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  1. Almost done with this game

    These "people" exist in all games - good luck avoiding them - stick em in the face with a stick next time it happens
  2. Australia Votes "Yes!" on same sex marriage.

    I would settle for common sense like Australia but nooo, oh well I can keep hoping my country wakes up
  3. I used to get out of buildings i was stuck in by logging next to a wall that was facing outside the house - when the game started loading I would just keep hitting the W key which would make my character run forward before the house loaded properly
  4. Hello all im looking for an epoch server that has roaming AI as well as AI on foot - anyone know of any?
  5. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    Usual story of complainers being heard the most because they tend to post,troll,compare - I love the game but never made any review of it, im guessing most who do like the game dont post reviews Overall I notice most people need a reason as to "why" they are no longer playing a game they like, as if its some sort of relationship they are in and either create reasons as to why they no longer play or spout reasons based on gameplay which they were happily accepting during their "honeymoon" phase, when the reality is they simply need to take a break and maybe its forever but I have yet to play a game that hasnt become new again when I start playing it down the road
  6. Refund

    Ya I want my money back for those cookies I ate last week I mean really in retrospect they werent that great
  7. Problem

    Sounds like a resolution issue to me are you playing fullscreen or windowed?
  8. Nice interaction 8)
  9. bad joke

    Wait didnt you say the other player was safe in a house with a closed door and you opened said door and let the zombies in ? And your pissed because he laughed?
  10. add more clothings and household item spawns

    Where are you looting? the coast is almost always looted out move inland preferably to smaller less popular towns
  11. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    If you find lewt that hard to find on "experimental" (btw maybe you really shouldnt be playing on exp given your complaining, its experimental ffs) maybe your on the coast?
  12. people would just turn up the gamma 8P
  13. Experimental .62 - Encounter in Sosnovka

    Yes iam - however what music is liked by who is totally subjective - im not bashing the guy just saying it doesnt work for me thats all - I prefer no music whatsoever but thats just my personal thing