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Nominate Best DayZ Video of 2017

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Hey guys/gals

DayZVideos.com is taking submissions for the Best DayZ video of 2017.  Full details can be found at http://dayzvideos.com/blog/best-dayz-video-2017 

In a nutshell, we will take all submissions for each category, review them among our staff and narrow down each category to three nominations.  We will then setup a public voting system and allow people to vote for their favorite in each category.  The winner from each category will be featured on our website through the end of the year. And of course we will publish the results throughout the DayZ Community.


Good luck everyone!

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Boydy suggested we add an INFOTAINMENT category and we have done so.  Please read the rules linked in the first post and tweet your submissions to us using the correct hashtags.  This will make the process much smoother and is the only way we are taking submissions.  We will cull all submissions for each category down to three, then let the community vote on the winner for each category.  Good luck, and submit, submit, submit!

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I'm posting the rules here.  Anyone can submit their favorite DayZ video... check out the rules and get to submitting those videos!

We are taking nominations for the best DayZ videos of 2017.  Categories and rules are listed below:

Nominate one video from one or more of the following categories:








Same video may be submitted to multiple categories assuming it fits in that category.

Tweet your submissions to us @DayZVideosNow with what category or categories you are submitting for and use #DayZ2017Contest*

Alternative, sign up or our website and submit your videos to the appropriate categories directly.

All nominated videos must have been originally published on or after January 1st, 2017**.

Deadline for submissions is December 11th @ 9:00 PM CST

Our staff will go through all submissions and cull the list to the top 3 videos for each category.

Public voting will begin on December 13th, and go through December 20th. The winners will be announced on December 22nd.

The winning videos will be featured at the top of our website through January 1st, 2018

 *All submitted videos for consideration will also be submitted to DayZVideos.com

**Videos produced by HIHB or it's members are not eligible for consideration.

Good luck to all!

Updates at this link: http://www.dayzvideos.com/blog/best-dayz-video-2017

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