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    • By J3B4S
      I got back  to this game after like 1,5 year break. I thought after that long time Bohemia fixed bugs and added more things... well they added some stuff but they added back ZOMBIES as well too! I really don't know WHY you added zombies back if they are more bugged than 3 years ago! I play on servers with 20-30 ping and zombies could hit you while they are running to you from like 2 meters away... also I guess there is like 80% chance for bleeding per one hit WTF?! You can't fight vs zombie like "properly" you getting random hits, they're hitting you without hit animation... xD they can push you like 3 meters while they running , if they crawling they pushing you too... xD One stupid hit can completly destroy your clothes and stuff in pockets... I was looting big airport for last 3 days and I've met nobody,  I was pretty suprissed at start but now I understand why players don't loot the big airport, well I found some pristine jackets and after one fight vs zombie everything was ruined... It is just not worth looting good stuff bc zombies are destroying everything! I UNDERSTAND maybe you want zombies to be a real danger but what sense is there putting zombies with like 80% chance for bleeding?, 50% destroying your stuff, if you can't fight them properly bc of bugged moves ?! I swear when I bought this game like 4-5 years ago, zombies were so much better than now... even if you come to a zombie from behind, sometimes your hit is missing... WTF really?! Hit with axe from behind missing bc of bugged moves? How fair is that ? IM NOT saying zombies should be easy to kill and not dangerous but I WANT proper animations. You want this game to be really realistic so tell me how some dead people with rotting body can destroy MILITARY clothes with two-three hits ? O.o And make your body bleeding through military jacket and vest... ? I really don't understand that... until dead people got steel claws :) but I thought zombies from dayz are like zombies from "the walking dead", not "I am Legend". Plus I didn't know zombies in dayz know parkour tho O.o I was so surprised when zombie was chasing me and jump over the fkn fence like David Belle :) well I'm really disappointed in this game at the moment if zombies "work" so much worse than 5 years  ago. I spent 277 hours in this game so I'm not newbie who moaning about is too hard, but its bullshit if zombies have super skills and players can't kill them without getting injuries and losing equipment. I wish there was a way to kill zombie from behind, quietly like in "survival instinct" ... Now this game for me is completely unplayable.
    • By Magestic

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    • By HIHBGaming
      "Hell In A HandBasket"(AU/US/EU) Hardcore/Regular DayZ
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      HIHBGaming.net (EU) Regular DayZ - The Real Deal
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      HIHBGaming.net (EU) - HardCore For The HardCore
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