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  1. ElRolle

    Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    Added DayZRP :)
  2. ElRolle

    Experimental switch for private servers

    Yeah, GDPR has already been like 1 month in effect, kind of late to the party there ;) Still waiting...
  3. ElRolle

    Experimental switch for private servers

    The latest status update said that the memory leak issues have been fixed as of 19th June. Does this mean the next experimental patch will include ability for us to switch our servers to experimental? @Baty Alquawen
  4. ElRolle

    Personal 0.63 Server Files

    @Baty Alquawen do you know the latest status/info about release of server files? Can you confirm or deny that the above is still the plan?
  5. ElRolle

    Experimental switch for private servers

    Dang it.
  6. Bump, we're still the largest, despite all setbacks with development and all naysayers claiming the community is dying! Here's our latest newsletter that was sent out to all DayZRP members, check it out! ===== Welcome to another newsletter from DayZRP! Despite slow game development, the server activity in our community is still well and we are hovering above 300 unique players who play on our server every week. We are able to get a full server most days, with peak numbers around evening server time (UTC). It's great to know that despite all the setbacks with development, existing limitations of the game, other game releases and steadily declining DayZ playerbase population some people still stick with us to get that unique role playing experience in DayZ. We've recently made some changes in the rules and the community to spice things up a little, and do things a little differently. Here are some highlights of these changes that we think you might be interested in. Happy reading! --- GROUP CHANGES We have decided to make a line of changes to the way groups work on DayZRP. All groups must now define a set of achievable goals, this is to help with group stagnation and define a clear purpose of the group and how the group progresses through their role play. This should also give groups incentive to create ambitious goals that may affect not only their own group but also the larger population on the server. We have also decided to remove the dynamic groups from the server and limit the kill right sharing to established, staff approved groups only. This has several reasons: It prevents and helps to quickly pinpoint rule breaks related to unnecessary hostilities and invalid reason for initiations. Dynamic groups have often been used to play as PvP groups which have no role play related goals, cannot be easily tracked or monitored, could not be held responsible or would not face consequences of their actions in game, had no leader, contact person, official thread or presence on the forums which made it extremely difficult to prevent this kind of PvP gameplay. It allows the staff team to balance power on the server, by keeping a ratio of hostile vs friendly groups to a reasonable level and more closely monitor groups progress. It gives incentive to players to create larger official groups. Looking back it is these large official groups that have always been the ones to affect the lore and drive the storyline on the server and we would like to see that happening again. LIST OF OFFICIAL GROUPS KEEPS GROWING This change means that players who are not members of an official group do not share kill rights with each other. They are effectively considered individual units that must gain kill rights on their own, through for example an own initiation. This may sound a little complicated to begin with, but we hope that players will quickly adjust to this change and we've already seen an increased interest in creating new official groups. Read more... --- OTHER RULE ADJUSTMENTS We have also made changes to other rules, although not as drastic as the ones for groups: All hostile players must now be able to justify being hostile through role play. It is not a valid reason to be hostile or attack other players because your character or group story on the forums says so. All hostilities must have origin from actual role play, be it in game or radio chat. Events are now protected from 3rd party hostile initiations, sabotage and disruptions. You may not attack an official event unless given permission by the event organizer. This is due the amount of events that have been "crashed" and never completed because they were attacked by bandit groups. Griefing rule has been added, to make it clear destroying other peoples camps, containers or vehicles without a in character justification is not allowed. Read more... --- 0.63 HYPE DayZ new patch - 0.63 which will put the game into beta is just around the corner. We are all eagerly waiting to get our hands on it and lots of community members are patiently waiting to get back into DayZ once the patch releases. We hope that is will be released within a few months. Unfortunately we won't be getting any base building, new vehicles or anything like that in this new patch, it's more of a technology update and most of the actual content will follow in subsequent beta patches. It is however a large step that will change how the game feels and plays and will allow for more frequent new content and features deployed in the future! Read more... --- RADIO CHAT NOW PUBLIC Radio chat rules have also changed. We have disabled the ability to create private radio conversations on public radio chat forum. It was strange to have publicly visible information like that and not allow most people to use or react to it. All threads in radio chat are now considered public broadcasts and all characters may respond and use the information in these conversations in game. Also, only active players may use the radio chat section of the forums. If you haven't played for at least an hour in the last 7 days, you won't be able to create new threads or reply in radio chat section. Once you have the required time played, the permission to do so will automatically switch on. This is to prevent people who don't play the game from replying as radio warriors and whose characters cannot really face any consequences as they do not appear in game. RADIO CHATTER IS NOW ALL PUBLIC. GET IMMERSED. We advise players who still want to hold private radio chat conversations to use our PM system. It is private and allows adding up to 10 members to a single conversation which works similarly to a thread. Read more... -- DISCONTINUED FEATURES As you may remember, in the last newsletter we announced a new Promotion feature, where you could earn points for recruiting new members, spreading the word about DayZRP etc. Then these points could be exchanged for Premium ranks. With sadness we must announce that the system has been discontinued, due to low participation and no noticeable increase of new members or engagement. If you still have points that you haven't converted to account credit, you can still do so now on the Promotion page. We have also discontinued our safe zone concept. It has been removed from the game due to low popularity of the hotspot. Players and groups have taken upon themselves to create new hotspots, like pubs or camps. Character damage has been disabled because of a limitation on our server access by the game developers. Of unknown reasons, DayZ developers have told all game server providers to disable access to server logs for server owners through FTP. Access to logs through FTP allowed us to automatically fetch and analyze server logs for kill an death statistics, character damage system and log archival. All of these things are no longer possible. Read more... and more... and more... --- PLAYER COUNCIL SOON? Recently an idea was suggested to create a group of players who would represent interests of the larger playerbase and bring them forward and discuss them in meetings with the staff team. Thus, the idea was refined to concept where all official group leaders would automatically be members of this player council and represent interests of their group and general player population, suggesting changes and improvements to the community in refined meetings with clear agenda and every speaker having an assigned time to talk. We believe this will be much more constructive and productive than the large community meetings we have used to do, where 80+ people tried to talk over each other. A prototype Council page has been created that showcases this idea and how it might look like once implemented. We are still ironing out the details, as the group changes have happened very recently, but you can expect this to go live in the near future. Read more... --- PREMIUM OVERHAUL Premium ranks have been had a major makeover. We have removed Supporter and Patron ranks, which felt like were fillers in between popular Contributor and Hall of Famer ranks. Perks from these ranks have been distributed to surrounding ranks. We have also moved some perks around, for example donors now have the ability to disable ads and supporters can now have animated avatars. Prices have been lowered to more reasonable levels and adjusted to be more easy to understand. This is how the new Premium looks: 5€ DONOR 25€ CONTRIBUTOR 50€ SUPPORTER 75€ HALL OF FAMER 100€ TYCOON Similarly, subscriptions also had their prices adjusted: 5€ / month - SUPPORTER 7,5€ / month HALL OF FAMER 10€ / month TYCOON We have also for a limited time introduced ability to buy a custom user title that appears below your name. This offer is time and quantity limited, see our Premium page for details. CUSTOM TITLE EXAMPLES Another important change is that Premium ranks are no longer using the "total paid = the rank you get" system and instead you buy a static product which includes a rank of your choice, no matter what its price used to be or will be in the future. The "total paid = rank" system has been around since the start of DayZRP, back when we were accepting donations and not selling products. This system made sense when we were just accepting donations, but now when actual products are sold, it doesn't work well anymore. So, for example if you bought Hall of Famer for 100€ in the past you won't automatically receive Tycoon just because the prices changed and you already paid 100€. You must upgrade to Tycoon for the regular cost that is the current upgrade cost between the two ranks. This change gets rid of tedious, manual work that had to be done when setting Premium ranks, as a total of all payments that user has made had to be calculated. The only exception from this are subscriptions, which will still give you a rank based on your total subscription payments using current prices, should you want to cancel your subscription. Read more... --- That's all updates we have for this time. If you wish to start role playing in DayZ again after a long break, visit our website, get updated with the new rules and start playing! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to create a thread in the question forums, we have lots of active members who often respond within minutes! See you in Chernarus! Rolle www.dayzrp.com
  7. ElRolle

    Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Has the VOIP quality improved or do people still sound like talking through 60s phone?
  8. Bump, updated the thread with new relevant information, last update was over a year ago and A LOT has changed since then. DayZRP has a brand new website Whitelist system has changed slightly, if you have been denied in the past or run out of attempts, you can give it a try once again The rules have been completely rewritten into a numbered point form, to make them more structured and easy to understand We have introduced mentor programme, to help guide people who need help with their role play skills
  9. Updated the OP, new community features added. Currently we have yearly community awards ongoing where community members vote the best players in multiple categories. Winners receive a MVP status on the forums (second highest) and a special badge below their name to proudly wear for upcoming year.
  10. ElRolle

    Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    What happened to the 75 slot servers, it was mentioned in the changelog, is that still a part of the stable 0.59 release? If so, when can we expect providers to update their packages?
  11. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, as we announce important changes and events there!
  12. Unfortunately, our hosting provider - FragNet - does not offer servers in Australia or Oceania, only US and EU.