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[FIXED] You were kicked off the game. (Battleye SetVariabe Value Restriction #99)

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I've been playing my DayZ game recently and the error in the title keeps coming up when I join a server. My character never spawns, it just go's right to this message. Please Helpl!

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FIXED: I have fixed this problem, simply by going on Arma 2 and Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and changing the name back to the one DayZ originally gave me. I guess the variable was your name XD

Sorry about not getting back to you guys, I was too busy playing the awesome game

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    • By cmk950003
      About 1 hour ago i have been trying to join a overpooch server and i am getting this issue
    • By qww
      irl your view is restricted in a motorcycle helmet, and it would be cool to see that letterbox view and also side view restriction, and look up/down restriction.
      (maybe same type of thing would apply with gas mask, or any headgear)
      would love to see this in the game somehow.

      this 1st pic would be standard view looking forward,(player is crouched in pic)

      this second pic would be looking over your left shoulder using alt, (player is crouched in pic)
      looking up or down would slightly increase the border size on top or bottom of screen,
      alt look should also be decreased, with motorcycle helmet, you should not be able to turn your head so far around,
      it should not be possible to sprint for long wearing motorcycle helmet, or it should deyhdrate you faster
      also hearing should be reduced or muffled, and breathing sound should be increased or changed with an effect to make it sound as it would.
    • By sniperdoc
      I don't know if this has been addressed yet, but I believe it should looked at in detail as there is some conflicting data.

      Items in DayZ really have slot sizes that contradict what we can do in real life. A soft hat currently takes up two slots while comparatively a 10-round magazine takes up one slot. Military packs designed specifically to carry 30-rd magazines in special pockets, require 2 slots for those mags? Shirts and pants that can be rolled up no bigger than a beanie take up 4 slots? It needs re-evaluation.

      Detailed explanation:
      Just for some background, I was a Navy FMF Corpsman with the U.S. Marines for 4 1/2 years and I've done my share of humping a pack and then some. Generally FMF Corpsman have to carry the standard gear that Marines have to pack, but on top of that, they also have to pack their medic bag, which in my day, was a Unit 5, which is its OWN backpack.

      I was attached with 3/5 STA platoon, and we had our own packs called Mountain Rucks (not like the mountain rucks in DayZ, it looked more like the Hunters Backpack) that carried 3 times what the standard Marine's Alice Pack could carry. So, not only was my standard pack bigger and heavier than a Marines, but on top of this I placed my Unit 5, which was about as big as an Alice Pack.
      So... getting to the nitty gritty...

      Why are magazines 2 inventory slots? All the magazines should take up 1 slot, even the dualies, unless we're talking a box magazine for an LMG.
      Why are some soft covers such as the beanies or radar cap taking up two slots, when other more solid hats take up 1?
      Why are pants and shirts taking up 4 slots, when I can roll up pants or shirts to take up the same amount of space as a black beanie. At most they should take up 2 slots.

      Hard covers SHOULD take up 4 slots, same with the ammo cans, med kits, defibrillator and protective cases. I totally agree with this. Same goes for the cowboy hats and shoes/boots.

      Vests, such as the ballistic vests or combat vests probably should take up 4 to 6 slots, considering that some have ballistic plate inserts or they may be thicker and can't be folded.

      Pistols should probably only take up 2 to 3 slots. Leaning more towards the 3 slots. I think it would make for interesting inventory management if an item took up 3 slots (like a square 4 slot item, except one corner slot is missing).

      Gas masks generally should probably take up 4 slots, however, most gas masks come in a carrier that you carry outside of your pack, on your legs. So, maybe an additional carrier that can be added to hold the gas mask.

      Also, something that should be addressed is the ability to carry two rifles. It wasn't uncommon for our Marine weapons company guys to carry a mortar tube, plate, or stand on top of their pack, or a MG and its tripod on top of a pack, while carrying their personal rifle slung on their shoulder or in front of them. So, two rifles, certainly doable. Should there be a balancing so someone's not walking around with an arsenal... sure. Get rid of the ability to carry a fireman's axe AND two rifles. Would and SHOULD weight become a factor when running... absolutely!

      Now as far as clothing is concerned, I understand that in some instances it would be difficult for the artist to fit a proper image into an item slot. But I think the argument in this case is a poor one. We're sacrificing reality because of an artist's constraints to portray an item nicely? For example, fitting the image of a shirt onto 2 slots, could be horizontal 2 slots and show a folded shirt.

      I think we can do better than the current slot arrangements and it shouldn't be too hard to implement... and hell... you give your 2d artist some work. :)