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Archon DayZ | 150 Veh | DZAI | DZMS Missions | GMT+10

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Archon DayZ | 150 Veh | DZAI | DZMS Missions | GMT+10


Time zone is GMT+10 with full-moon nights on


150 vehicle max. Most newly spawned vehicles are likely to need work and gas before they’ll move. 150 is the theoretical maximum number. Typically, there will be less than the max. The average number seems to be around 130, give or take.


Side-channel is on and intended for text chat only. Voice chat is not allowed in side-channel but can be used either direct or vehicle channels.


Join our Discord at https://discord.me/ArchonDayz


DZAI Roaming AI


Air, wheeled, and dynamic foot patrol AI Bandits groups are on the prowl. Their skill level and gear varies. If you’re in or near a town, there’s a decent chance you’ll see them. However, they can literally pop up anywhere. Even if you are in the middle of the woods no where close to any town, they could still show up. Nowhere is safe.


DZMS AI Missions


Recently added and somewhat customized. The Mission AI are more skilled/deadly than the roaming AI. The mission objectives can be found anywhere inside the red shaded area on the map that shows-up when there is an active mission. The AI do patrol a pretty wide area around the actual mission objective. Use caution even if you don’t see them at first.


Other settings:


3rd Person: On
Death Messages: Off
Tagging: Off
Waypoints: On if you have a GPS
Crosshair: Off
Map Plotting: Off
Spawn Selection: On


Archon DayZ is NOT a Vanilla DayZ Server, just to be clear. Our goal is to strike a balance between ‘reality’ and fun. There are plenty of vehicles to be had across the map, but most will need some work before they run. The AI has proven to be challenging even for skilled DayZ players. Low player count does not necessarily guarantee safe looting. The lower the number of players, the more likely AI will pop up in your neighborhood. Also, we do have nighttime on our server, which will make it nearly impossible to see without a light source or NVG if it is a cloudy night.


Visit our Discord for full list of server rules and feel free to ask admins whatever questions you might have.

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Discord  ArchonDayZ- Terms of service [May 2017]: << .. You may have to pay a fee to use certain features of the Service or to obtain Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods. The Service may include an opportunity to obtain virtual currency ("Virtual Currency") or virtual goods ("Virtual Goods") that may require you to pay a fee using legal tender (that is, "real money") to obtain the Virtual Currency or Virtual Goods.  .. etc .. >>


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