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  1. I agree that it needs to be fixed. Need to add more kits for cleaning and repairing weapons. The one that exists is universal and is used to clean and repair any rifles and pistols. Rifles and pistols should have their own kits for cleaning and repair. You can save space in a backpack with compact cleaning and repair kits. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139648
  2. lex__1

    Using a scope on a bolt action

    There are rifles with automatic reloading and manual reloading. Choose a manual reload rifle to watch where the bullet flies. Not for nothing, for this work there is an assistant sniper - sniper spotter.
  3. lex__1

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    It is better to add in the review references to the existing tickets on each problem from - https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/2/ and if there is no ticket, to create the ticket for a problem.
  4. If to read a forum and to make some analysis of discussions, then everything turns around blocking of any objections of players? Any discussions about stupid Kos justify that Kos helps out this game that it is the only acceptable scenario for this game. Justifies any discussions about low arms supplies that not everything has to be easy, and even for Kos. Be defined already, and do not kill a game. Players are forced to look for several hours weapon to shoot several times. It "sad shit" only in this game, for a game where the character can not find weapon. Only you do not say that the dupping is guilty of it, other shit is generated in any quantity. Do you you speak about such experience - to sit 3 hours in bushes, and to kill someone in a back? )))
  5. lex__1

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    Creating a group, inviting players to a group, audio communication and group chat and other options for group members has long existed and is widely used in Arma. In itself, a grouping of players in a DayZ should not provide any general coordinates of the respawn for its participants. The same coordinates in the group are received by the members of the group who did not change the coordinates before leaving the server. If a member of the group has changed his coordinates before leaving the server, his coordinates will be calculated separately from the whole group, according to the coordinates for which he left. The base should not be a place of respawn for anyone, excluding any "tactical distance" conditions. All respawn should be consistent with the terms "tactical distance." I would even suggest that everyone should be able to choose their own "tactical distance", within any limits of 50 \ 100 \ .... \ 1000 meters, or determined by the server settings. On some servers, there are even rules prohibiting respawn in key facilities (military bases, police stations and the like), placing bases / tents near such facilities. For such a violation a player may receive a ban. The reason for the ban is the abuse of a tactical advantage, where there is a high probability that the incoming player is in a better position. The player after respawn can inspect the camp through the texture or listen to the steps, on the subject of a potential opponent and victim, and successfully use the effect of surprise to attack. This does not exclude the possibility of a client crashing the game or restarting the server when the player was in the perimeter of such an object. If a player receives the coordinates of a respawn at a military base, then there is no one near him at the moment, but this does not exclude the fact that someone is traveling in his direction. Everyone has some time for inspection and tactical action. The tool of "tactical distance" should exclude any accidental close collision of players on the server with players entering the server. Each player on the server and an incoming player is guaranteed to receive the initial distance of demarcation. When a player at the entrance to the server receives the modified coordinates, it gives him the legal right to assume that there is another player nearby. This has a small advantage for the incoming. This does not give a significant advantage in order to gain any advantage over a player in the intended sector; each player always expects a rapprochement and looks around. For this, you need a distance, so that all players are in the same tactical conditions of convergence.
  6. lex__1

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    At least - Respawn in free coordinates will always give the player room to maneuver and eliminate suspicions of unfair play. If friends played together, if the group was created in the previous session through "inviting a friend to the group" - the group will receive free coordinates in one location. If the group had common coordinates at the exit from the server, when entering the server, the group will receive coordinates at one point, provided that each member of the group enters the server in a single time interval, for example, 5 minutes. You can increase the time to get the same coordinates by the group, if the first player on the server does not change the location, expects the group in the location. In any case, the logic must be defined and adjustments must be made. In this process, any problems or opportunities for cheating should be excluded. We can argue and assume that someone will like it or not. The simplified respawn system of players, as it is now, causes a lot of fraud on PvP servers, but it can remain active for PvE servers.
  7. lex__1

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    This does not solve the problem we are talking about. I do not jump on servers. I play on a regular PC server, where there are always 30-60 players. There is a high probability that when I first go to the server, I can appear next to another player, even in the depths of the forest. Or appear on the basis of another player who built a base on the coordinates on which I was leaving the day before yesterday. In this situation, I have no choice in my actions, and I have no workaround, or excuse, as I got to a closed base .... The DayZ game should have a system for the player to enter the server, which will provide the player with past coordinates - if there are no conflicting conditions (player’s presence within the coordinates or base), if there are conflicting conditions - provide the player with random, nearest coordinates, free of players or bases. This will eliminate the ghostly appearance of players, each player will have a reserve in the distance for rapprochement and space for tactical maneuver. Even if someone tries to jump through another server, the system will not allow the player to be in a position advantageous for the attack. This will save the players to have thoughts about the dubious appearance of players behind your back or inside your base.
  8. lex__1

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    I know that on Arma servers there were always "game rules on the server", which limited the use of known game bugs. Players who used game bugs fell into the ban list. This is one of the essential ways to deal with problem players. But the game DayZ has a feature - jumping on the servers. This feature is good for PvE games, which was probably supposed by the developer !!!! But for PvP games, this is a bad feature. It is difficult to evaluate and prove the "intentional or unintentional" use of a jump in a game. Any player, at any time, may appear in front of another player or behind another player. This nuance of the game, even without a jump on the servers, a player may appear where there is another player, when it was not intentional, I call this - the players have no choice, where circumstances do not allow the player to play differently. This problem has no workaround, or a way to eliminate such a collision is a BIS problem, not a problem of players as a candidate for a ban.
  9. lex__1

    I really hope this wasn't you...

    You are right, the logic of fair play is in priority. But similar problems in the game can leave the player without an option. The problem should not put players in front of a choice, or provide the right to choose whether to use this method or not. On the video, the player did not deliberately find himself in this situation, without a choice of another action or behavior. The game must provide the player with an input to the server where the coordinates of the incoming player should not be close to any other player unless the player is your friend. The server must change the coordinates of the incoming player if the coordinates at the entrance to the server are occupied by another player. Coordinates should be close to those coordinates when the player left the server. But it should appear no closer than 500 or 1000 meters relative to the player who is already on the server. Or something else that should not cause the appearance of players suddenly close.
  10. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    I will give you an example video about two "bitches". This video is not staged plot. The dialogue of the guys in the game in Russian. For this, in a few words about the plot of "THE ROAD OF LIE". Two players meet in the game, get acquainted. One player offers a novice a joint game, support and assistance in getting acquainted with the game. The whole story ends with the fact that another player must join them - a friend of a young player. When they meet a third player, the first young player kills our loyal assistant. Such behavior of players motivates the author to a social experiment. After that, on the channel of the author of the video - Russian Bear, a series of videos began to appear - "CHECK FOR HONESTY". In them, the author sets himself the task, to show the behavior of players in the game, in different situations. In them, Mishka works under the cover of his faithful friend and offers help to strangers in the game or asks for help. If the stranger shows adequate behavior, Mishka tells him about the experiment. Players who demonstrate honesty and moral stability are rewarded. All the "moral monsters" are sent to the shore. The general goal of the experiment is aimed at such a moment in the game, that if another player speaks to you, offers help or asks for help, you do not need to be a “bitch” or a “rat”. This topic is not about PvP or PvE game in DayZ, this topic is about the lack of morality of the players in the game, about the lack of morality in the part of the game, when the player prefers to be “Bitch or Rat”, infecting other players with this behavior.
  11. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    I think this is not just about the Xbox. The question raised by the author of the topic is familiar to me for DayZ PC. His narration is very soft for such a topic. Duping - yes it sounds better, but also soft)))
  12. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Guys, this topic is not for KoS supporters. If the obvious problem of KoS is not a problem for you, this topic is not for you. Probably you are not faced with the idiocy that KoS can create in a game.
  13. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    You have a strange idea about the help and morality. KoS does not want to lose the benefits that it has, wants to have an easy profit. Deception, immoral behavior and impunity of KoS incline players towards such behavior. KoS tends to spread like an infection. The scale of KoS forces the game to lose all moral boundaries - well-armed KoS players do not hesitate to shoot the weak survivors on the coast.
  14. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Why did you decide that I am completely against the presence of the role of KoS in the game? Not everyone wants to be in the role of KoS in the game, but they are forced to accept this role, since it is more profitable to shoot a stranger and then apologize in case of a chance meeting in the game. Two players can help each other in the game, but at another meeting they will not recognize each other and will start a shootout. Is it not absurd when the server is almost 100% KoS? There are players who want to play a peaceful role, but they are practically deprived of this opportunity, or KoS can often become a spontaneous situation. There are quite a few players who try not to play the role of KoS. For this reason, I offer my ideas on what can reduce the level of benefits of being KoS. Any ideas on how to influence this.
  15. lex__1

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    That is, if I leave from any contacts and meetings with KoS, I travel from the coast to Tisza and back, being extremely careful - is that interesting? The level of trust in the game is so low that when you see a player in need of help, is it easier for you to pass by - is that interesting? I do not have the opportunity and any advantages over KoS, since before I understand that this player is KoS, I have to wait for the first shot from the player. It is easier to be a KoS player than to play the role of a KoS hunter and a defender of the peaceful. You can easily find out in the game that the player you see is 100% KoS, and be the first to take a shot? It's all very simple for KoS, which creates an imbalance in the game, and the lack of a choice of role. There are too many advantages for the role of KoS to call it a social experiment. Obviously the predominant choice towards KoS will not be interesting for everyone. The boredom of KoS players also exists, often in the chat: - where is everyone? - Guys! somebody, come to me, i need your help ... - We spent three hours at the military station, no one came ... and so on. Does this save the game, when every night in a game in which everyone retains a mode of silence and extreme caution, run with a full backpack of weapons and ammunition, but beat the zombies with a can of spaghetti?