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  1. lex__1

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    Can do it was the group of four players? Two players were in parallel in the area, on other server, and jumped on the server after the message of the two first players. It could take less time.
  2. lex__1

    Questions re moving steam and dayz

    All personal files of a game and settings are in the DayZ folder on the way - C:\Users\Имя\Documents\DayZ. Their location does not change, and does not depend on that from where there is a start of a game. But, just in case, I always have the copy of this folder in the safe section of a disk, for reserve restoration. It is not obligatory to transfer Steam to a new disk, it is possible to transfer only files of a game to a new disk. You can use the Steam tool for transfer of files of a game on other disk or in other folder in two steps. 1. To add the new folder to Steam library: - Steam> settings> loadings> folders of Steam library> to create the new folder on a new disk. 2. To replace the folder of installation of a game: Steam > click at the game the right mouse button > properties> local files > to replace the folder of installation > to choose the folder created in the 1st stage. To wait for the end of process of transfer of files of a game in Steam.
  3. lex__1

    Ban Appeal

  4. lex__1

    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    The way of search loot by the player - depends on logic of a system of emergence of loot. Now emergence of loot has the broken logic, or spam. Often reproduces identical loot, across all territory of emergence of loot. As the system is broken by spam, the player does not have sense to spend a lot of time for search of desirable loot and to move from one point of emergence of loot to another. The player has a sense - reproduction of loot on one point of emergence of loot. Still the problem with logic of emergence of loot seems to eat. I play the third evening on the server where the system gets stuck on any category loot. Even after restart of the server, there is a high probability to find identical loot on all points, in any point of a travel. The logic of emergence of loot has to reproduce evenly all range of loot, on all points of the territory of the card. All loot can be divided into several categories: - loot military appointment - loot of civil appointment - loot of sports appointment - loot of economic appointment - loot of general purpose Emergence of loot has to correspond to category of territories more likely. Example - the player should not find on loot military base of civil appointment. Can be an exception points which belong to transit of freights, marine and railway transport, points of protection and hunting. Loot of general purpose can appear in any territory. Why the player travels much, passes from one settlement to another, and finds loot in everyone (I exaggerate): 50 - small lamp 100 - ropes 100 - shirts .....or similar ?
  5. I traveled around settlements yesterday, looked for burlap in sheds to make a camouflage on a rifle. In all sheds I found only a rope, sometimes two in one shed )))
  6. It becomes similar to option without a possibility of the choice of options. Any version of Arma, the CTI Server, or other card, can provide to the player more choice for the character and his experience. DayZ has to be as DayZ but not DayPvP and to provide the versions of game scenarios. There should not be a situation when the player finds repetition on all servers. To come into a game, to receive: - long \short way to PvP - long but boring hermit's life. To make the decision not to participate in PvP. Not with guarantee, it is more similar to the first option, but very long way to PvP. In fact, it is one option for a game where concentration only on PvP. It can not suit the most part of players, because of an uzkost of options of succession of events in a game. From a part, it creates for some players the next servers empty, unfortunately there is such subject. Whom everything suits in a game, night time introduces amendments, and a half of fans of PvP leave a game.
  7. I noted it at once. I do not speak about myself, I speak about those who for the first time comes to a game. To get good experience in a game about "Zombie", to estimate and accept nuances of a game, the player needs to spend many hours in a game. If all game is directed to usual Piu-Piu, very often new players receive negative impressions of a long stage of a game (search of equipment and weapon) - for short Piu-Piu in PvP. If to consider process of survival in a game of the new player, then he will make many campaigns from the coast. There is no scenario or the purpose in a game, only PvP. Where does survival in the world of "zombie", it pass into the background of the scenario of a game? In a game all attention of skilled players switches to control of points of search of equipment, or the coastline, for shooting of less equipped players. It needs to be diluted with something, some other interesting tasks for skilled are necessary. Approach and distribution of the zombie has to pose more threat for skilled players, than guys from the coast.
  8. I do not have much time playing in DayZ, as you have. But during my game, I have repeatedly come across a situation where players "hunters" commit deception. They ask for help in any city, the person corresponds with him, agrees to come to the rescue and gets a bullet at the meeting. There are so many ways of cheating that the level of distrust of players is reduced to almost zero. Almost any chance encounter ends with a shootout. I can not say that this happens on all servers, but I do not exclude the proliferation of such methods of deception. I corresponded with one server administrator and could not convince him to change the rules of the game on the server, with respect to such techniques. You understand what kind of nonsense, in the rules of the game on the server, the use of game bugs is prohibited - since this is a hoax for the purpose of obtaining an advantage, and cheating as a tactic is not prohibited. I am certainly not surprised. But as for new players, there is a big chance to get a negative experience in the game, negative impressions about the game, before the player has time to make acquaintances, to get experience in communicating with the help of communication tools in the game or other communication programs. Perhaps I exaggerate the significance of this task. Everyone plays on different servers, I would like to know: - Is this practice of deception as a tactic often encountered by players on servers? - Is there a penalty in the rules on servers for similar behavior of players?
  9. lex__1

    can't compile game script module

    The reasons causing such errors can be different: - OS issue and updates - Problem in device drivers - Viruses - Antivirus program You can ask a question here or find a solution to existing questions.
  10. Each player has the right to position himself in relation to others as he wants. There are many players who wish to survive at the expense of others who live on the looting of corpses. But at the moment there is a disadvantage, in the desire of players to position themselves as a “defender” or “assistant”. The bad guys kill everyone, the good guys have to shoot everyone. Guys who want to play the role of "defender" - are deprived of the opportunity to defend their life position, since the existing game logic does not allow the player to assess the life position of another player in a timely manner. All friendly gestures, chat, voice communication only exacerbate the position of the "defender", not giving him the right to quickly assess the personality of the player. Playing on a server where there is no hunting for bad guys loses the prospects of players to position themselves as a “defender”.
  11. Once, I played DayZ on Arma2, I remember how it was. But Arma was my main game. I like the transformation of the new DayZ. But there is some feeling of lack of player communication in the game. The situations are related to how the players see each other in the game, their behavior and the actions in the game that affect others. In the game, the overall situation is greatly aggravated. A very high level of mistrust between players creates a catastrophic, partly uncontrollable situation. Recently there was a fun and at the same time sad situation. The guys in the chat decided to unite, wrote who is where, where their meeting will take place. They walked for a long time to each other, 40-50 minutes. Their meeting was supposed to unite efforts for the common fishing in a friendly company. It all ended sadly, considering that each of them knew who and what clothes they were wearing. The reason was that at the time of the meeting, they could not understand who sees whom, and killed each other in beautiful fire. The realization that something went wrong came later. In life, we have much more sensations and external signs, external features. We are able to recognize a person from far away, in whatever he was dressed, if not disguised. I understand that to reproduce any semblance of this in the game is difficult. So there must be other available methods. For example, I position myself as a friend in the game, and am ready to help the same players in different situations. In the game, I must somehow understand this. I can't even understand in the game, the player needs help, or I have to wait for zombies or bounty hunters to finish him off. This situation is not very convenient for players with the same life position. It turns out that it is easier to position yourself as a hunter, and without thinking to shoot anyone you meet. For example, at the entrance to the server, I will have to choose who I am - "bounty hunter" or "protector." The defender should have an advantage over the hunter, in terms of assessing situations of friendly communication with the same defenders.
  12. I consider it wrong, the position of the player in the game, due to the lack of information about potential opponents in the game. When they kill me, I can't see who did it (or does it depend on the server settings?). Even if I found out who killed me, other players wrote it to me. When I see a player, I cannot identify a player from a distance. All are practically dressed the same. Any opportunity to understand - whom I see, without coming into direct contact with the player, to maintain their stealth, and not to let the player know that he is discovered. The only way to find out what his name is, kill a player and read in the chat whom did you kill? After that I don’t want to kill all those who meet, without making or waiting for negotiations. I can kill tomorrow the one who helped me yesterday. Who has any opinions and suggestions on this? I think this is not a positive feature in the game's scenario. I understand that there are players who always hunt for everyone, and he does not need friendly contacts, gestures, and so on. But it has a number of negative developments in mass behavior, turn all players into hunters. Can friendly gestures be superfluous in this game or can it be required for further development? I hope you understand the train of thought. The negative karma of one player should not affect the massacres, cover all players throughout Chernorussia.
  13. lex__1

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    Of course, the video has excellent artistic performance. It is very interesting to watch to get an idea about the game. Excellent advertising game. But this may be the subject of claims, as there are many details in the video of which does not exist in the game, or cannot be reproduced in the game: - making your own signboard ads - device attractive traps using zombies. Perhaps animal meat or blood, from an airtight container, can attract zombies to their destination from the neighborhood, just like it attracts sharks. (I am trying to present a reconstruction of the episode with three locked in a room.) - homemade items of defense and attack etc. Or are there plans to develop this? Perhaps I am mistaken about such a reaction of the consumer.
  14. lex__1

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    As I think. Difficult tasks in the game for one player, suggest to unite efforts of several players, for easier achievement of these tasks. Perhaps the game requires a mechanism for creating groups, taking into account the number of players in a group. This should affect the robustness of the base. The base built by a group of three people can be successfully attacked by another group of at least three people. But not everything should be easy for the group; perhaps more difficult conditions are needed for mining by the group in the cities. Any idea needs to be calculated and built dependencies, create conditions. Not sure if this could be part of the developer’s work. Perhaps this is more interesting for a competent guy for the release of Mods.
  15. My main perspective is in the development of Arma on the new engine 'Enfusion'. I was interested in wanting to see how it develops. My proposals for DayZ can not be called my desires, it can be called tips. I got a good impression of the game DayZ, in part of their interests. I am grateful to the creators of DayZ for their great efforts and excellent work. I use my experience of playing the Arma series since 2001. I know why the players came into the game, stayed in the game for a long time or left the game. Long-term prospects are good for the game - when there are no long-term solutions to problems in the game and long-term expectations. I understand and support players waiting for changes, but I’m worried when topics like this appear.