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Sprint & Exhaustion Periods .63 Stamina VS Alternative

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TO MODS/ADMINS: I checked thru other posts already to see if there was an appropriate spot for me to add this and I wasn't too sure where'd it would fit nicely so I apologize. Didn't feel too good to put this huge addition under another thread I guess. However, MODS/ADMINS it's your choice, do what you'd like. :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can be in sprint mode for 60 seconds. 
But only 30 of those seconds is full sprint speed. 
The other 30 is a slow decline to jogging speed as you get tired. 

If you push yourself to the full 60 you get to run faster for longer until you eventually slow down to jogging speed but you have to regenerate for longer too. 

If you push yourself past 61+ seconds, character becomes exhausted. You are forced to jog slower and you have to rest in place with an exhaustion animation for 5 seconds to start full 60 regen. You also would have the option to lay down instead of stand up exposed during these 5 seconds.

Overall Healthy-ness/thirst/hunger and weight/gear would of course be factors to this system. 

Read more to learn more!

.63 Stamina WIP VS Alternative:

.63 sprinting is at 4:55 in the video.

In the .63 game demo. The character would run for about 20 seconds before having to instantly go back to jogging speed/animation. I know this is WIP. Honestly I would bump that up to 30 seconds instead of 20.

So I thought about this...
It shouldn't be a run for 30 seconds and instantly come to a halt back to regular jogging if you don't want to. It should be a gradual decrease after that point. It would need animations and player effects to connect each level of exhaustion.

Your character will sprint for 30 seconds full speed. 

You can now choose to regain your 30 second full sprint speed period over a 30 second regeneration period of jogging/holding still or...

...you can continue to push your character to sprint 30 more seconds after the initial full speed sprint but during these 30 extra seconds the character will gradually decrease to jogging speed as it gets more tired. Every second you add, adds to your default 30 second regeneration. and if you push your character past the extra 30 seconds, say 32 seconds, in total your character has now ran for 62 seconds, character gets too exhausted and is forced to run at lower than regular jogging speed until it rests with it's hands on it's knees or laying down for 5 seconds.

So in total you could run for 60 seconds before being forced to jogging speed. But only 30 seconds of that is full sprint speed and the rest is a slow decline. And if you go too far you could end up out of breath and completely exhauseted and needing a short rest..

I think this would lead to some interesting or dynamic situations. For instance if you are being chased by another player.

If you decide to jog after your full sprint speed of 30 seconds, you're opponent can still push beyond those 30 seconds to gain some distance on you while you wait for 30 seconds for your full sprint time to regen. During this time your opponent is getting more tired/slower but could get just the amount of distance gain to get a nice shot on you. But then you could trick him/her and stop only half way thru your regeneration at 15 seconds and now your opponent has to wait 45 seconds to gain his full sprint. Putting you at an advantage for those 15 full sprint seconds you regenerated. 

Or an un-experienced survivor could push themselves too far and result in getting into the out of breath cool down period. 

I think it'd be a nice push & pull stamina system.


In .63 from what we see so far, a fresh spawn sprints for about 20 seconds before getting tired and recovers his sprint for even longer. So if you'd ask me. The current .63 stamina has no room at all for heavier geared survivors.

Is a geared player going to only be able to sprint for only 15, 10 seconds or less or something? That's a bit much.

I think it should be based on 2 parts. Overall healthy-ness/thirst/hunger and gear/weight. I also have 2 parts of my stamina idea these would affect, the full sprint period and the exhaustion decline.

1.) Sprint period affected by Healthy-ness/thirst/hunger. 
2.) Exhaustion decline affected by Weight/gear.


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This is pretty good. I like the idea of gradually decreasing sprint speed AND blending it to the jogging animation the longer you sprint. 

34 minutes ago, afk18boh said:

I think it'd be a nice push & pull stamina system.

This is especially a good point.

Now for actual sprint value and duration i can't say as that would be something the devs will have to tweak based on feedback from players.

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I'm all in favor of a complex stamina system as well.  I think it'll force some hard decisions, especially during combat and for those lugging heavy things around like barrels and tents for camps - and (eventually) how it'll integrate into base-building fabrication.  Stamina advantage/disadvantage should create some genuinely interesting interactions along the coast (much needed imo), where the freshies may have an endurance advantage over more kitted players.  We might now look at players in the distance more closely before engaging, checking out his loadout for example to determine not only what weapon he's carrying - but how much weight he might be carrying too.   Does he rest a little too frequently?  Based on my own endurance versus what I perceive his to be ... should I wait for this player to leave the city and go into the forest before engaging him?   Would that give me any advantage?- or would it favor him?   More choices and decisions = more fun!

IMO a complex stamina/weight/health/endurance system is a real game changer.   I'm curious what ideas the devs have implemented already into .63 and very excited to see what we're going to get in the first iteration!

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@afk18boh You see, it was a good thing to post your idea here in the Official Forum.

I like the idea too. it gives you more options and choices.

IMO will allow the Staminasystem a lot of frustrated players to speak because the game suddenly becomes more difficult. (yes, the soft mass in our skulls must work again ..).


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