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  1. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    Whats to stop people from simply saying "it wasn't what I expected" for every early access game they buy - I should try that with my beer drink the case then return the bottles and tell them it wasn't what I expected 8P I think there's a steam rule in place that says if you played under 2 hours you can get a refund?
  2. The THIRST and HUNGER problems.

    Just wait a bit till they put a couple patches out im sure it will be addressed - then come back to play - after all it is just a barebones experimental version of an alpha game
  3. What I Think Players Really Want

    Give it time - although I dont think aircraft of any sort will ever be easy to find and repair - cept in a modded version
  4. Is this even a game at this point?

    So you decided to play a game in alpha and at that a barebones EXPERIMENTAL version of that alpha and you're not happy with it - thats a shocker
  5. Need Downloading Help

    People use DZLauncher for the mod last I checked - or you can just find servers via steam choosing the multiplayer option and i want to say arrowhead but I could be wrong on that
  6. How to make DayZ run again

    Meaning that all games have an initial base of players who buy the game because they liked the idea or saw gameplay what have you - most of those base players arent coming back no matter what you do, this is the historical pattern of games - Dayz is just fine as "it is" you cant make players come back because you add some features that change the game this doesnt work historically - the only thing that might bring a significant amount players to the game would be advertising and or price reductions along with said advertising - sure you might get a few extras to try it out if you also add some features but you will also alienate a large number of base players that like "dayz" as it is
  7. How to make DayZ run again

    I havent played PUBG but its popularity isnt based on how it "is" its based on people who bought it - millions buy mcdonalds everyday that doesnt mean its good or desirable to everyone who eats elsewhere - however everyone is free to buy what they like, I bought dayz because I like it im not interested in pubg - Im glad you like pubg why not play that instead of suggesting dayz become more like it?
  8. Almost done with this game

    These "people" exist in all games - good luck avoiding them - stick em in the face with a stick next time it happens
  9. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    I would settle for common sense like Australia but nooo, oh well I can keep hoping my country wakes up
  10. I used to get out of buildings i was stuck in by logging next to a wall that was facing outside the house - when the game started loading I would just keep hitting the W key which would make my character run forward before the house loaded properly
  11. Hello all im looking for an epoch server that has roaming AI as well as AI on foot - anyone know of any?
  12. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    Usual story of complainers being heard the most because they tend to post,troll,compare - I love the game but never made any review of it, im guessing most who do like the game dont post reviews Overall I notice most people need a reason as to "why" they are no longer playing a game they like, as if its some sort of relationship they are in and either create reasons as to why they no longer play or spout reasons based on gameplay which they were happily accepting during their "honeymoon" phase, when the reality is they simply need to take a break and maybe its forever but I have yet to play a game that hasnt become new again when I start playing it down the road