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Cannot Play DayZ Because Virus:

Hello everyone, I simply cannot play DayZ because a virus has infected my dnsapi.dll (located in System32). I would love to play this game yet i cannot because BattleEye keeps detecting something wrong with it, it gives an error in little to no detail but i know this is the case because my antivirus told me there was an issue.

Q: "Why don't you delete it then."

A: "I cannot because the PC depends on dnsapi.dll to have internet, (which cannot be replaced without fresh install of windows. sfc /scannow does not work for me either).

I suggest you (the Dev's of DayZ) to please address this issue because BattleEye detects an issue with the file in question, (I don't even understand why this checks a dll that isn't in the directory of DayZ, especially if it is a dependency for windows mostly, or isn't injected).

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from somebody about this issue as i'd love to have the game I payed for, at least... playable?!



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On 3/17/2017 at 11:52 AM, Just Caused said:

Re-format your whole hard drive? You get faster PC and you can play DayZ once again. Win-win.

Good luck with a box store computer if that's the case, lol.

You're right though I don't use any protection beyond windows firewall and just re-organise, store pics externaly, etc. and wipe my machine every year or so, it helps with performance and you don't end up screwed if your HD has a mechanical failure. 

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