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    The Regulators are looking for good people

    There's no accept/deny process - everybody is free to join. The real test of whether or not you're a Regulator comes from playing as one. It's not always easy to follow a "don't shoot on sight"-policy and not everybody makes the cut. -O
  2. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    The Regulators are looking for good people

    Can you PM me with more details? We only have one rule and breaking it is not tolerated. Thanks, -O
  3. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    A Threat To Banditry Itself, And A Solution.

    I love how easy it is to bait you :)
  4. OP: don''t lose heart - this game is very unforgiving and filled with people who like to stretch their penis by killing newbies just for the hell of it. These people are douchebags and unfortunately cannot be cured, so my suggestion to you is to stay away from the big cities until you are truly ready to face them. My sincere hope is that some of these guys will eventually grow tired of the PvP and leave or start doing something more creative (usually it's hacking, though), but let's see. There are a lot of friendly groups in the game too (we're still in the minority though) made from players who've found out that there's is more depth to this game than the endless Cherno deathmatch (which in itself is pretty exhilarating, don't get me wrong). All I can say to you is that if you're not the one to fire first, you have a better chance of finding friendly players in this game. It's not the easiest way to play this game, but it works for me and about 120 of my clan members. Stay safe, -O
  5. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    the douche to passive racio

    Yeah better to assume that 99% of the people you meet will be initially hostile towards you. This doesn't mean that they are all murdering bastards though, just scared of getting killed. There are friendly groups (like us), but we can only cover so much ground at the moment. My suggestion to you is to keep your distance and not to be the one to fire first. If bullets start to fly, get the hell out of there and put as many trees/walls/zeds as you can between you and your would-be-murderer. If, however, the person is not firing at you, try talking with them - you'd be surprised how much fun this game is when you manage to actually do a good deed in a douche-heavy environment. Stay safe, -O
  6. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Suggestions Summary

    Easy fix for making zombies more dangerous - the more stuff you carry, the slower you move.
  7. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Law to Lawless Lands

    Just an update on what this topic had achieved so far: - The Regulators have gathered 120 registered members (and approximately a couple of dozen unregistered lone wolves). - Our forums at http://regulators.fr...s.org/index.php have almost 2000 posts so far. - We've spread to the US, the EU and Asia and are running internal supply networks and medical services for our members as well as survivors we come across. - In the process of our patrols, we've helped over a hundred players and killed about double that amount of bandits and murderers - We discovered and destroyed dozens of camps, including hacker tent cities with 20 of each weapon (+G36s etc hacked weapons) to remove these PvP guns stockpiles out of the game, potentially saving hundreds of lives more by extension. - Our enemies have tried to infiltrate us and set us up for ambushes, sometimes successfully, sometimes not - we learn from every encounter and share the knowledge. - We've collected information on hackers, clans and servers that are considered dangerous. - We've become targeted by hackers who are worried about our growing influence - We have created a custom Regulator face for our members, our own TS channel and a Steam group - And finally, and most importantly, we have not shot any innocent people in our month of existence. With a hundred players clocking in around 3-5 hours per day, that's about 10-15,000 hours of protective gameplay where no innocents or fresh respawns were shot by a large group of people believing in the ideal that one good deed deserves another. I am very proud of everybody in our movement and want to congratulate you: The path you have chosen is the harder one and you've walked it with your heads held high. You have my deepest respect, Regulators. -O
  8. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    A Threat To Banditry Itself, And A Solution.

    I find it fun to see bandits being butthurt for a change...the Coalition has already reached a goal :D -O
  9. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    The Coalition - Changing the Culture of DayZ

    This is a great idea and it has my wholehearted support - in fact the work the Wasteland Medics is what inspired the birth of the Regulators. I think our original concept was not to create so much a clan as a movement of people who are independent but ready to announce that they have committed themselves on protection instead of shoot-on-sight. As the group has grown, obviously we've started to get more communal and formed the cell structure (they could be considered as small "clans" under the Regulator umbrella) for team-oriented members to go out and play together and develop tactics. I guess my main concern is that the bigger the organization, the clumsier it becomes to operate. I'm also a bit concerned on information leaks and the "bad apples" that can easily bring the reputation of a good guy organization down by just joining up and playing like a bastard. :) I'd love to hear your thoughts (in PM if needed) on how you see a coalition like this coming together. This will help us discuss the idea within our group so we can vote with all the facts on the table. It might sound a bit sanctimonious to say this, but if all the members of the coalition have dedicated themselves to "I won't shoot on sight", you're already Regulators by heart and we welcome you as brothers whether or not our group decides to "officially" join up. :) In any case, great to see this and stay safe, -O
  10. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    Amen, Tommes, amen. At the end of the day, we're all here to enjoy this game in the way that suits us the best. We like to RP a bit and follow a simple code that presupposes that one good deed deserves another. This code gets us killed sometimes, but it also has lead to some of the best experiences this game has yet had to offer us. -O
  11. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    That's a good answer and very close to what we're doing too. I respect real lone wolves, so have my beanz and stay safe. -O
  12. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    Well, these situations just kind of develop during normal patrolling so it is what it is. Going after single players is a bit pointless (even if you find the server, how do you find the guy?) so we're focusing on the current hotspots on the map and trying to protect as many people as we can. And accuracy improves with experience :D -O
  13. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    Ok, let me chip in before this turns into a basic internet argument about who has the biggest dick and can piss the furthest. @Staatsfeind84: First of all, let me say that shouldn't we be able to just talk without all this childish crap? I apologize for my Regulators for getting a bit heated there and hope we can steer this talk back to a proper track since I have a question for you. I don't want to give you crap for being a player killer since at the end of the day, this is a game and whatever makes you happy about it is the correct way for you to play it. I don't know if you bothered to read my earlier post here, but if you did, what do you think is the ultimate goal in the game for you? How long do you think it'll be fun to play this as a PvP deathmatch game (that doesn't have any of the well-designed levels of a proper DM game)? From your posts I understand you're not shooting newbies as much as going after tougher targets, and for that, you'll have my beans since you're not a part of the asshole squad. But even then, do you think you'll be playing this game in a month or 3 months? What do you see yourself doing - just more of the same? You'll have all the loot, know every location and have a thousand murders on your character. Is that REALLY that much fun? Maybe they'll add new guns and some new rules to mix it up for you a bit, but seriously dude - that's all the imagination you're willing to put in this game? And before you even start, I'm not trolling you. Really not. Just asking if you have a point to play a game like this since I've felt it's bound to get boring eventually? Maybe you'll just move to the next game while the HC people will hang around to develop towns, trading, convoys and all kinds of cool shit imaginable. Maybe you'll join us? Maybe you'll stay the way you are and be the bogeyman for those communities? In any case, I'd like to know what you think it'll be. Stay safe, -O
  14. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    What's the point? Anybody you kill, just respawns. And now they hate you. Congratulations. -O
  15. *Regulator* Oldtribe

    Some of the work our group does.....hunting player killers...

    Like the topic says, hunting pkillers is just one part of the mission statement we've given ourselves. We are also out to help people in need, gather information on various servers and clans, work with other friendly groups, run supplies within our internal trading network, do medic work and so on - the end goal is just make the game more interesting for members of our group and hopefully for other players as well. Anybody who does not agree with us or thinks of us as a threat is only doing so because we're threatening the concept of "fun" in this game for them (killing others indiscriminately). We do not want to claim your turf, dominate your servers, steal your loot or kill you. We do not take our orders from anyone and never will. We're always ready to help, even when that can lead to an ambush by people who do not want to face us in a fair fight. We're not concerned by losing our lives for our cause since all you lose is gear, which is easy to get back especially with the help of your Regulator brothers and sisters. What we are concerned about, though, is you being a prick and a bully and ruining other people's shit for no reason whatsoever. That's when we step in every chance we get. So, to anybody reading this: think about what you want this game to give you. How long can killing fresh spawns remain interesting before you start getting bored and turn into a hacker or quit playing? Weeks? Months? How many times can you 'light us up like fucking christmas tree' to still have it entertain you and keep you interested? This game is a playground for us all and it makes me genuinely sad to see that people can't think of the possibilities on offer beyond shooting on sight and keeping the game as it is (especially when people use the "it's a dog-eat-dog world, bro"-justification - a guy with a flashlight is not a "dog" that's going to eat you with your AS50 and your NVGs, so grow up, ok?). I love the paranoia this game creates, but when I see groups like the White List Medics or Freeside Traders, I see so much more than just deathmatching around the same three streetcorners for absolutely nothing but upping your murder counter. So, we know what we want. What do you want from this game? -Oldtribe PS: You can call me a butthurt carebear now, I won't mind :)