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There are other sounds (not only gunshots) that you should hear from a great distance. And those are when you hit metal, wood and some other materials with a hammer or any melee weapon. I think this sounds have to be as loud as a pistol shot.

Zed's screams have to be heard from far away as well because there isn't sound pollution anymore in the world and every sound has to be louder.

Then there are some sounds that may change in .63 like footsteps and breathing. Maybe I'm wrong but you can't hear others breathing.

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Yeah, I agree. There is many ambient sounds in game, but we are missing those kinds of echoes from events occurring in the distance. Also the difference between internal/external, reverberation etc. The grumbling unsuspecting infected whose skull I've just bashed is still playing that grumbling sample until it's completed. And finally, if I yell at someone he should be able to hear me from a bigger distance. That sort of thing.

And I guess it's hard to make everything sound real in games but we'll see anyway with the new updates. Sound is one of the key components and was mentioned a couple of times.

But regarding footsteps and breathing sounds of others, are you talking about .63 demo which was on youtube, or this current .62 version? It's OK for me, those sounds are there.

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    • By Rekurv
      Seasons greetings! I read that the bushes are getting a rework. That's awesome.
      One thing i noticed is there is no sound for bushes and trees getting chopped up.  It would be cool to add some sound for the bushes getting harvested for sticks (perhaps a few twigs getting snapped for 5-10 seconds). And also add a sound for trees getting chopped (noisier and lasts longer. The tree chopping sound could be heard from a lot further away than chopping the bushes.
      Not exactly a huge suggestion I know, but would make for some more game mechanics, help players locate each other (friendly or otherwise) but most importantly add to immersion. 
    • By Henk Grunn
      I tried 0.62, and I would like to make a remark on the sounds.
      The new graphical overhaul is awesome. And the new sounds are very nice to.
      However, there is something with the sound that makes it very hard to differentiate player sounds or environmental sounds. This basically results in always feeling someone is around you. Now some may say that this adds to the paranoid feeling. However, if you have a 2 or 3 hour play session, this will be bad from a tactical point of view and also it makes you ignore sounds after a while. I.o.w. for me as a lone player, this is very bad.
      I am not the only one that experience this sounds behavior.  I've heard other mentioning that they also have the idea that they hear footsteps, or other noises, while walking (or even standing still) that makes it seem they hear other players.
      Now i think there are 2 major parts of being aware of your surroundings. The first one is visually, so looking around if you see other players. The second one is sound. So listening to footsteps, etc. And you can't rely on sounds anymore, because it's impossible to differentiate, and like said, you become numb for sounds because of the environmental sounds.
      Perhaps there are more people with the same experience?
    • By imidazon
      Hello dear developers! Sorry for my English! I hope you read my letter and maybe add ideas to the game.
      Suggestions for improving the gameplay:
      1) Steps-Sounds: Implement the steps of the player and animals depending on the vegetation, for example, if it is a deciduous forest, then a rustle of foliage should be heard. The audibility of the rustling of foliage for animals is increased by 150-200 meters. Add the call of a deer (in the autumn they have a mating season and the males make sounds that are audible far away) so they can be found by sound, you can realize a sound bait for the deer to which it will respond and so you can determine the location. This will improve the hunt and make it more interesting. 
      2) Raincoat-hypothermia: In the game there is a greenhouse, I propose to make the probability of finding a cellophane (polyethylene) on the greenhouse from which it is possible to create a raincoat with a knife and a rope from the rain, at night or when the body temperature decreases, it will help partially to keep the heat from allowing the hypothermia of the body. Also from cellophane is the opportunity to make a hinged tent, under which you can burn a fire.

      3) Fire: add the sound of a burning fire and a crackle of wood, increase the burning time of the fire from large logs. The possibility of burning a fire under large trees, adding in such places the probability of ignition in the rain.
      4) The sounds of birds: it is necessary to add the voice of the cuckoo and woodpecker, the players are asked to even realize the visual data of the birds. You can add to the sky a swirling eagle or a hawk that will also sound.
      5) Starry sky: Create the Milky Way and add flicker to large stars, if it is possible to add meteorites, it will be very beautiful and realistic.

      6) Construction: Add the possibility of building a small hut on a tree, for example, as hunters do when they wait for the beast.

      7) Fruits: Remove the kiwi, bananas and oranges from the game! Replace them, for example, with sweets or lump sugar for tea.
      8) Medicinal herbs: Collection of medicinal herbs (for example, St. John's Wort) and brewing infusion on a fire in a bowler, the infusion allows replenishing the blood level in the body.
      PS  I am grateful to you for such a wonderful game, thank you for your work, patience the spent forces that you devoted to our favorite game. We love and appreciate you, we are your loyal players!