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The ballistic vest takes over your assault vest. You trade bullet resistance for storage. Personally. I would keep the storage unless you are strictly using 1 gun. As the ballistic vest does weigh you down considerably

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    • By Marlboro^Man
      Im sure this has been brought up before but, why not just change the name of this gun to the 1887 and leave it alone. they look similar so it would just make all the confusion go away. That way they can just make all shotgun shells universal and you can combine all of them. It would make more sense to me seeing as how there are 12 gauge shells laying everywhere which is true as it is probably the most common ammo in the world. Just my opinion and would make thing alot easier and more realistic. I also understand it would hold a different amount of shells than 15 which is fine by me.
    • By HappyMushroom
      Now that the ammo actually counts and saves now. (somewhat)
      It would be a neat idea to be able to combine various low count STANAG magazines into one, removing the spent ones and giving you back one magazine with the total amount of bullets inside!
      Ergo: 3 STANAG's with 4 bullets each, combine them into 1 STANAG with 12 bullets. Saves inventory space and makes everything a lot easier.
      Along with that, you should be able to choose which magazine to load either similar to how you reload SD ammo into a non-SD gun, or how you combine ammo currently by right clicking it and choosing reload. Again, makes everything easier and you can choose which magazine to shoot from.
      I suggest all this because when you log out with a half spent magazine in the gun and 3 more in your inventory, you log back in with the magazine that has the highest amount of ammo in it, and you can't reload it to the lower count ammo. Therefore you shoot a fresh magazine when you could be shooting the one you've already been using. It makes things a lot easier, I find myself sparse in shooting my weapon and end up with 3 magazines with 4-8 bullets in them, and when I freak out and go full auto I only get 1 second of joy until I realize the magazine I thought I reloaded into wasn't full.
    • By freeman83
      If you could pick and mix, characters, game play mechanics, genre's, storyline, locations, technology or anything else from existing games or your own ideas and combine them to make a game that you really want to play what would they be ?
      Here's a couple of my ideas....
      If you take MGS Rising as a foundation but then throw in the game play mechanics from Shadow of the colossus, where you have to climb up on to the metal gear to attack its weak points. + realism and physics in character movement and interaction with the environment, like (euphoria gta4), making it more of a tactical Ninja simulation with increased difficulty instead of hack and slash action game.
      A survival horror game featuring Raiden vs hordes of infected would make for a chopping great time =).