DayZ Standalone - The Mosin-Nagant Sniper

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3rd person, killing unarmed players in a large group.

I will stand by my first impression that you are a horrible person you have a mic, use direct chat ask people tie them up and take what you want directly from their inventory.

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I never want you as my team mate, you dont even realize how inaccurate the handgun is and you kill your buddy when they told you not to shoot.

Exactly, this is dayZ not COD. Pistols have range and bullets travel where the barrel is pointing.

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Do you know where the mosin nagant spawns?

I found it mostly in normal houses. It is just rare and people tend to always take it... that's why you don't see many lying around.




Regarding the thing with the pistol - that was some proper bullshit, not the OPs fault. The pistol WAS NOT pointing at the person who ended up getting shot and a pistol is NOT that inaccurate, that's simply impossible.

My take: they didn't yet add the pistol-swaying-animation due to exhaustion, but the effects are already in.

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