZ modding priority list
  7. Arkensor

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    I agree with that. Knowing if for example, something like helicopters comes before adding valuting gives us more information than surprise patch notes every few weeks where maybe suddenly something drops.
  8. Arkensor

    Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    My body is ready!
  9. Arkensor

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    And it tastes even better ;)
  10. Arkensor

    Dayz need a buddy system

    To be honest, in the original game arma 2 mod, finding your mates was the most interesting part. its not that hard as you always spawn on the coast, and you learn the map by searching your mates there too. But I am sure that if not added officially, community game modes / mods will implement such "Spawn at <your_friends_name_here>"-system
  11. Arkensor

    [Modding] Code or UI?

    Hey @Weyland Yutani (DayZ), I am already working with the current stable/experimental live builds and even though there might be some changes to how the workflow is I can sum it up like this: You have modding and you have mission scripting. Modding is straight out editing the game via patching classes. This adds or edits models, worlds, GUI's or game configs. Right now this is done as before where you have your addons as pbos, have your classes in them for items, and settings in them and those are connected to the game then. There might be some visual assistance in form of a modding tool there, which would speed up working with mods, but eventually, right now you can mod the game with any pbo manager for packing and a notepad.exe from windows. You can not compare that to things like unreal engine where you basicly do everything with a sandbox editor with buttons to click and things to connect visually in blueprints. Mission scripting which I spend most of the time with is all just writing plain text files. If I remember it correctly they said they will provide some form of script editor / a general editing toolset which includes this too but again this is only for having things like autocompletion, syntax check and *maybe* debugging scripts. But you wont drag and drop some boxes around, connect them and have things done like that. I would be surprised if they would go anywhere near this. tl;dr : All of dayz is text files to edit and change, tools might make this easier. This is how it is like in 0.62 right now, and I do not think they had the time to change the system completely for 0.63 Regards Arkensor