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Steam is stuck and this needs to be uninstalled.

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I had this game installed a while ago by steam. Played for a while, stopped playing, and now Steam cn't see that it is in the main download folder. I will attach screenshots of it. The game doesn't show in steam but it is installed on the computer. I need to get this off! The shaded means it isn't installed.

sw23Dxq.png epY2CYD.png

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On 7/8/2017 at 10:12 PM, Zyriun said:

Couldn't you delete the files manually?



I've tried everything I know. Even tried manually changing my perms for it in the properties menu. Nothing seems to work. I'll just have to clear out some space on my HDD and try installing and uninstalling. Thanks.

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Try this. I've had similar issues before when I reformatted my main drive. This will let you take full ownership of the folder and every file within it. The method of taking ownership through the Properties menu often doesn't work.

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