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1 hour ago, Dayton Sorensen Furuya said:

Do helicopter crash sites spawn in .62? I've not found a single one in my travels.

Yes, three per server, randomly allocated across 64 possible sites on the map. You may just have been unlucky.

Crash site hunting takes serious stamina though, and is probably not worth it given the state of the loot. In fact I think it's getting worse - the attachments and ammo that used to spawn inside Mi8 sites (Russian ones), for example, don't seem to appear any more. And guns have been removed because of a concern that people could farm them somehow IIRC.

I think there is also a new dynamic where crash site loot disappears over time - I see a lot of sites with no loot at all.

Gone are the glory days of the late 40s patches, when M4 fetishists like myself would relentlessly site-hunt.

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