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  1. 44 years old, and as friendly as an old hound dog in game, seems to be a thing that we older players like to be the good guys, and the young guns are the bad ones!
  2. if the devs say it isnt ready, it isnt ready. cant believe anyone would question the guys making the damn thing! Its like a baker baking a big sponge cake and a bunch of greedy kids urging him to pull it out of the oven before its ready, and the baker saying "OK then" just to please the greedy kids only for the kids to taste it and spit it out, cos it tastes awful due to it not being given enough time to bake properly! Thankfully the Dev cooks aren't listening to the greedy kids, and as a result that big experimental sponge cake is going to taste so much better when its pulled out of the oven... If nothing else, I bet this post has put you in the mood for a slice of cake :)
  3. I always find it strange when anyone gets bored of this game... been playing since 2013 and the sense of loneliness- constant dread when I play has never left me! I play the basic loner survivor style, but even all these years later I still feel sick with nerves whenever I bump into other players! To players that have to up the tension levels I salute you, you must have nerves of steel!
  4. Dunno what the complainers want for £20 quid on release! You would think with all the moaning that they had spent £200 quid with their list of demands... the game is constantly updated, getting better all the time IMO, but what puts a big smile on my face is the planned inclusion of animal comrades, I prefer to play alone, but it would be cool to have a dog that could warn you with a bark or growl or even a whimper when fellow players are around, would help us loner players no end as an early warning system against bloodthirsty groups, and if would be nice to have some animal company on my travels to the north of the map :) Throw in some random player addictions like booze or cigarettes that means you have to find some other stuff apart from food, water clothes and guns to keep your character happy, and I am in gaming loner heaven!
  5. just tried to log on, what is this THE TEST thingy? Forgive my ignorance peeps!
  6. Only one way to find out old boy, play the game and see for yourself!
  7. If you play the loner style, SA is much better IMO. Thanks to all the enterable buildings, its possible to hide, whereas in the Mod when you were spotted it was too easy to be hunted down. Nothing better than ducking into a building and watching your chaser through a window get the jitters as he/she wonders just what building you disappeared into, or if you are still running in the open! Had a fully geared guy following me once, and what a moment as I turned the tables watching him walking ahead looking for me after I had ducked into a house. Suddenly I had the drop on him as I sneaked out behind him, but let him go as I play to survive at all costs. Add to that finding the right gear to survive the elements and having to find something to open a tin of food? As someone who plays alone to survive, SA ticks all the boxes for me so far.
  8. just click multiplayer on the dayz mod main menu, all the servers are there! No need to install anything
  9. strangely enough? after leaving the SA alone for a while I jump back in and there are NO zeds. I find myself liking it! SA right now has the feeling of how things might be after the zombie epidemic has passed, and suddenly its how do the survivors react in this now zed free world... I will enjoy it before the new and improved zeds invariably make their comeback just when we think the world is safe again...
  10. I have never understood the base building aspect when it comes to playing Dayz- so the world has been overrun by infected and only the few survive, empty buildings everywhere but people would instead choose to build new structures from scratch instead of just cleaning out a ready made building? Didn't happen in the best zed films and shouldn't happen in Dayz either, Standalone OR Mod.
  11. bro, I wasn't calling you scared lol, I meant that I thought when you had a lump in your throat that you sounded quite emotional after you left them behind, and it made for a great end of series vid.
  12. Well done on completing your journey, just watched the last episode and I thought you were going to finally run out of luck when those two guys spotted you, methinks you had a wee lump in your throat when they let you go on! Was a good watch brother :thumbsup:
  13. crowbar man put up one helluva fight!
  14. haha, brilliant :)
  15. So that's a big yes then ;)