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Any chance of more features/assets from DayZero being added to the mod?

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DayZero was the best mod of Dayz, period. It ran like a charm, looked really nice and wasn't overloaded with bullshit weapon/vehicle spawns like most, if not all, other mods.

The development on it has ceased since last year, and since we already have the new enterable buildings from it, is there any chance for the other features to be implemented?

None of them "contradict" the experience that vanilla Dayz provides. Most of them (like the new skins, lanterns or ambient and gun sounds) just make you feel much more immersed in the world of Chernarus.

It's probably one of my favourite games, and it would be such a shame if there would be no way to experience DayZero once the servers go down for the last time.

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I can answer the JSRS question - it was considered last summer and while it runs great if you have a good PC, if you have a potato PC, then it kills the server for everyone. Then there is the inevitable discussion about it giving an edge to those who have it. There were some other nitpicky things too.

As far as other dayzero features - can you be more specific? Tansien was generous in allowing the buildings to be used and he brought up his server again, so maybe he'll be available to ask. then you just have to convince r4zor! (and get it coded) Anything is possible. 

The best place to bring this up would be on the dayzmod discord. https://discord.gg/B7UwetE

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