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Any chance of more features/assets from DayZero being added to the mod?

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DayZero was the best mod of Dayz, period. It ran like a charm, looked really nice and wasn't overloaded with bullshit weapon/vehicle spawns like most, if not all, other mods.

The development on it has ceased since last year, and since we already have the new enterable buildings from it, is there any chance for the other features to be implemented?

None of them "contradict" the experience that vanilla Dayz provides. Most of them (like the new skins, lanterns or ambient and gun sounds) just make you feel much more immersed in the world of Chernarus.

It's probably one of my favourite games, and it would be such a shame if there would be no way to experience DayZero once the servers go down for the last time.

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I can answer the JSRS question - it was considered last summer and while it runs great if you have a good PC, if you have a potato PC, then it kills the server for everyone. Then there is the inevitable discussion about it giving an edge to those who have it. There were some other nitpicky things too.

As far as other dayzero features - can you be more specific? Tansien was generous in allowing the buildings to be used and he brought up his server again, so maybe he'll be available to ask. then you just have to convince r4zor! (and get it coded) Anything is possible. 

The best place to bring this up would be on the dayzmod discord. https://discord.gg/B7UwetE

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    • By Yuval

      Hello everyone. I'd like to present something I've been working on for months.I am slowly developing a mod, initially intended for ArmA 3 but with the main focus on DayZ SA integration. This mod is supposed to be my first and last release on the Bohemia Interactive platform. Although it is the work of a few months, it is based on my experiences during my good ol' ArmA days. This mod is inspired by many ideas and atmospheres that have floated around the ArmA (and DayZ mod) community for a long time. It is currently under development with the knowledge that Enfusion will change alot of how modding is done, and respective decisions are made to make sure it will be compatible once SA mod support is integrated.
      Before I present anything, I wish to go on with the credits first (not that much so far!). I'd first like to thank Sumrak (Adam Francu) for allowing me to use some audio and models from his legendary Namalsk Crisis mod. Also, ArmanIII for his permission to use models from his Chernobyl Zone. Except them, I'd also like to thank Dean Hall, Bushlurker and Martin Bauer for creating some amazing missions and terrains that have forever shaped modding and terrain making to this day in the community. With that, also big shoutout to GSC games that created the STALKER series - who have placed a big footprint on many of the Eastern European terrains made in the RV engine. Last but not least, me! I have been working and dedicating a lot of free time for years experimenting with ArmA terrain tools. Though never released anything, I created a lot of projects that never seen the light of day (Unnamed desert map, Implementation of Novigrad in South Zagoria region, Kholodia which this mod hosts a terrain that is atmospherically based on). This mod is unleashed from projects that were started and never finished.

      Left behind is a mod that focuses on player interaction, PVP and the progression of the players' character throughout gameplay. It is intended to forcefully place a player in a situation and continue his character's story from that point and on. The background for this mod is set on an Eastern European Island in the Baltic sea that isn't technologically advanced, with the main business activity being related to agriculture. During the 20th century it was mainly occupied by a Soviet government until the desolation of the USSR so alot of its architecture fits the style of that era. The island had experienced a terrifying event of Radioactive leak from its main power source - a nuclear power plant. An evacuation from the Island was ordered shortly after the leak was discovered, but it was far too late for a few hundreds who hadn't made it to the extraction zones in time. Those who stayed, left behind by the government, had to survive with what was left for them. Cities abandoned, military bases scavenged and most importantly, radioactive material in the air - the civilians left behind must survive under harsh conditions. The mod will place your character a short time after the evacuation attempt, where you are left alone in a post-apocalyptic environment. Mutated enemies are not planned to make an appearance. This leaves most of the focus on player interaction and PVP. The mod is going to manipulate how players will react upon encounters with other players. Shifting the simple kill-on-sight approach to a much more complicated observation. Killing has consequences, the mod will ensure you do not just blindly eliminate other players. That being said, this mod will not be anti-PVP. The map design uses 'psychological choke points', mainly large cities, to endorse the use of force in intimidating locations (think them as 'Dark Zones').
      Some aspects of the character are going to be determined for the players by the system. The players will be identified by a name given to their character upon first spawn, a basic background is also determined (a job for example, farmer will have farmer clothing and spawned near farms - etc..). These aspects are out of the players' control - and the players will have to adapt to them, the will escort their characters until they die. That being said, the players' character is also to be developed throughout gameplay - in addition to shaving (and maybe soft skills?) that are coming to DayZ vanilla - a humanity system of some sorts will also be implemented. The effects of humanity on the character are still undetermined at this point. Also, a player-driven barter system (not system-driven!!!) and hopefully soft-AI is also planned. Base-building is subject to change (waiting on DayZ's take on it).
      The high value loot is not going to be found in military bases, but rather at the heart of larger cities - specifically makeshift evacuation camps made for evacuation and then abandoned. This changes how the combat will differ from the Vanilla survival experience. The map design focuses on simplicity in terms of terrain features, with the main sightings being settlements, meadows, forests and mountains. Most of the open areas are fields of different colors, emphasizing the agricultural background of the Island.

      As final words, I would like to say that this mod doesn't have an official completion day - it will not be released farther than half a year from today. I am going to enlist to the army in Q1 of 2018 - therefore this mod will be released completed or not by then (hopefully SA will integrate modding until then!).
    • By chambersenator
      While modding SA is still a long way off, an BI has not released any official info, specs, or tools for modding SA, I think there is value in having a forum category to start talking about the subject.
      The three main reasons I think it's worth creating now are:
      To have a place for people interested in any of the different aspects of modding SA (be it concepts, coding, animation, or modelling) to share ideas and info, and to bring together people with different skills to combine their efforts. 
        Modeling discussion. Making quality models takes time. A lot of time. Why not use this time while we wait to consider what kinds of assets can be created and tested in ArmA 3 that should hopefully require little to no conversion? If one avoids weapons, vehicles, and certain types of clothing, as they are probably (AFIK) the assets with the most amount of differences in SA from A3, which would lead to a great deal of conversion/porting issues until we know more, that still leaves us with a ton of possible things to create. 
        Discuss the topic of how the player base and BI can work out the best procedure for submitting, collecting, and distributing mods and asset collections. While the end results would end up in the Steam Workshop, figuring out the most efficient ways to get to that point is worth talking about. Take modeling, for example. If there is a way to have a few 'community asset' packs available of player-submitted models that all mods can use, such as 'industrial items,' household items,' and 'farm items,' we can hopefully avoid ending up with 10 different models of the exact same item. Not only would that make detecting and debugging problems easier, but it would also help modelers make a wider selection of items. While it's perfectly fine to have 3 different kinds of coffee pots, for example, having 16 different models for 'loose wires ripped from an old TV' is overkill. Community asset packs also may help address some of the issues/headaches that involve rights/usage/attribution.
    • By Pochacco
      I would love to see the following features added in to dayz standalone.
      -Be able to fold large clothes to save space.
      -spray paint on walls and tree trunks. This way I can leave a msg on the wall for my friends to find me, or mark tree trunks to locate my hidden treasures in the vast forest, or leave death notes for my enemies :)
      -fresh spawn with a Compass instead of a road flare, or in addition to the flare and 1 x rag.
      -boil water to purify it or at least make it safer to drink compared to drinking pond water.
      -a quiver for regular arrows but can hold more than 5 quantities. i think right now there is a quiver for Crossbow bolts only but it can only hold up to 5 bolts...that's not a lot of room. that means the extra bolts will need to be carried on my character which defeats the purpose of having a quiver.
      -also we should be able to make our own quivers out of leather!
      -should introduce chains with lock and key. use the chain to either tie people up, or lock up barrels with the lock and key. and you can only unlock the barrel with the key or crowbar, or a hacksaw/chainsaw.