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  1. SIMPLY SURVIVING DayZ 0.63 Gameplay Part 2 | NomadGaming

    haha Nomad still kickin ass I see even without your pointy stick!
  2. DAYZ: End of the Road

    Well acted guys, an intense 7 minutes! Felt a bit bad for the soldier looking dude though, he was only trying to help!
  3. Brothers

    Interesting twist, watching the French bad lads trying to outsmart the ultimate badass dannyboyy. Well played sir!
  4. .63 ETA ?

    I respect Hall too, but he left on his own terms ages ago. IMO he left his project in good hands, as an older player with patience I choose to enjoy the development rather than get impatient about it. Take a moment to think about how much better the game is from day one to how it plays today, its like comparing night to day. All this moaning about something that cost 20 quid! :D
  5. SAVAGE - DayZ Standalone

    TBH I don't know as I play alone and I am happy when I find a shotgun and shells, chasing the best guns doesn't suit me as I am always the ultimate average player good guy just travelling trying to survive. Just this once though I had a few beers, and when I approached the police station stick in hand and heard the footsteps I thought "ITS NOMAD TIME" and tried to wipe the guy out and got my ass handed to me :D Anyway just watched your braindead vid and thought it was epic, one of the best Dayz vids I have watched since the mod days.
  6. SAVAGE - DayZ Standalone

    I tried to do a 'Nomad' a couple of weeks ago and took on an armed player with my trusty stick outside a police station, failed miserably and died in a hail of bullets! Love the vids, keep 'em coming bro
  7. Alpha BIts - my journey through Alpha

    Really enjoyed that Cowboy, looking forward to checking out more of your vids! PS that guys evil laugh at 8:34 when he murdered your buddy had me in stitches :D PPS nice choice of music

    Poor Steve thought he was a scary guy, little did he know who he was messing with :)
  9. DayZ Funny Moments

    You are legendary with that sharp stick, keep up the good work Nomad!
  10. The Village - The Only Way

    Nice work, I must try and find the village next week!
  11. .63 ETA ?

    If a 'typical childish dayz fanboy' is someone who likes wearing in-game different hoodies without cash being extracted from my bank account for the pleasure, then yes- guilty as charged my friend. As for being called a childish dayz fanboy, I am insulted as I am 44 years old. calling me a childish dayz fanman would be much more to the point.
  12. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Yeah but its not like there is only one apple tree in Dayz SA, theres lots of 'em all over the map! As for spam, I haven't found a tin of that in the game yet ;)
  13. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Kopo, have you ever thought that if you have four apple trees with zero apples on any of them them that they might not actually be apple trees? ;)
  14. .63 ETA ?

    100+ dollars for the full H1Z1 experience, wow. Puts things into perspective...
  15. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Thing is, if you pick an apple tree IRL, you are going to find a shitload of apples. Many more than you can carry. So I don't get why some folk are angry about finding lots of apples in apple trees.