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I know, but be patient.

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That new Enfusion Engine should have had its very own Early Access prior to Dayz being EA. It should not have tied itself together like that due to the fact another game was created on Enfusion Engine prior to Dayz rewrite. Thats the way i saw it, and others too that used to sign NDA's in the past.

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On 9/16/2018 at 7:37 AM, bfisher said:

I tried SCUM today.  DayZ definitely has some competition in the "running around a large empty map doing fuck-all" genre.  After an hour of gameplay I can proudly say I achieved the following:

  • Found a crowbar I hope to use as a weapon someday.
  • Ate a cucumber
  • Destroyed someone's lean-to

I also experienced a moment of intensity when some sort of flying drone camera stopped to look at me.


Developers don't seem to realize the clock starts ticking as soon they release their "early access alpha".  I've put 300+ hours into the Standalone.  Certainly not as much as some people, but certainly more than a lot of people put into any game.   I'm starting to feel like "early access" is really just a scam to sell people on the possibilities of what a game MIGHT become, without actually creating it.

Word ! Exact stuff. As for SCUM lets give it at least half a year. But now it is definitely way too much running around a large empty map, exactly like DayZ. Maybe they decided respectfully not be better than DayZ too much. Or they copy :/  The game has potential early to judge. DayZ however has VERY seriously stretched its EA.

I am a fan of racing simulators, Assetto Corsa Competizione was just released into EA, games like that brings EA trust back to me. It is EA, there are issues, but it is very worth spending time on, as opposing to running around and doing nothing, you'd better actually be running around and keeping your fitness in real life lol

So yeah.. 

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