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  1. Alpha BIts - my journey through Alpha

    Really enjoyed that Cowboy, looking forward to checking out more of your vids! PS that guys evil laugh at 8:34 when he murdered your buddy had me in stitches :D PPS nice choice of music

    Poor Steve thought he was a scary guy, little did he know who he was messing with :)
  3. DayZ Funny Moments

    You are legendary with that sharp stick, keep up the good work Nomad!
  4. The Village - The Only Way

    Nice work, I must try and find the village next week!
  5. .63 ETA ?

    If a 'typical childish dayz fanboy' is someone who likes wearing in-game different hoodies without cash being extracted from my bank account for the pleasure, then yes- guilty as charged my friend. As for being called a childish dayz fanboy, I am insulted as I am 44 years old. calling me a childish dayz fanman would be much more to the point.
  6. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Yeah but its not like there is only one apple tree in Dayz SA, theres lots of 'em all over the map! As for spam, I haven't found a tin of that in the game yet ;)
  7. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Kopo, have you ever thought that if you have four apple trees with zero apples on any of them them that they might not actually be apple trees? ;)
  8. .63 ETA ?

    100+ dollars for the full H1Z1 experience, wow. Puts things into perspective...
  9. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Thing is, if you pick an apple tree IRL, you are going to find a shitload of apples. Many more than you can carry. So I don't get why some folk are angry about finding lots of apples in apple trees.
  10. BETA Status Report - November 28

    One other thing, and this is a way out thought, read that animal companions are now off the menu which made me think, what if you could start the game as a dog? You could roam the land and team up with other dogs forming big packs and hunting players (like packs of wild dogs do IRL), or of course meeting human players and being their faithful companion! Indulge me :)
  11. BETA Status Report - November 28

    So no major update until some time next year... I am cool with that. As the old saying goes, the best things come to those who wait. I trust the devs to give us an amazing update when it finally arrives, I don't want to play a half baked version of 0.63. The second it releases everyone is going to instantly forget the waiting time anyway, so no need to change course devs, straight ahead full steam!
  12. Suddenly - my legs were broken

    It was me wot broke em, with a bow and arrer

    Dannys sad voice at 4:48 :D Poor bugger was probably having the time of his life looking through those binoculars feeling like a general atop the castle for the most fleeting of moments before the tables so cruelly turned on him...
  14. For people that say the coast is dead now...

    Not sure if you are taking the piss or not, but IMO the south coast on a high pop public server is the highway to hell!

    danny lives to kill another day... and baty will be missed now that she is away! I enjoyed this match made in hell haha!