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  1. ??? No idea what you're talking about pilgrim...
  2. Updated server info, just in case someone actually looks here for servers...
  3. That depends on what the problem is...
  4. Archon DayZ | 150 Veh | DZAI | DZMS Missions | GMT+10 Time zone is GMT+10 with full-moon nights on 150 vehicle max. Most newly spawned vehicles are likely to need work and gas before they’ll move. 150 is the theoretical maximum number. Typically, there will be less than the max. The average number seems to be around 130, give or take. Side-channel is on and intended for text chat only. Voice chat is not allowed in side-channel but can be used either direct or vehicle channels. Join our Discord at https://discord.me/ArchonDayz DZAI Roaming AI Air, wheeled, and dynamic foot patrol AI Bandits groups are on the prowl. Their skill level and gear varies. If you’re in or near a town, there’s a decent chance you’ll see them. However, they can literally pop up anywhere. Even if you are in the middle of the woods no where close to any town, they could still show up. Nowhere is safe. DZMS AI Missions Recently added and somewhat customized. The Mission AI are more skilled/deadly than the roaming AI. The mission objectives can be found anywhere inside the red shaded area on the map that shows-up when there is an active mission. The AI do patrol a pretty wide area around the actual mission objective. Use caution even if you don’t see them at first. Other settings: 3rd Person: On Death Messages: Off Tagging: Off Waypoints: On if you have a GPS Crosshair: Off Map Plotting: Off Spawn Selection: On Archon DayZ is NOT a Vanilla DayZ Server, just to be clear. Our goal is to strike a balance between ‘reality’ and fun. There are plenty of vehicles to be had across the map, but most will need some work before they run. The AI has proven to be challenging even for skilled DayZ players. Low player count does not necessarily guarantee safe looting. The lower the number of players, the more likely AI will pop up in your neighborhood. Also, we do have nighttime on our server, which will make it nearly impossible to see without a light source or NVG if it is a cloudy night. Visit our Discord for full list of server rules and feel free to ask admins whatever questions you might have.
  5. Trick or treat? Zombies don't play 'dat. You have to be strong to survive on our server. Think that LOUD AK is blessing? Only so far two clips will get those who can't shoot. More likely, it will just get you killed one way or another. If not by the zombies who can hear an AK from a mile away, you'll meet you're doom at the hands of even keener players who won't care if you're a noob. Join the action on AngryZ!
  6. It's Halloween weekend! It's also the end of daylight savings time in the US meaning we fall-back one hour. A perfect chance to spend some extra time with a mess of your favorite undead friends. Slide on over to AngryZ and join the action. The server is mostly 'out-of-the-box' DayZ, almost Vanilla but not quite. For example, you start with some decent gear. Most of the changes are small. Good stuff can be hard to find, but that's the way it should be. But you might get lucky (won't know until you try, right?). Vehicles are rare and any that you find will likely require work to get moving. The zombies pack some punch. Don't get yourself caught up in a horde with no good escape plan. That would likely be the end of your character's life. How strong are you? How long can you survive? Join us this Halloween and find out.
  7. Can you battle the horde and survive? They're waiting for you! Come and have a go!
  8. Solid weekend with some zombie action. Come and join the fray!
  9. Server is going to re-open after some overnight maintenance at 8pm EST this evening. We just did a DB wipe, so Chernarus has been 'reset'. Great time to come in and get started on the ground floor!
  10. Join us for Saturday night! We'll be playing in the honor of a fallen brother!
  11. Thanks Phase! I will be reviewing the logs and taking appropriate action. Yes, we have unfortunately had a few hackers to deal with lately. I have unfortunately been out of town the last couple days and didn't see this until this morning. I have restored the server to it's last known good state. My apologies to anyone who lost anything. But you can thank the hackers for that.
  12. Join us in Zedland.Just don't let the zombies kick your a--.
  13. A fishing tournament? In DayZ? Anything can and will happen. Join us tonight for more fun!
  14. The zombies are waiting for you... Come on, give it a try!