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  1. Only a dream

    I had a dream last night about the zeds (not a wet one though). They could use weapons like resident evil 4 (pitchfork, axe, etc) and I was really scared when I was getting chased by a chainsaw zed lol best dream ever.
  2. DayZ Dev Stream #1 Small Feedback

    The recoil has to be higher than it was in the stream
  3. Make guns recoil control a soft skill

    The recoil has to be higher than it was in the stream
  4. Agree. Running speed is really high. The game is too bright. Falling is a joke as they showed it. That will encourage players to jump from every roof like pubg. The game is not finished yet so I can't complain much :)
  5. This is not the only lighting issue. The brightness inside houses is incredible high and there's no electricity. Closed buildings must be really dark even in daytime.
  6. I can increase the gamma with nvidia control panel in dayz sa but it doesnt work in the mod... I hope they disable that gamma thing from the game and other programs
  7. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    speaking about brightness and stuff... what about houses' interior? they have to be really dark even in daytime
  8. Sounds

    There are other sounds (not only gunshots) that you should hear from a great distance. And those are when you hit metal, wood and some other materials with a hammer or any melee weapon. I think this sounds have to be as loud as a pistol shot. Zed's screams have to be heard from far away as well because there isn't sound pollution anymore in the world and every sound has to be louder. Then there are some sounds that may change in .63 like footsteps and breathing. Maybe I'm wrong but you can't hear others breathing.
  9. Keyboard stopped working

    I don't know if this is the right section. I was trying to kill some fully geared guys on the coast. They had been running around my position for a long time. They couldn't see or hear me for sure but then my keyboard stopped working and right at that moment they magically found me and killed me. I had to reboot my pc because I couldn't do anything. My keyboard worked perfectly after the reboot. It's weird because all of that happened at the same time. What happened? Perfect timing? Cheat? time to get a new keyboard? Or was a game problem? Did this happen to anyone?
  10. bow and arrow

    What will you do with the bow after beta? will it works the same as it is now? because I was watching Lars andersen's archery videos and I think we could be jedi archers irl lol That would be cool in game but I think I read somewhere that the character in game is not an expert using guns or something, maybe i'm wrong. But at least will we be able to move and shoot with the bow? that's enough for me. Thanks.
  11. Basebuilding

    your arcade ideas are terrible, this is not dayz mod
  12. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    The zoom feature is something old from dayz mod and unrealistic af. What we really need is more closer encounters, friendly or not.
  13. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    YES! no more dynamic zoom, please! realism is a big part of the game. If you want to zoom in, you will have to use optics.
  14. Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    No to 60 players with walkie talkies! maybe a battery ;)
  15. Dayz SA mods

    Can't wait for mods! spawn with guns, decide where to spawn, kill walkers, the debug monitor, global chat, hud everywhere... I will kill myself when that happen :)