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  1. I have made peace with it. I will wait. And yet I will not. Life moves on... and so will I. But when 0.63 hits I'll be there.
  2. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    You are not the best at giving constructive criticism. But I think what you're trying to say is that server performance would not allow for these features to be implemented. (Correct me if I'm wrong) As answer to that I would say, you might be right, to be honest I don't know. Part of me beliefs that most of the features I discussed could easily be implemented since they are already in place in different forms. e.g. cars, protective cases, ammo boxes have inventory slots -> car tent could have them as well. e.g. Different objects that appear static in game like water or fire places have an impact on the status of the character -> tents could have this as well (but in a less drastic way, again not talking about numbers) Another part of me is willing to belief that server performance will only decrease if we add more features and that we should just settle with what we have. I don't know what the limits of the new engine are and I think neither do you. The dev team is probably still figuring this out as they are implementing more things on the road to beta. Either way whether or not it is possible, doesn't really matter to me, I'm happy with just thinking about Dayz and the things that could be implemented to enhance the experience.
  3. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    The main problem with tents in 0.63 and previous patches is indeed that they are hard to conceal and easy to find. (Keep in mind I'm talking about high population servers here) Although they are still being used, most people will be careful with what they place in their tents. Or will learn through experience that it's better not to put valuable gear in them. On top of that you have plenty of people running around in Dayz that enjoy emptying tents and despawning everything they don't need. However this does have a few different consequences in the way tents are being used. -> (-) People that are looking to store valuable gear will mostly disregard the usage of tents and go for barrels instead. -> (-) Tents get a different function. E.g. they are being used to blockade certain entrances or pathways or are used to seal of other stored gear. (As a placeholder for base-building) -> (+) Tents are more used as a supplement to the "survival" and role play experience. E.g. They are placed in beautiful places with a campfire next to it. There are plenty of things that could be done to change the way tents work now. You could make tents an option again for storing valuable gear by allowing more ways to hide them. E.g. Camo netting to put over the tent/ map changes: denser forests, new type of areas where nature is more overgrown. But personally above all I would like to see their functionality increase. Right now there are 3 sorts of tents in game: the civilian, the military tent, and the car tent. I'm going to go over each one and tell you what extra functionality I would like to see. In concrete I would like to see every tent give different bonuses when the tent is deployed and you are inside it. These bonus should only affect your characters status in a very incremental way and should be as realistic as possible. I'm not going to give any specific numbers since I think those are matters of preferences and should be up to the developers to test out and decide what would be best for the end vision of Dayz. I'll start with the easiest one: Car tent The only improvement I would add for this tent is making it spawn with random tools on it, in the same way backpacks and clothing items spawn with random items in them. (these should not be visible on the tent itself but be part of a small inventory of the tent when it is not deployed.) Small note: Adding a spark/glow plug to any vehicle in dry weather should result in a normal functioning car. But when you add the spark plug when it's raining and you're not in a dry environment (hangar/ car tent) you have a chance of having ignition problems with the car when trying to start it in the future. (Again I will not talk about numbers or percentages) This should result in more people needing the car tent when trying to fix a vehicle along the road in rainy weather. They can also wait for the rain to pass over, with the risk of an other group of survivor fixing the car before they do. Civilian tent -Should stabilize your temperature. Much like it would in real life. *when you're overheated, your temperature steadily drops until it hits normal body temperature. *when you're cold, your temperature steadily increases until it hits normal body temperature. On optional bonus, maybe less realistic but more interesting game-play wise could be: *When starving or dehydrating being in a tent slows down the process of blood and health loss. I think this could result in interesting scenario's where you have to decide to leave a starving friend in a tent in order to continue your supply run. Do we leave someone to protect him or do we use this extra person to help us loot faster? Military tent A military tent should have the same bonuses as a civilian tent would. Since it is an upgrade and it is harder to carry around (You have to carry it as a backpack) On top of that there should be a possibility of an extra bonus but it would require finding a certain item and attaching it to the tent. What about being able to use military tents as improvised field hospitals where you can put in the wounded. It would mostly be used by bigger groups that visit military areas more often. Or by people organizing events. What items? The items I had in mind were the saline bag (can be found at any medical place) and the saline holder (does not exist in game yet and should spawn in hospitals only) You can attach this saline bag + holder to the tent when you are carrying it as a backpack and it should be visible on your character next to the tent on your back. When the military tent gets deployed, you see the saline bag+ saline bag holder in the tent as well. Saline bags need to be replaced when empty but should be bigger that the normal saline bags that contain 2000 blood. What Bonus? *When not at full blood level, being in the tent regenerates your blood level. What use? I think this would mostly be used by bigger groups of survivors. Because of 2 reasons: 1) loss of inventory space, if there is not enough of you you won't be able to carry all the stuff you need to survive. 2) less people not only means less people will be able to use the tent but also means that you'll have less chance to use the tent. How is it different from a normal saline bag? A counter argument I do expect is: "why bother with this tent when giving a simple saline bag can do the trick?" It should differ from the saline bag in two big ways namely it is not done by a manual action from one player to the other <-> but automatic. and it doesn't just heal one person <-> but it can heal a group of people at the same time at a constant rate. (again not talking about numbers) This has a number of consequences: 1) Wounded players that are not unconscious can make their way to the tent by them selves. Once in the tent they start to slowly regenerate blood. (If saline bag in tent isn't empty) 2) Unconscious players can be dragged or transported to the tent and then left there to regenerate blood. The reason I want these changes to tents is to increase the amount of different situations you can run into when playing Dayz. Because the more situations you can run into the higher the variety in decisions you can make. These can be moral decisions (Do I kill this unconscious guy in the this tent /do I move on/ wait?) Strategical decisions (Do we leave someone to guard the tent with our friend in it/ do we use all manpower available to find what we need/ or do we put him out of his misery?) Or personal decisions (I can chose to use this stranger's tent to stabilize my temperature with the risk of him returning or I can move on and hope I'll find a heat pack in the next town.) Either way I'm keen to test out the new systems that will be implemented with 0.63 and it will be interesting to see what the future of Dayz has in store for us. (In Dayz I trust)
  4. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    I agree, creating points of interests on the map, would create an incentive for people moving across the map a lot more. Thus increasing mobility and allowing for more diverse interaction patterns. Points of interests could include: -Locations of High value loot (e.g. Militairy bases, e.g. hunting cabin where special hunting gear can be found) -Locations tied to certain objectives (e.g. gas station -> refueling, workshop -> weapon maintenance/repair, NE airfield -> heli parts etc) -Locations tied to certain dynamic events (Heli crashes, Rare albino animals spawning in a certain point of the map, if server performance allows it hordes that have a chance of spawning in the open field in between small villages) -Locations tied to certain stories, add static things to the game that have a story to tell (This could be places e.g. the Quarry or static models e.g. Hanging man Cherno) Write stories around these places/ persons of interest and publish them on the official dayz website. e.g. green mountain is haunted/ random radio contact, steve the survivor got crushed by a boulder in the Quarry of severograd (add a bolder with an arm sticking out.) -Locations tied to certain conditions (e.g. tisy -> toxic area, Western part of the map, northern part of the map -> places with high altitude have severe weather conditions (more rain, wind) There is plenty of things that could be done to get players to move from one location to the other , CLE being one of them. But in the end, what locations someone visits or doesn't visit is largely depending on the person playing. Some people prefer the post-apocalyptic fights in the coastal towns where anything can be used as a weapon, everything is permitted and nobody is safe. Others prefer sticking to military areas, going for a high risk high reward, while other like to roam the map and see what stories awaits. All play styles should be viable, because in the end it's us the players that write our own stories.