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  1. For people that say the coast is dead now...

    Not sure if you are taking the piss or not, but IMO the south coast on a high pop public server is the highway to hell!

    danny lives to kill another day... and baty will be missed now that she is away! I enjoyed this match made in hell haha!
  3. For some strange reason, I always enjoyed visiting Kamenka as a fresh spawn in the mod days, Supposedly it should be easier than ever to take a hike there now, due to all the action being at the north end of the map. However, any time I play on a high pop server, the closer I get to Kamenka the crazier it gets, and I hardly ever reach my final destination! I play as the eternal loner, and I am usually hunted down just before I get there. IMO the south coast is even more dangerous than the mod days! People who complain about lack of player interaction, try doing the south coast run as a freshie on a high pop server, that's where the scummiest of dayz players reside!
  4. .63 ETA ?

    IMO, the devs have done an amazing job with this game. To take a mod of an old game to a fully working new version within 5 years? People should be kissing their asses instead of trying to kick their asses.
  5. Too loud wind.

    I kind of like like the cold gale force wind sound. Reminds me of how weak my character is if I don't keep him fed & warm.
  6. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    haha you sticked 'em good dude! That was pure Morgan Jones at 4:13, have some beans
  7. Friendly People

    Its DAYZ's answer to Bonnie & Clyde!
  8. Anyone left who likes jogging instead of sprinting?

    I think the deadlyone spotted my post!
  9. Just wondering, as I popped on a public server earlier on today as I haven't played much in the last few months I was doing the coastal towns loot route, and after my break playing was taken aback by the speed of the sprinters! Not to mention none of them spotted me due to their fast forward playing style, as I jog among the trees, taking in the amazing scenery as I plod along in seemingly slow motion compared to everyone else.
  10. DayZ Song - Chernarus Bay

    catchy tune my good man
  11. JOE JAX

    Keep up the good(bad) work danny, been watching your vids since last year brother, and love 'em to bits! two good men and the friendly Frenchman are my particular faves, even my missus who isn't into Dayz takes time out to watch your stuff! No offence though bro, if I ever bump into you I am running in the opposite direction quick style! That rain soothing the skin quote had the hair on the back of my neck standing lol
  12. Problem

    Justas, is it the standalone or mod you are trying to play? If I remember correctly it was the mod that had the dayz logo in the bottom right hand corner on the start screen

    Ooh you are awful... but I like you!
  14. New heads...

    New heads lookin good!
  15. New heads...

    Love everything about Dayz SA, and almost feel bad about having this minor moan, but is there any chance of adding a few more different playable heads? The original heads all look samey, and the Dean head is also a zed head and the Matt head is baby faced! As a 40 something player it would be nice to have a few older heads to choose from, grey hair, balding and whatnot. As I say a very minor gripe, but are there plans to add to the playable head collection?