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  1. There's nothing anyone can do for you - you blew it now deal with the consequences
  2. Sorry that Dbag, was the first one ya met 8X Hope the rest were nicer
  3. The downloads from the launcher have never been fast for me I just let them run overnight if I recall and even then had to verify and repair a couple -
  4. Its not done being worked on, im sure it will be adjusted
  5. Them being french has little to do with anything - dbags come in all nationalities, religions, races, classes yadda yadda
  6. Nice video - good to see nice folks in Dayz 8)
  7. Im stuck in some form of rock/debris formation - cant commit suicide - what are my options other then starving myself to death (stable)
  8. Why do people store cars next to their barrels? Ill never understand that
  9. Try looting somewhere other then the coast
  10. you can always do the torso back n forth "friendly" signal -
  11. More beer is required 8X